The Retro Story - Chapitre 3

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(Did he feel loved the same way I did when he said those words?) I asked myself as I watched him dose off on my bed. I left the room quietly. Zraymin stood outside the hallway.

"He's asleep?" The Lombax asked.

"Yeah." I replied.


"So Zray… what's up?"

"I'm thinking… it'd be better for everyone if you sent that cragmite back to Reepor."

"Wah- buhahte- what- why?"

"Remember what Kaden did to him..? Imagine what will happen next time! As he slowly gets bigger, even though he's a runt- they'll see him as a huge threat! What if he doesn't want to live in a world that wants nothing to do with him? I know I wouldn't!" he shouted. Percy was learning speech rather fast… what if he learns other things just as fast- like the true form of anger or revenge- and realizes how horrible the Lombaxes treat him…

Zraymin began picking up some sort of signal on his navigation unit.

"This just might be what we need!" he said, now excited. I gave him a confused look. What was going on?

A small ship landed in the backyard. It was a major crash… but I didn't hear a sound..

Zraymin was dead in his tracks. He could only stare at the ship, until he finally got his act together and ran for cover, but I stood still… just out of curiosity.

A creature emerged from the broken vessel. She was strong and ferocious seeming.

"GRRRRR! Where am I?" she shouted in frustration. "Aw- no! Apocalypse!" she shouted at her ship.

"Well I cannot help that I was hacked! This IS a Lombax planet, you know!" the ship snapped. The aggressive looking creature paused.

"Lypsa… what… did you-"

"So IT IS A CRAGMITE!!!" Zraymin shouted.

"Naw' I'm a freakin' Kerchu. I just look like a cragmite due to my new Halloween costume!"

"I Took your ship's firewall and reconfigured it's central computer- so you came he-" before Zraymin could finish, she slammed him against the wall. He was face to face with one angry she-craggy.

"WAIT! WAIT! You need to understand- we have a major problem!" he said.

"Yeah I can tell! Bad habit of crashing some person's ship as it flies by?" she hissed. She seemed solidly built, and had a major sassy attitude.

"Please! We noticed your ship had a crash silencer-"

"Which is broken." The ship said, cutting him off.

The female Cragmite only gave him more of an angry stare.

"Please…" Zraymin begged. The Cragmite paused angrily, but sighed and released her grasp on him.

"You repair Lypsa!" she said, pointing at the ship.

"Okay- I promise I will." the Lombax answered. The craggy sighed again and crossed her arms.

"I'm sorry." he said.

"It's okay." she answered. It was 'okay'? She was no ordinary cragmite- apologizing to a Lombax…

"Now I have a few questions… first- how do you speak?" he asked her.

"We all could- but when we focused on war- we didn't see communicating as a priority. Every Cragmite for him or herself." she explained.

"Are you hunter or warrior? There's two different breeds, but I don't really see how you would be related to either…"

"I was one of the only three cross bred cragmites. My Dad was a hunter and my Mom was a warrior. Only one of seven females to make it into the war, and one of the only two to not die on the first three days, for the record."

"Whoa. You were in The Great War?"

"Yep. But after a while… I found that it was my species being the dumb ones. They didn't listen to me when I protested against their galactic rule, thinking I was a spy or traitor, so I went to the tropical patch on the western hemisphere or Reepor. Never knew the war was over until ten years later."


She gave him a look that said: "creepy much- are you serious?" but she sighed and replied.

"In your years I'm 120- BUT IN CRAGMITE YEARS- I'm only 26." she confessed.

"Oh… and most importantly… what's your name?"

"Techneztha." she explained. A silent pause floated in the air. "So what problem do you have?" she asked.

"YOU EXPLAIN." he said, pointing at me.

Techneztha nodded, signaling for me to explain.

"Well… uh- ya' see… I found this egg while mining with him… and… we think it's some sort of runt cragmite baby think…" I explained awkwardly.

"Are you sure..?" she asked, in shock.

"Uh- pretty sure- I have a mark to prove it." he said, holding up his index finger. "If he is cragmite though- he has to be a major runt."

"Are you even sure it's a 'he'? There's an easy way to check you know."

"Head fin. Yeah. Male." the Lombax said. "C'mon."

Back inside, I guided the Cragmite to my bedroom. My glow in the dark stars shimmered across the walls as the ultraviolet light supercharged them with their luminous glow. I lifted up the covers, and there he was, right where I left him. Asleep under the covers, curled up, and having steady dreams.

Techneztha just stared at him in shock, then a smile began to form from each side of her face.

"He is…" she said, almost in tears. "I'm not the last…" she whispered to herself.

Percy heard her voice most likely, and began to flutter his eyes open. The small cragmite stared up at Techneztha, and began to smile as well. This made her smile even brighter, and she placed her hand on the bed. He began to stagger over to her arm and fell onto it. He hugged it tightly, and Techneztha laughed.

"Never in my life did I think I'd see another of my kind…" she squeaked.

Zraymin placed his hand on her shoulder. She let down her guard when she saw the little creature. Zraymin took notice of this, and so did I.

"What's it like being the last of your kind..?" he asked. She closed her eyes.

"I didn't realize how much being independent could hurt until now… I really… haven't seen another intelligent life form in ten years, let alone my own species…" she confessed.

Radar ran into the room.

"I fixed the Apocalypse ship person!" he screamed. Percy jumped and his antennas stood up straight.

Techneztha looked at him, puzzled.

"Really?" she asked.

"YES!" the cat said happily.

"Tech! He repaired me!" the ship shouted from outside.

"SHH! That's great- but keep it down… this IS a Lombax planet, you know!" she ironically snapped back at the ship.

"No need to be a snit, Tech!" the ship hissed. Techneztha sighed.

"Excuse the spacecraft, please. She's a jerk." the cragmite murmured. "So, you have a little baby craggy… I'm glad to know that another of my species is alive… but… where were you guys going with this..?"

Zraymin paused and looked at me. I shot the same glance back at him, like I was his reflection. Part of me didn't want to let Percy go… not so soon… but I think of that as selfish. Zraymin was right- he most likely wouldn't want to grow up on a planet where everyone hates him. Especially after what Kaden did to him… even though Kaden let us get away… I could tell that he wasn't angry as much as he was worried… I can see why he'd be scared to have an infant son around a creature that his entire race has been against for so long…

"Can… you raise him..?" Zraymin asked her.

"Nope." she said. He was shocked by the words.

"Why- why not..?" he shivered.

"I can raise him, but you should… this may be a Lombax planet… but you see- I want him to be somebody… he should prove that we aren't gone… even though he most likely won't grow past three feet- I want him to be able to prove that we weren't just mindless killing machines… I did fight in the war but killing is not a pleasure… and to add to that- Lombaxes are VERY smart. I want him to be the same way. I think a Lombax planet should do that to him, don't you? I know they're smart- but next time-" she said, patting Zraymin on the shoulder "just remember- crashing someone's hard earned spaceship is NOT a good way to make friends."

Saying that the Cragmite got in her ship.
"Maybe I'll see you dudes in the future. I'm always on Reepor at night- the tropic area. And make sure 'Percy'" she made a laugh to herself at his name "doesn't get squished! Kay? PS:" she said as her ship began to hover off the ground "Your cat did a nice job!" she shouted with a smile, as she began to glide into space.

Zraymin snickered after she left.

"Some help she was," he snapped.

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