Chronicles of Internet Earth - Chapitre 3

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The Aphelion dropped out of hyperspace close to the planet’s moon. The planet itself seems to be mostly covered in water. Ratchet guided the ship to land on the moon – it was larger than most Ratchet had been on, which he found weird – and Aphelion and Clank connected wirelessly to the satellites and the planet’s Internet. They would be a while, so Ratchet occupied himself with his holo-guise, wondering how exactly he would tweak it to make him look “human.”
“How interesting,” Clank mused an hour later. Ratchet looked up from his work, voicing his question. “It seems that, for every hour in standard time, it is a full day for this planet. This could prove a problem…”
“Why’s that?” Ratchet asked, returning to his work.
“Because,” Clank answered. “We are enrolling you in school.” Ratchet looked at the robot, blinking for a minute before he starts laughing.
“That’s hilarious…heh…school…” Ratchet said between fits of laughter. Finally, he managed to calm down enough to be comprehensible. “Oh, gosh…that is hilarious, buddy. Seriously, though, why’s it a problem? Not enough daylight hours?” He smirked at this remark, amused.
“I am quite serious, Ratchet,” Clank said earnestly. “You are going to be enrolled in school.” Ratchet sat straight, looking at his friend in astonishment. He groaned and sat back in his seat. Clank chuckled at his friend’s reaction. Who knew he hated the prospect of school education so much?
To change the subject, Clank suggested, “Shall we land on the surface of the planet. Maybe some exploration will lighten your mood.” Ratchet’s ears perked in an instant as he gripped Aphelion’s steering wheel.
“Sounds good to me. How bout you Aphelion?”
I believe it would be a good idea. I will activate the new program once we touch down.
Ratchet took control of the ship, guiding her off of the planet’s moon and into its atmosphere. “Can you handle the heat, Aphelion?” He asked, seeing how the metal outside glowed bright.
Of course I can, Ratchet. I was made to withstand temperatures greater than that of this world’s sun.
It was just then that Ratchet noticed his own discomfort. He had a headache and his ears felt like they had bubbles in them. “Is it just me or is this planet screwing with me?”
“This planet’s atmosphere has a higher air pressure than most of the other planets we have been on, Ratchet,” Clank answered. “It will take time, but you will get used to it eventually.”
It took only a few minutes after that to find a decent place to land without having to worry about being seen. As she had said, Aphelion activated the newly installed program, which made her look different both inside and out. The inside hadn’t changed very much; it was slightly smaller, and looked slightly less advanced in the technology field. Ratchet got out, surprised by the side door only momentarily, and took a look at the outside.
“Hm…I’m impressed, Aphelion,” the Lombax complimented. “Nice work.”
Thank you, Ratchet. The natives of this planet call this model the Lamborghini Aventador.
Ratchet raised an eyebrow. “Fancy name…”
“Aphelion, now that you have disguised yourself, I believe you can find our destination?”
Yes, Clank. I’ll be there waiting. With that, she rolled off on her own, leaving the two old-time friends in the dark of the night.
“Alright,” Ratchet stated determinedly, cracking his knuckles. “We have a little bit less than an hour to explore before we have to get out of sight, and I need to get a few templates for my disguise.” Without a word, Clank attached himself to the harness on Ratchet’s back, and the two set off through the dark.

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