Kim Possible: The Extremely Secret Files - Chapitre 1

Chapter 1-The Epic Space Encounter

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Later on, both Kim and Ron, wearing space suits over their mission outfits, stepped into Dr. Possible's space shuttle and blasted off, with Dr. Possible waving goodbye. They flew through space via auto-pilot for an extensive amount of time. Ron: "Um…doesn't it seem kind of…shocking that we're like…flying a gazillion light-years away from Earth? No human being could have ever made it this far, or even believed that it could have been possible!" Kim: "To tell you the truth, Ron, I also found it to be surprising, but…I have handled a lot of impossible situations. Still, I never thought that I would be heading so far into space; let alone another galaxy. No doubt there's something else going on here, but right now, all I care about is thwarting Drakken and Shego and getting back dad's space station. We'll figure out the rest later with dad and Wade."

They eventually came near the space station. Kim was ecstatic upon reaching it. Kim: "There it is! Wade, we've found the space station. We're heading towards it now." Wade: "OK, great, just keep in mind that Drakken won't just simply let you in. Approach with extreme caution." Kim: "Got it."

They continued to approach the space station.

Elsewhere, Ratchet and Clank watched as all of this took place. Clank: "Oh, look, an unidentifiable space shuttle has just arrived and it appears to be approaching that space station. Do you know what this could mean?" Ratchet: "No, I don't. All we can do at the moment is wait for something to happen. There's no way of knowing what this could be."

Meanwhile, inside the space station, Shego took notice of the space shuttle as it was approaching them. Shego: "Uh…doc? There's a space shuttle coming our way." Drakken: "What? Let me see."

Drakken looked out the window and also noticed the shuttle. He and Shego were soon able to see Kim and Ron directly within the front window of the shuttle. Drakken: "What!? Kim Possible!? How was she able to find us here!?" Shego: "Oh, great, so much for Possible and her sidekick not knowing where we are. I just hope you have a backup plan, genius."

Drakken slammed his fist on a nearby switch. Drakken: "YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE, KIM POSSIBLE!"

A missile shot out of the space station and directly towards Kim and Ron. Ratchet: "Whoa! Didn't see that coming!"

The shuttle was able to dodge the missile and then headed towards the front entrance. Drakken: "They're about to enter the space station!"

Shego slammed on a nearby switch. Shego: "Not on my watch!"

The entrance was blocked off by many lasers. The shuttle managed to make a successfully u-turn. Kim: "Let's find another way in."

They headed towards another entrance, but Drakken and Shego came prepared.

There was a deadly trap waiting, they were being pulled directly in. Ron: "KIM! DO SOMETHING!"

Kim fought as hard as she could to pull away from the trap but nothing was working. Kim: "It's no use! I can't pull us away from this!"

Ron screamed uncontrollably.

Ratchet, not being able to just stand by and watch anymore, rushed out. Clank: "Ratchet! Wait!"

He headed out towards the docking bay as fast as he could, jumped into his ship and launched out towards the ISSF.

Kim and Ron were about to be pulled into the trap. Just then, a mysterious blast destroyed the trap, breaking Kim and Ron free. Ron: "Uh…what just happened?" Kim: "I…think we were just saved." Ron: "By who?"

Shortly afterwards, Ratchet's voice was heard from the COM link inside the shuttle. Ratchet: "Hey, looks like you could use some help." Ron: "Uh, was it you that just saved us?" Ratchet: "That's right. I've been watching you, thought I might intervene since you were having some trouble." Kim: "Um, I don't know why you did, but…thanks. Just who are you?" Ratchet: "Now's not the time for introductions. Follow me back towards the nearby frigate and we'll talk."

They spotted a small ship from directly outside. Kim: "There, that must be him. Let's go, Ron."

They followed Ratchet's ship back towards the large cruiser.

Soon enough, they arrived within the docking bay. Ratchet jumped out of his ship, Kim and Ron stepped out of the shuttle. They met up with Ratchet. Kim: "Alright, space case, what's the sitch? What has been going on here?" Ratchet: "If you both could just follow me, there's something that I need to show you."

He walked off, Kim and Ron stood by for a bit. Ron: "Uh…what type of animal is he? He looks like he has a tail similar to that of a lion but he has such large, pointy ears. Just what is he?" Kim: "Most likely an alien species that we've never seen before. Come on, let's go see what he has to show us."

Kim walked off after Ratchet, Ron rushed right after her.

They followed him towards the exact window that he and Clank were looking out of. Clank, who was still staring out the window, turned around and noticed Ratchet walking in with Kim and Ron. Ron soon noticed Clank. Ron: "Hey, KP, look! A robot!" Kim: "Sh!" Clank: "You know, that was very risky of you to just fly out there like that. Who knows what could have happened to you?" Ratchet: "You should be more worried about them. If it wasn't for me, those 2 would have been reduced to space particles." Kim: "So, what exactly did you want to show us?"

