Thread: cut stuff and more junk

here we got the like for a video where they show the cutscenes when you get a new armor in ratchet deadlocked jp 

i've got to say ... they are masterpieces 

if some one speaks japanise i would like to know what that japanise speaking is saying

ok my work here is done 

if some one knows about somethigh intresing that as been cut form the ratchet and clank games or just your ideas i would read all of them 


i just now remebered about 'ratchet and hank' , no it is not a typo , Hank was the mascot for insomniac games  sorta .

In the insomniac museum you can find images of Hank and you can also find a edit of Ratchet riding Hank whit on the bottom a modified  Ratchet And Clank logo whit clank being turned to hank .

unfortunatly the only good image of it dosen't work here but whit a quick google search you can find it easly . 

lol this thread is a trainwreck
lol this thread is a trainwreck

 your profile picture is from imgur did you know ? 

if you already knew that call me mr.obvious 

if you didn't know ... oke

oh , and i didn't use reverse image search i went to the souce code and i found the link for the image , yes the one link that you used that day when creating your acount or just when you chose to use this image as your avatar .

Btw did you know that there is a small 2 px border and a invisible one , they are div .

about the fact i didn't use reverse image search , if you go for the code of the site it actually shows the link for the image itself and not something like a google image page .