Thread: It took me 5 years to beat Ratchet and Clank 2.(Going Comman


Back then, i did not have a memory card,so for two years i had to move forward as fast as i could.Excrutiating.

The planet i could get the closest was at least Endako.And that's it.Two years.

I did not know that memory card was needed,and i was too afraid to ask for one.But then as a present,my dad got me one.

So when i DID get the card for my 9th birthday i when straight to square one.

However,i was perplexed at the rest of the story since i never got as far as the 4th planet, i was horrified.(New guns,new planets,etc)

But then one year on that ice planet i was stuck,since i did not have enough money to buy the gadget to pass the specific level.That's 3 now.

I gave up for a brief time,then,decided to hop back in,for the next 2 more years i was beating the thugs for less boss in which had me #%@$.That's 5.

Then was the protopet,in which caught offguard like hell.

After i beated the game i was crying,i did it.A 5 year journey,sealed.

Little did i know, up your arsenal was waiting for me at a game stop one day...

Congrats. This was my first role-playing game, and it's still one of my favourites. On the PS2, I enjoyed this series, and when I acquire a PS3, I'm going to play the rest of them.