Ratchet pointed out the window towards the space station. Kim and Ron walked up towards the window and also saw it. They seemed amazed as they looked out at it. They then looked towards Ratchet. Kim: "So, you have been watching us from here, haven't you?" Ratchet: "Yeah, I have. Been keeping an eye on that space station since it arrived there. Care to tell me what you know about what that is or even what's going on for that matter?" Kim: "Uh, first off, how long was it out there?" Clank: "Several hours. Your ship was the first form of activity within that time frame." Ratchet: "What is that space station and why were you being attacked by it?"

Kim hesitated before she started talking. Kim: "Well...if you must know...That space station was my dad's secret project."

Ratchet walked closer towards the window and looked out of it. Ratchet: "Your dad built that?" Kim: "That's right. He calls it the Impossible Space Station of the Future. The ISSF for short." Ratchet: "Impossible Space Station, huh? That sounds…excessively dramatic, but what exactly is going on? Was it your dad that sent you to retrieve it or something?" Kim: "As a matter of fact, yes. You see, the night before, 2 of my arch-foes, Dr. Drakken and Shego stole it from the space center where my dad works. I came all the way out here to get it back before they plan to do anything with it." Ratchet: "But what were your enemies planning to do with it in the middle of space?" Kim: "Most likely another one of his world domination schemes. As for why it's all the way out here, I have no idea. Then again, Drakken always had a tendency to avoid being straightforward, to say the least." Ratchet: "Huh, sounds like one headache of a villain." Kim: "That would also be putting it mildly."

Rufus popped out from within Ron's pocket. Rufus: "Pah-ho! Drakken!" Kim: "By the way, you've haven't told us who you are. I would like to know your name." Clank: "Yes, it would be customary to give out proper introductions." Ratchet: "OK, I would agree. I'm Ratchet and this is my good friend Clank."

Clank did his adorable giggle. Kim: "I'm Kim Possible, this is Ron Stoppable and that's Ron's pet naked mole rat Rufus."

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket again. Rufus: "Hi." Ratchet: "Well, Kim, looks like you'll need some help in bringing down that Drakken guy and taking back your dad's space station." Kim: "And how exactly will you be doing that?" Ratchet: "First off, we should probably do some maintenance work on that ship of yours. I know you'll need it against him." Kim: "And what kind of maintenance work did you have in mind?" Ratchet: "Oh, my favorite kind: ammo, weaponry; that kind of work." Kim: "Well…usually, I wouldn't go for it, but these circumstances kind of force me to concede. OK, Ratchet, I'll agree on anything you need to have done." Ratchet: "Awesome, let's get started then."

Ratchet walked off with Clank. Kim and Ron looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and followed after them.

Back at the shuttle bay, they had a chance to stand around to take a look at Dr. Possible's shuttle. Ratchet: "Wow, I have to admit, that is one impressive looking ship." Kim: "Yeah, my dad built that, actually. Although, I'm quite surprised that both this and the space station were able to arrive here at such great speed; nothing that anyone back home has ever built came close to anything that phenomenal. Even my dad was surprised by that." Ratchet: "Hm…perhaps we can look into that while we work on it. The only problem at the moment is where to start." Kim: "I'm already on it."

Kim pulled out her Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, you there?" Wade: "Hey, Kim, how's the mission going?" Kim: "Um…we're kind of in a snag at the moment. We found the space station, but we nearly fell into another one of Drakken and Shego's deathtraps." Wade: "Yikes! That must have been rough." Kim: "Yeah, it was, thought we would never make it out of there alive. Fortunately, we were saved by someone who lives out here in the middle of space. Here, let me introduce you to him."

Kim held the Kimmunicator in front of Ratchet. Kim: "Wade, this is Ratchet. Ratchet, this is Wade, a 10 year old super genius who works with us on all of our missions." Ratchet: "Um…hello…Wade, it's…good to…meet you…" Wade: "Oh, my gosh! It that…an alien!? A real live alien!? I can't believe it! It's an actual alien! This is so much better than last week's episode of Space Passage and that was the best episode yet!" Ratchet: "Uh…is he OK?" Kim: "I…wouldn't worry about it too much." Ron: "Hey, Wade? You think that's cool? Check this out!"

Ron then held the Kimmunicator in front of Clank. Ron: "There's an actual robot!" Clank: "I beg your pardon, young man?" Wade: "Whoa! No way! A real live robot! And it talks!" Ron: "Yeah! And possibly so much more!" Clank: "I do not feel comfortable right now." Kim: "Guys, focus! We need to get started on how we're going to modify my dad's space shuttle." Ratchet: "Kim's right, there's a lot of work that needs to be done. We really don't have any time to mess around."

Kim looked towards Ratchet in a somewhat surprised manner. Ratchet looked back at her in as he seemed confused. Ratchet: "Uh, Kim? Are you OK?" Kim: "Huh? Oh! Yes…I'm…I'm fine. Let's figure out what we need to do."

