The Retro Story - Chapter 4

Author: PipoTachyon

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*Think some porn obsessed retard who has nothing better to do than steal and vandalize art and stories from a little 11 year old New Jersey girl is gonna make me give up? THINK AGAIN.*

"Zray- when does school start?" I asked him. His eyes grew huge and he began to stutter in shock.

"But Tech said-"


I paused, a little freaked out.

"This family?" I coaxed.

"I mean YOUR family- I mean- GRRR! UGH!" he said in frustration.

"SCHOOL?" I heard Percy shout from his bedroom, leaning out the door by hanging onto the frame.

"Shut up!" Zraymin snapped.

"BE QUIET!" Percy snapped much louder than Zraymin. I laughed so hard I fell out of the chair. Percy has been learning English REALLY fast. He now knew how to say full words and sentences with almost proper grammar. Some words I didn't teach him though- that's for sure. I was trying to avoid him learning curse words, but let's just say that Zraymin nor my cat helped me succeed on THAT one.

"Be quiet before I whip BOTH of your asses." my cat said. You see?

"You can' touch my-"

"BE QUIET ALL OF YOU!" I shouted before Percy could curse… AGAIN. I paused, sighed, and continued. "Now, he's eligible for first grade. And no doubt he's smart enough for it. so- can we see if we can negotiate something?" I asked Zraymin. "Maybe they'd allow him to have some sort of way of self defense..?"

"Yeah. Perfect. Just a little Craggy walking to school with a RYNO in his back- pack. They'll most likely allow that." Zraymin shot back.

"I did NOT mention weapons!" I shouted. Although… I stopped.

"Sharon?" Zraymin called. I didn't reply, just ran into my room.

I went into a small chest at the bottom of my bookshelf that was stuffed full of books I've collected and written about the other species I've seen all across my galactic adventure. It had a small, padlocked cabinet at the bottom. I took the key from inside a video game case I kept it hidden in, and unlocked the small doors. Zraymin walked into the room, as I pulled out a first version Alpha Disruptor.

"No." he stuttered. "NO."

I ignored him. I loaded the weapon and began to get up off my knees.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" he shouted DIRECTLY IN MY EAR. I turned around.

"SHUT UUUUUUUUP!" I shouted right back into his furry long ear. REVENGE IS MINE.

"Say Percy!" I shouted to the Cragmite. He looked my direction. "C'mere."

I began to walk outside and he began to follow. A very cloudy day… perfect. Loud rain and thunder- maybe not. Percy stood very close to me- thunder always scared him. Neither Radar, Zraymin, me, or even himself knew why. He didn't hate it in any way- he was just simply terrified of it- like he was afraid to hate it…

"It's alright buddy!" I said. "Here- take this- hold it like this…" I said, positioning the lethal tool. "Hold on…" I said, setting up a nearby wooden peice of debris as a target. "SHOOT!" I said.

It took him about three seconds to figure out how to fire it- because that peice of wood had a hole as big as my head right through it… and so did the tree behind it… and so did the bush behind that… and we killed a squirrel… but all was well. No fried Lombaxes, no real damage… even though Zraymin had a burned tail.


"Uh oh-" Percy said, crawling behind a thin tree.

"You didn't tell me you wanted to watch!" I said, angry at him.

"I didn't know I needed to tell you!" he confessed. "Sorry…"

"Lombax got a fire tail!" Percy sang. Zraymin made a fist and Percy's antennas slowly declined downward as he stopped laughing. "Combustion."

"Shut up." Zraymin snapped.

"FLAMABLE" Percy flatly said, pointing at the blue Lombax.

"Yes, cats don't like fire."

"YOU AREN'T a CAT you are a LOMBAX do you think I am STUPID?" Percy shouted back. Zraymin flinched at him. I laughed.

"Look, are you hurt THAT bad?" I said.
"Only a slight burn…" he said, petting his frayed, burned tail. "I'll let Percy live, don't worry." he laughed.

"It seems you always let me live." Percy groaned.

"DO you WANT to die, craggy?" Zraymin spat.

"I want you to stop being so sensitive!" the Cragmite hissed back.

"OOOOH! One for Percy; Zero for Zraymin!" I laughed. Zraymin glared at me somewhat unsatisfied. As we walked inside, Percy kept himself in distance from Zraymin.

"He's mad at me." the Cragmite whispered.

"Because you outsmart him." I whispered back… well, it's true. I put him on my shoulder, where he always stands, because after about two weeks his legs don't seem to be much better. I still have nightmares of that scene… him getting almost killed, right up to the point where the small stream of blood comes in. That small stream still stabs into my dreams like a dagger…

"Stop thinking about that." Percy demanded.

"About what?" I asked… but I already knew his answer- because he was usually right. It was to the point where he could read simply my expression and know what I was thinking, because he knows how much I care for him…

"I'm not dead- I'm alive. And I can almost walk, and I'm alright, okay? Kaden didn't do that much…" he said.

"Stop talking like that- you sound like a ten year old at least. You're about one year old-"

"Eh- couple months." he said. He was right again. "So what was that about Lombax school earlier?" he asked. He didn't talk much around anyone but me, Radar, and occasionally, Zraymin. "They let three month olds go to school?" he laughed. Just then I remembered Kaden…

"I don't want to see him out here again. That's that. Now go. I'll keep this secret if you do too."

The ideas that were thoughts of what would happen if I let Percy be seen and known by other lombaxes were nothing I'd ever want to see again. Now though, he has the idea that the Lombaxes are on his side… but he only knows Zraymin… what if Zraymin could… no… would it work?

"Zraymin… could you try to convince Kaden and the schools to-" I began. He looked at me angrily in frustration.


"YES." I shot right back.

"Grrrrrrrrr, fine… I'll see what I can do…" he groaned.

*Chapter 5 will take awhile, so don't go insane if it takes more than a week…*

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