The Retro Story - Chapitre 5

Auteur : PipoTachyon

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*This chapter is a bit longer…*

Zraymin knocked on Kaden's door. It was another sunny day. We've been getting alot of sunny days lately, and most of us have liked it, and Percy's happy: no lightning. Kaden was alot older then Zraymin, and he was the leader of this town- which made Zraymin scared a little- especially to ask a question so farfetched; he imagined in his head what Kaden's reaction would be. "Can the cragmite go to school?" The worst part is, if they found out that it was Sharon's idea, he'd force her to go to another planet- but he might see Zraymin as a traitor. The chances of him saying yes or him at least not getting furious at the question was at a minimum.

(You could just go home…emoji Zraymin thought. He shook the idea out of his head. He didn't think it would be as simple as that. He, like everyone else that took responsibility for Percy, knew there would be close calls and dire situations…

"Hello?" Kaden called again.

"Ummm, right, well… ya' see… Sharon… and I! We were wondering… if… well since he is a living being…"

(YOU'RE BLOWING IT ZRAY!) he heard loudly in his mind.

"UUAAAHHHHUUUUHHHH…" he said… "AAAAAAYIIIIEEEEE…" he began to sweat and bite his lip.

"Don't kill me for saying this CAN Percy go to Lombax school?" he said, then quickly shielded his face with his arms. Kaden looked confused for a second, then replied.

"Percy?" he asked, laughing. "Who?"

Zraymin paused, still a bit confused.

"Ummm… the Cragmite…" he said. Kaden looked fiery now. His eyes were just burning. Fire, and anger.

"You have to admit he IS a REALLY weak Cragmite and is only a seventh of the other one I-"


"Well, she's-"



Kaden then held a strange expression. Something out of hope and shock, yet anger… a very strong and uncommon combination of emotions.

"I'll think about it." Kaden whispered, gazing into the sky, thinking. Pondering. Lost in space.
Zraymin scrambled to his feet and got up off of the ground he found himself against, nodded, and ran as fast as he could back to Sharon's house.

"So how'd it go?" I asked, holding Percy as he slept in my arms.

"BAD." Zraymin shouted. Percy groaned as he opened his eyes and woke up.

"Sorry Percy." Zraymin said.

"You a loud Lombax." Percy groaned, only about %25 awake.

"Oh. Bad… well… you okay..?" I asked.

"NO." Zraymin snapped.

"Well, then… you tired? Just wanna' stay the night?" I offered. He nodded yes. Just then… the monitor on his navigation unit started beeping. The item he used to pull in Techneztha's ship…

"THIS IS TECH! LISTEN! I'm being tailed by two Lombax ships! WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?" she shrieked. A loud crash was heard in the background. She was knocked around the ship a bit and hit her eye, and winced as she kept it shut. She let out an angry groan, which seemed to be a roar.

"Caution! Stabilizers: offline." Lypsa's robotic voice cut in.


"Laser Grid Cannons: offline"

"I'LL GRID YOUR LINE!" She hissed. "WHO ARE THESE GUYS?" she screamed.


"Oh no- GRAAAAAAHHH!" she shrieked. "YOU WANNA MESS WITH ME LIKE THIS HUH?" she shouted at the ships behind her. A blast at Lypsa's wing answered her question. "YES? WELL YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE THE SIDE OF ME THAT SURVIVED A WAR. THAT'S MY BAD SIDE!" she screamed.

Another fire was unleashed across Lypsa's remaining wing.

"CONGRADULATIONS! YOU JUST GOT A FREE TICKET TO HELL!!!" she bellowed. The transmission went fuzzy, and then it shut off.

Zraymin was awake now. Percy was wide eyed as well. My jaw hung down as if it unhinged itself. All their eyes were larger than had ever been. We all said the same thing, at once.

"OH. NO."

"What will we do?" Radar asked from behind us.

"We save her…" Zraymin groaned. "Let me go get my ship-"

"There's no time for that!" I cut in. "She's going down fast and NOW! Can we TRACE her call?"

Zraymin picked up his navigation unit and began to push buttons on the unit and slide his fingers across it rapidly. "In our orbit! Fastoon's orbit!" he shouted, running out the door.

"Where are you going?" I shouted.

"To get my ship!" he called back.

