The Retro Story - Chapter 6

Author: PipoTachyon

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*Here it is, after a century of waiting. Sorry it's so ridiculously short.*

I threw myself onto the bed and missed Percy by about 7 inches. He stood there, leaning over my head, with an enraged expression.

"What?" I said, looking up at him. He turned and crawled over to the other edge of the bed, and began to rest on the corner, not even glancing back at me.

"Percy, are you alright?" I asked. He looked down, now having a sorry look on his face.

I heard a knock on the door and shouted to whoever it was knocking that they could enter. There she was: scratched, bleeding a small bit, grinning with a chipped front tooth, and a gash above her left eye. Her antennas were a bit chipped and her hands had burn marks from her brushing her grip against Lypsa's control handles. She didn't seem in the least angry, and if anything seemed a bit shy, which was strange because of her rather obnoxious personality.

"Hey. I didn't expect to see you awake for a while." I said. She smiled.

"Eh. Light sleeper I guess." she grinned.

"So Tech, where are you gonna go after this is a bit better?" I asked, still half distracted by Percy's attitude.

"Well that's the problem- err, one of the problems. Okay… I tried to get your genius cat to fix Lypsa and he was missing so many parts… almost irreplaceable parts… she's shut down. I dunno' what I'm supposed to do, so I was wondering if you had any suggestions."

I paused, biting my lip, trying to concentrate…

"I know you're a veteran from The Great War and all… and I know you're on the tough side- you know- and I don't wanna' sound like a mom or anything-" I sputtered.

"Spit it out, I don't need any sugarcoating." she interrupted, grinning at my attempt at explaining. She was right- I was going a bit overboard.

"I really disagree with the idea of you on Reepor or such without a ship, no matter how low the probability that something could go wrong. If you got in trouble like how you did this time- not saying that this was a likely event- but if you were to get caught again… we might not make it in time. I mean, we barely made it this time. Everyone was completely lucky about how this event turned out." I explained. She studied me and then began to stare up into space. She was thinking about the idea…

"So where does that leave me?" she asked.

"Erm… staying here, with us." I squeaked. She sighed.

"Well… I'm fine with it, but are you?" she questioned.

"If I wasn't fine with it I wouldn't have SAID it." I laughed. She groaned in a somewhat upbeat way. I guided her to the guest room but the bed was a little small… in fact I think it would be hard to get a bed to fit her rather massive size.

"Are you sure you're okay on this bed?" I said. She didn't respond, just stared at the mattress, lost in her quirky thoughts. A grin began to emerge onto her face, until it exposed all of her pointed, razor teeth.

"Permission to mess around with the bed a bit?" she said as she motioned her hands in a whirling way. What the heck? I told her to go right ahead. She pulled the mattress off of the framework with such ease that it seemed as if the entire thing was just another pillow. Looking closer, she was very muscular, but looking even closer- she had very many scars. Little, barely visible ones- as if a cat scratch could have made them- but still very real. I drew my attention away from the creature, to look at her creation that was sprawled onto the floor. The mattress had many pillows set up in stacks in front of it and the blanket was laid across the whole thing. Tech smiled and laughed at the monstrosity. I couldn't help it- I did too. I asked her if she needed another blanket to cover her, but she said if she did her spines would probably rip it- so she passed.

I walked out of the room, to have my focus set on none other than a really angry blue Lombax. I groaned. I've had enough of his anger act. He's too afraid, only cares about his own safety and the laws- IS NEVER willing to think outside the box- and gives me a rash o' crap about whatever I think of if it's so much as a bit different.

We fight like two old ladies in a grocery store, and we both know it too well.

"What now Sharon?" he snapped in attempt to knock my decisions down a peg. "What now that we have two cragmites that Kaden may not stand for? That we could get hunted for? That we could get arrested for? Jailed? Banished? Killed? Any of it could happen to us because you're too damn reckless!"

I now know. I know something is with no doubt wrong. Not wrong whatsoever. I know it. I have never seen Zraymin angry before. He has never cursed out of anger. He has never had a look of true burning fire in his stare until now. He was enraged beyond repair. But I had to look deeper. I always have to. To notice every detail of everything. I too often see the details without seeing what it's of or what's in plain sight. It's a bad habit. It's a disease. So I looked deeper- I penetrated his thick barrier of false anger- and found the fear that lurk within him instead.

I had to sooth that fear. Tame that beast. That was the only way I would be able to talk to the real Lombax I know and not some enflamed, angry disguise. I stared him straight in his confused eyes, and tried to sooth the beast within.

"What if Kaden does approve? What if Percy grows up to be the next revolution? What if Tech could finally walk on the streets without fear again? You're being too pessimistic Zray. Stop. STOP NOW. Before this all happened…" I stopped, about to reclaim the past that I thought I had left behind. He wasn't the only one who was wrong…

"Being the vicious one was my job."

*I hope Chap 7 doesn't take as long and is longer. emoji )

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