The Retro Story - Chapitre 7

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*OH NO! SHORT! TOOK TO LONG! DOWN WITH LYMES DISEASE!!!!!!!!…… yes I blame my disease.*

He stared at me, a bit frightened and a bit shy now. He grew a look of sorrow, regretting the fact that he had ever begun to fight. At first, that made me proud of myself. Shows him for thinking I didn’t know what I was doing! But then… a look of apology materialized on his face… he lowered his head down, so I couldn’t look at his shameful eyes. I reached to touch his shoulder and say sorry- but he backed away and walked out the door instead.

There goes another friend.

I stumbled down the hall, unsure whether if I should cry or scream or kick something or what. I substituted for all those emotions by sitting down on the couch, and staring at my feet. This was all crazy. I know he’s scared of the outcome, but maybe he could at least think of what it’s like for them- or for me! He needed to realize what was happening and get it straight- because he wasn’t doing too well to begin with. He needed to figure out his problem… or was I the problem.

“SHUT THE HELL UP!” I screamed at my thoughts. Radar had twitched a bit by my noise, but then he crawled over to my hand, and nudged it with his nose. I looked down at him, curious. He finally found an opening between my palm and the couch fabric, and crawled under it, curling up against my side. His eyes looked sorry and his ears were flat. I dug my fingers into the fur behind his neck, gliding them through his silky coat. He whimpered and dug his face into my side.

“Please don’t, Sharon… he’ll come back… he’s just confused, like you…” he squeaked. I stared at the cat and sighed. Radar isn’t the kind of person that will tell you a lie to get you to calm down or shut up. He’ll tell you the facts, but he’ll only tell you the positive ones unless you ask otherwise. He was right. Zraymin wasn’t the only one who would end up in major trouble if we got found out. He was most likely just completely scared about the situation, and didn’t know what to do. He never got in trouble, and he might be thinking that I’m trying to drag him into it. I’ll let him cool off and let him come back on his own. Right now I’ve got my own issues to sort out.

I picked up the feline mutt and walked down the hall. Percy stood at my door, arms folded, and holding a rather disappointed expression. I set the cat down on the carpet, and walked towards him. Now, I love him, but he’s TROUBLE. I never know what is wrong or what he needs or anything, and I pray to god that Techneztha can help me with that a bit. I tilted my head to the side, out of curiosity. I was at eyelevel with him, my knees hurting from kneeling so low.

“The Lombax man stopped by while you were talking with Tech. He says I can go to Lombax School.” He said.

That shocked me. Kaden stopped by while I was talking with Tech? That’s weird… why didn’t Percy tell me? I was curious why he didn’t, but I was even more surprised that Kaden said yes.

“He said he’d talk to the other Lombax parents and more of the school people.” He continued, still holding that irritated expression. It was a very good thing that he was allowed to go! He could finally get some good education! It was great… but then I couldn’t help but wonder- would the other Lombax children bully or criticize him? Would they even see a difference between him and themselves? I don’t know’, I’m thinking too much. I only asked one more question:

“Why do you still look mad?” I asked the Cragmite. He groaned and loosened his arms.

“Because tomorrow is Sunday! You can’t start school on a SUNDAY.” He shouted, as if speaking to a stupid person……….. Oh…. wait, that’s right… never mind.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the way something that seemed to be so serious was something as simple as a minor disappointment. I picked him up and walked over to Tech’s room to tell her the news, Radar trailing behind me as a stalked down the hall. I slammed open the door to her room, and she opened her slit eyes slightly to see me.

“Guess what Tech?” I said. Techneztha perked her antennas and lifted the front of her body of the floor, using her arms as support.

“YOU GUESSED MAH FAVORITE COLOR?” she screamed with a euphoric expression. I broke out laughing, and she folded her arms back up again, lying on the floor. “What?” she asked, dropping her sarcasm.

“I can go to school!” Percy shouted. She smiled at him with her deadly teeth.

“Good! About time those furry cat people let you.” She laughed. “So when do you start?” she asked. “Next Monday!” he said. As soon as I master that Alpha Disruptor… he thought.

*I'll write more as soon as I feel a bit better. My old computer crashed so now its macbook full time, and jumping from windows 7 word 07 to macbook word 11 is a bit tough. Sorry.*

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