I looked down at Percy. He didn't seem scared or worried that much at all… he seemed like he was… angry. Tech is the only other of his race we know and probably ever will know… she is a soldier from a hard and unforgiving war… but she isn't indestructible. No one is.

I heard the sound of jets as Zraymin came cruising along with his ship, and hovered over my front yard.

"Coming?" Zraymin shouted.

"I'll get my own and meet you there!" I called. He nodded and took off, blasting us with a gust of air. "Stay here Percy." I said as I ran inside and placed him on my bed. Radar cuddled next to him and he put his hand on the cat, still with that burning, piercing look. This was more than revenge. Maybe… no, positively… he has his first grudge.

I ran into my garage to get to my ship. It's nothing special, nothing that has a mind of its own like Techneztha's, not even like Zraymin's. But it was built from scratch, packed a good punch most of the time, and got me where I needed to go.

Just above Fastoon's atmosphere, it seemed I was watching a sequel to a movie I missed.

"YOU TWO HAVE GONE INSANE! WHAT DID SHE DO?" Zraymin screamed across the transition to our ships. He was tethering Techneztha's ship, keeping it from dropping into the orbit.

"WHY WAS SHE ON THIS PLANET?" One of the opposing characters shouted. I know his voice. I've heard it before. A friend of Kaden? Yes. Friend of us? If he was, I don't think that that's the case anymore. He was angry, and his voice expressed that perfectly. Alister Azimuth.

"She is nothing but a bloodthirsty warrior from the Great War! So tell me- in all honesty- WHY WAS SHE HERE?" Kaden shouted. Don't get me wrong, Kaden is usually a very nice Lombax- I don't know why he repels her… does he know her? They both fought in the war, I believe… it may be just memories… ones that he wants to go away.

"She was her because I hacked her ship's computer and made her crash here! I did this because we needed help from her!" Zraymin confessed. Oh no. here it comes…

"HELP FROM HER FOR WHAT?" Kaden shot back. Zraymin paused and bit his lip. I sat there in my ship, with my heartbeat thudding louder than my mind's voice. I joined into the transmission.

"Do you want to know the honest truth?" I asked, with a dazed, twisted, insane look in my twitching eyes.

"Yes. Right now!" Kaden said.

"NO SHARON DON'T TELL!" Zraymin cried. I ignored him. I focused on what I was about to say and how I would say it. So in a voice that I skillfully converted to not sound like a shriek, and not making myself seem overly emotional…

"I needed help figuring out how to take care of Percy, so Zraymin pulled her in, and she crash landed. She was the only cragmite signature he'd seen in years apparently and got a little… hyper." I said. I was expecting rage, discipline, anger, shouting, but no. Kaden calmed down almost instantly. Azimuth was confused, though. Kaden laughed a bit before answering.

"Why didn't you tell me it was for that? This would have never happened!" he laughed. That was the Lombax I knew. Come to think of it… we never did give him straight answers… did we..? He sighed and still had a slight giggle in his voice.

"Look, as long as I know everyone is safe, you can send him to school-" Kaden began.

"SAY WHA? SAY THAT AGAIN PLEASE?" Zraymin shouted, eyes wide and mouth trembling.

"He can go to Lombax school. Remember, also, every Lombax is permitted one weapon V5 or under, and I recommend it, especially being the runt he is… no offense. Just try and keep him from going insane."

"What about an Alpha Disruptor?" I blankly said. He paused. Zraymin waved his arms in a 'no- go' style.

"Fine… I guess… has he fired it?"


"Oh. Well… I don't see a major problem. He's just a runt, not like he'll do anything major."

"Okay. And Techneztha?" I said.

"She can help you take care of him… but if he goes public that doesn't mean she can! Sorry- but a full grown hunter from the war might cause… commotion." Kaden said.

"Can we go now?" Zraymin asked, pulling his collar for cool air.

"Sure. And tell the little guy I said sorry as well. I'll stop by later." Kaden said. I said okay, and then left.

"Tech, I think you might end up staying with us for tonight… Tech?" Zraymin called into her ship.

"Yeah, yeah, I hear you…" she yawned in pain "that's fine I guess…" she mumbled.

"So are we clear now? WILL we have any problems?" Zraymin asked me.

"I dunno. Time can only give us hints as it goes on, not much else."

*trust me- the next chapter will be much better*

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