The Retro Story - Chapter 2

Author: PipoTachyon

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*I wrote most of this chapter listening to this…*

I woke up to a rainy sight. Water pounded against the window as I stared at the gloomy sky from my bedroom view. I looked to the edge of my bed where he'd usually sleep. He'd always cuddle under the corner of my blanket and sleep there. I didn't see any Cragmite at the end of my bed. The little guy would always sleep until I woke him up, and then he'd either pretend not to notice me nudging him or crawl deeper under the covers.

I walked out into the kitchen.

"Radar where's Percy?" I asked with my eyes wide and my emotions overcoming me.

"He was asleep on your bed last night!" the cat snapped back at me.

"Has Zraymin stopped by today?"

"He did earlier… he was REALLY freaked about something… but I didn't want to wake you up…" Radar said. STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID CAT!!! Oh NO! Why didn't he wake me up? I was trying to get a hold on myself, trying to calm down… but just with that, another heart stopping idea made my vision blur and my mind clear. Kaden. No… not that… what would happen to my poor cragmite… where could he be..?

"… hello? Zraymin? PLEASE! I NEED YOU!" I shouted into the ringing phone.



"Percy! something… the other… he… well….."
I waited for a response as the silent pause pierced into my heartbeat. My pulse… my emotions… the poor Cragmite… why… now… why..?

"He discovered him…"

"For the love of supernovas tell me… please tell me he's alive…"

"I'm not sure."

I was ready to cry. Scream. Both. No. I can't let this happen.

I hung up the phone and ran out the door as fast as possible. The cold rain poured down on my skin. I was in my pajamas, but I didn't care. No shoes either. I ran to the town square, hoping not to see any 'remains'. I ran as fast as I could. I wished I could teleport. I stopped dead in my tracks soon enough though… I wasn't too late, but if I were earlier, maybe Kaden wouldn't be crushing him with his boot…

Percy squealed in pain. He was crying and flailing, trying to escape. The Cragmite was trying to reach for me, but Kaden crushed down harder on him.

"No! Kaden please!" I said in tears. No other lombaxes were in sight. The town square, although, often wasn't crowded anyway. I heard panting in the distance.

"Kaden! Guh… please… let the cragmite go…" the voice shouted. Zraymin. He came up and stood next to me.

"How could you." he hissed at me. "I do NOT want my son growing up around… this… this thing! He said, crushing Percy to the point where I saw a slight trace of blood leak from his mouth. Percy stopped struggling. I thought he was dead for a second… but then… he spoke. English words…

"I'm sorry…" he squeaked. Kaden stopped, and his eyes grew wide. He turned his eyes to the Cragmite.

"What did you say?" he said angrily, yet in shock. It seems that Cragmites don't speak, because the fact that Percy did was enough to surprise him.

"I'm… sorry…" he said. Now that I think of it… Percy has never spoken before..
Kaden removed his foot from the Cragmite's back.

"I don't want to see him out here again. That's that. Now go. I'll keep this secret if you do too." he said. I nodded trying to process that my Cragmite wasn't dead. Kaden walked away, and didn't look back. Percy was bleeding, and it didn't seem that he could move four of his six legs due to the way he tried to crawl over to my arms. I scooped him off the ground and held him close. Zraymin looked at him.

"He's hurt bad. Real bad." I said.

"NAW', REALLY?" the blue Lombax shouted.

"Sh! Don't yell…" I said.

We began to run back to my house. He was still bleeding and groaning from time to time. By now my sleeves were ruined from Cragmite blood. I got him home and put him on my bed. I didn't care about stains and whatnot right now. I just wanted to give my helpless cragmite some comfort. My cat instantly jumped down at the sight of him and got me a bandage roll.

"Wait!" Zraymin said. He had a needle and a bottle full of purple- blue fluid in his hand. Oh no. Baby cragmite plus needle will result in alot of crying…
He pulled a peice of cloth out of his pocket and poured some of the liquid onto it, and used it to rub Percy's wounds.

"You owe me." he said. I just held the cragmite and tried to comfort him. Soon enough Zraymin was done and I wrapped him in bandages and put a splint on each of his four legs that he couldn't move. He gave me a puppy- eyed look.

"Don't look at me like that…" I said, trying to ignore his cute, sad face. "Please- stop it." I said… but he only cocked his head sideways and started reaching for my face. Okay- that was it. He was WAY too cute…

I picked him up and put him on my shoulder. He wrapped his arms around my neck and began to doze off. He was still very hurt. Part of me thinks he's scarred for life. If that's the case… I don't blame him…
He cuddled around my shoulder and whispered words to me…

"Thank you…" he said in a light whisper. His voice sounded rather high pitched, but I didn't care. He was my responsibility now. That little craggy is my main focus right now, too. I can't let him be hurt again. Not like this… why did Kaden do that anyway? I know he's a Cragmite- but look at him… he's so helpless… so small and weak… why would Kaden be so cruel to take advantage of that?

I went to my room to get my camera. I make videos for pleasure- sort of like a recorded diary- but less girly.

"Hold on Percy- I need to go get something." I said, walking to my room. I needed to get my rag to clean the lens. I haven't used it in a while. I got the cloth and walked back into the family room. Well, I guess I won't be using it much sooner, because Percy was chewing on the lens.
"PERCY!" I shouted. He jumped. I gave him a start. He scrambled underneath the covers, with his stubby tail coming out the edges. I pulled him out from under the blankets, and he squealed and shivered. For some reason I had an instant rewind of him being crushed by Kaden. I held the cragmite close once again and hushed him.

"It's okay, I can get another camera." I said. He looked at me with that innocent stare again. Then I thought: Will I really be able to hold onto him forever? This world is against him. I'm worried- will I be the one to make a foolish mistake? I could be- as much as I'd like to think differently… this world could really hurt him. I know what Kaden did to him was a minimum… I dare not think of the maximum. This little guy could either stand stronger than any other cragmite ever did or snap like a twig- or be like me… having done both, so you never know. There was always a question of right or wrong- no matter what. This question- right now- I had no answer to.

For some reason… I began to feel an eternal flame arise inside of me. I won't let him be taken down, and I won't let myself be either. This is my time. It is my life and his. He's just a little infant runt of a dark species… but as you may be able to tell, I felt like he was more than that. He should too. This is… it's… just time. Now, though everything feels like it's so much more. Everything… is so much more.

"Are you gonna' be okay little guy?" I said to him. He didn't listen, he was gnawing at his bandages intensively. "Buddy?" I asked him so he could regain his focus. He stared up at me. He actually replied in English words again.

"If you will…"

*My idea of sad and cute is way off*

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