The Retro Story - Chapitre 1

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(*This Chapter is really short*)

Okay, I was with my buddy on Kreeli Comet. We didn't know much about the place, but we knew it was cold, I was not in a good mood, and we were hunting for Trillium Ore. I am a Doonisian, a person who lives from planet to planet to seek out secrets. I lived on planets from 5 to 6 years. Okay, so I was taking a break, but my buddy Zraymin didn't want to quit… and then, that was the start of a new strange life for me, when he pulled it out of the ice: a strange, red egg. It had splattered spots of this tan color across the shell.

"What is it? Ya' know what species? It might still be… ya' know, alive.: I said.

" I… don't recognize it… AH!" he answered. The scream? He got wounded 6 years ago in the war. The one that had yet to end… it was just stopped for now, because it began again when I took that egg home.

My home right now is on the planet known as Fastoon, inhabited by the lombaxes. They look like tigers, sort of… but more human- like. I am a human, A species that only the smartest possible get out of the galaxy, usually in secrecy… most haven't discovered other life beyond the small planet earth I use to live on.

"It's most likely dead, you know." he said. My cat, Radar, who I brought with me on my quest and taught English, sat on top of it.

"RADAR! DOWN!" I shouted. He jumped off, and curled around it instead. He's just a kitten, but he's old enough to know better.

"You should go to your place and go to bed." I said to Zraymin. He gave me a tired look, and left, saying his goodbyes on the way out the door. Zraymin is a blue Lombax. He's an archeologist, and is huge on eggs and fossils. The fact he couldn't decode anything about the egg made my mind flood with curiosity. I had hoped I would get to find out what it was, so I left the chances of it hatching with radar, who kept it warm.

That night I had a dream of all the species I'd seen on my journey so far. Kerchu and Hoolefoids, lombaxes and a scary, bug looking species that I barely remembered. I'd only seen pictures of them, though. I couldn't put my mind to it enough to figure it out, all I remember is that they started conflict with the lombaxes…

I woke up to go look at the specimen that was frozen yesterday… and it was cracked open, with nothing inside. Well, it hatched, but where was the creature? I lifted up the blankets on the bed the shards of egg were scattered across, and was startled when underneath them was a small, bug looking animal with red, fiery antennae. A shark- like fin ran down the center of its head. It's arms were red, which faded into a powder blue color at its elbows. It had a tan colored jaw and little teeth over its lips off the sides. Bright yellow eyes, and six, tiny brown legs. I got a small peice of fabric out of my sewing room, to replace the fleece blanket I stole from it. It was only about 8 inches long, and it stood up with its legs stuck to the floor, but it's back stood up straight. It reminded me of a cross between a bug and a centaur, only smaller and more freaky looking. Radar took a liking to the creature, because he cuddled around it, and the creature dug itself into the cat's warm, silky fur. I stared at the creature as I dialed Zraymin's phone number.

"It hatched!" I screamed into the phone. He hung up instantly and arrived three minutes later.

"WHERE IS IT?" He asked eagerly. I pointed at the bug- animal, and he stared with wide eyes and a nervous frown.

"Sharon, you need to kill it." he said nervously. Kill it? Why? It was just a little bug- thing. I mean, if I were to kill him, why? What was the reason for me to do so? I looked at him, disgusted, then at the creature. It gave me an innocent look, and I gave one right back to it, but mine wasn't as innocent as it was sad.

"Why the HELL would I do that?" I cursed. It isn't like me to swear, but it IS like me to say what first comes to mind, and that was it, so there you go.

"It's a cragmite. That species that started a war with us. It is definitely a runt, but you never know." For some reason, when he said runt, I felt a bit better. Runts are usually the smallest, weakest, yet always have the most personality… I'll kill it the day I kill myself: NEVER.

"Any… eh… 'alternate' ways to find out the gender..?" I asked, ready to laugh. I always made Zraymin do that job. He usually didn't have a problem with it, but this time he gave me a very grossed out look. Then, he loosened up, and pointed at its shark fin.

"Only one fin, not two, and it starts at the front, not the back. Male." he said, as he sighed in relief. I tried hard not to laugh.

"Any name suggestions?" I asked him. His eyes grew wide.

"YOU WANT TO KEEP IT?" He screamed, shocked.

"I want to name him Percy!" Radar shouted. Zraymin told him to shut up, but I took it into consideration, just for the fun of it…

"Percy it is." I said joyfully.

"WHAT?" Zraymin shouted in a combination of laughing and screaming. "YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS! HE IS A BLOODTHIRSTY DEMON AND YOU GIVE HIM A NAME MEANT FOR A DOG?" he shouted. So..? Dog names aren't too bad…

"So his basic status is..?" I asked. He sighed.

"Small male, VERY small, in fact I'll be shocked if he grows past three feet. I must say he doesn't seem too aggressive, not even around all the yelling-"

"That you've done-"

"Be quiet, will you? He is a certain breed, however… there was only one family of them- they were the ultimate soldiers… I can tell by the fact of his coloring, his features such as the red antennas and not to mention the stripes across his head… yep. Definitely a Tachyon."

"Cool last name." I said, trying hard not to look like an idiot… and utterly failing. He gave me a look that no doubt said 'what are you talking about you retard?', all across his face.

"It should die."

"What if you're wrong?"

"Not this time…"

"Are you sure about that?"

"99% sure"

"What about that little 1%?"

"That little one percent says I should kill you too while I'm at it." he said. Then Percy gave him an unsatisfied look and stuck out his tongue.

"YEP. It's GOTTA' die NOW." he angrily said. Percy crawled back under the covers.

"It's funny how a one hour year old is pissing you off so bad." I mocked. He put his hand on the bed next to Radar.

"Look, I'm just saying that- YEEAAAOOOOWWWW!" he shouted in my face. He lifted up his finger with Percy hanging onto it by his mouth, biting down hard. Okay, I'll admit… that made me laugh my head off. The cragmite let go and fell on top of Radar, who quickly brushed him under the covers, hoping that the Lombax wouldn't smash the infant. The cat- like creature sighed.

"Are you SURE you can handle this..?" he asked.

"Yep. C'mon Percy," I said, picking the small cragmite up from under the blankets.

"Wait- what do I do?" The Cragmite on my shoulder crossedc his arms and stared at the lombax with a small flaming glare.

"Don't tell Kaden." I said. Kaden is the leader of this town. His wife, Senatra, is going to have a son soon, and he probably wouldn't want his new son growing up around a cragmite, would he? No. Percy is staying hidden for now… that is if I could keep him hidden, right? Not so hard to keep a little bug creature hidden for a couple years, hmm?
Well I'll tell you this: I didn't have him for 6 months… before he escaped.

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