Kim walked off, Ratchet continued to keep his eyes on her as she walked off, a small grin appeared on his face. Kim: "Wade, can you analyze the shuttle? Ratchet is planning on doing some modifications to it." Wade: "What kind of modifications does he have in mind?" Kim: "Um…well…he was thinking about some weaponry and I would guess a few other things, too." Wade: "I'll need to look into a lot of the alien technology. That might help with how we're planning to do this." Kim: "That would make sense, actually. Ratchet, you wouldn't mind if we look into a lot of this technology, would you?" Ratchet: "Not at all. What's mine is yours. Help yourself to whatever you need." Kim: "Sounds great. We're good to go, Wade. I…wouldn't be surprised if you were looking forward to…doing something like this." Wade: "Are you kidding me!? This is like a life long dream of mine! I can't tell you how much I have been itching to look into alien technology! I'll get on it right away." Kim: "Thanks, Wade. Let us know when you have finished sorting through all of this."

She placed the Kimmunicator on a nearby crate. Ratchet: "Well…um…sounds as though your…Wade is…very eager to help us out." Kim: "Yeah, to say the least. So…since there isn't anything we can do about the shuttle at the moment, perhaps we can use this time to…get to know each other?" Ratchet: "You know what? That doesn't sound like a bad idea at all. It may help a little with supporting each other through all of this."

Soon enough, Kim and Ron sat down with Ratchet and Clank and spent some time talking with them. Ratchet, within a large amount of time, told them about everything that he and Clank had been through. Ratchet: "So, anyway, after we defeated Drek and saved the entire galaxy, we have been pretty busy with a lot of the festivities. There were parades, press conferences, fancy dress balls." Clank: "And the wiener roast at Al's." Ratchet: "Oh! Yeah, that. And then things started to slow down a bit. After that was…uh…um…" Clank: "There was that Grand Opening at Groovy Lube." Kim: "Groovy Lube?" Ratchet: "It's a dance club…type…place. Don't ask about the name. I thought that was last week or so." Clank: "It was actually 6 months ago." Kim: "Hm, sounds like you guys have been through a lot." Ratchet: "You could say that. Just recently, we had an interview with a show called "Behind the Hero". Told them all of that stuff that we just mentioned to you guys. Seconds later, we were transported here where we spoke with some old geezer who goes by the name of Abercrombie Fizzwidget, who this the CEO of…"

Just then, Ratchet was interrupted by Ron trying to hold back his snickering. Kim looked at him in an annoyed manner, Ratchet and Clank did the same but in a concerned manner. Ratchet: "Uh, is he OK?" Kim: "Don't worry about it, he tends to get like this." Ratchet: "Um, OK…as I was saying, Mr. Fizzwidget, who is the CEO of Megacorp told us that…"

He was interrupted again by Ron snickering. Ratchet this time looked at him in an annoyed manner. Ron stopped after noticing that he was being stared at by both Ratchet and Kim. Ron: "Sorry, it's just Fizzwidget sounds like a funny name, that's all." Ratchet: "Yeah, that's great. So anyway, Mr. Fizzwidget told us about…"

Ron snickered yet again, which was really getting on Ratchet's nerve. Ratchet: "Will you stop doing that already!?" Kim: "Ron, seriously!" Ron: "Sorry, KP, I can't help it." Kim: "Perhaps you should go speak with Wade and check on how he's doing." Ron: "Copy that, KP, maybe he has found something interesting by now."

Ron got up and walked off. Ratchet: "Hopefully, that will be the last of any interruptions for the time being. Now then, Mr. Fizzwidget told us about a secret biological experiment that was stolen from the company by some masked thief and I was asked to get it back." Kim: "And you agreed to take on the mission." Ratchet: "Well, I did, Clank was offered a job as the head accountant of Megacorp, which included a sweet penthouse at a metropolis on another planet."

Ron rushed back over. Ron: "A sweet penthouse? Sounds like an awesome deal! Way to go, Clank!" Clank: "Thank you, Ron, and you are right, it is a great deal. Perhaps you would like to come see it for yourself sometime." Ron: "Would I ever?" Kim: "Ron, we're still on a mission of our own, remember?" Ron: "Oh, right, KP, get back Dr. P's space station, then check out the sweet penthouse on that other planet. Got it!"

Ron rushed off again. Ratchet: "Is he always this out of focus?" Kim: "You have no idea." Ratchet: "So…that's what we have been through. But enough about us, tell me about yourself. I'd like to know about you and the kind of life you have." Kim: "OK, well, first off, I'm still in high school and so is Ron. I'm the head cheerleader at Middleton High, our mascot is the Middleton Mad dogs. I pretty much live an ordinary life as a high school student, but I also live a double life as a teen crime fighter." Clank: "Really? I did not expect that." Ratchet: "Hm…an ordinary high school cheerleader living an extraordinary double life as a teen crime fighter. Sounds fascinating." Kim: "Yeah, you could say that." Clank: "So, Ms. Possible, what sort of things do you do during your double life?" Kim: "Well, I travel all over my home planet, fighting all sorts of criminals and evil masterminds, dealing with other kinds of worldly problems, save the world over and over again. Basic stuff like that." Clank: "Basic stuff? You mean you see this as standard?" Kim: "Pretty much. No big." Ratchet: "And I'm guessing that this is one of your missions, right?" Kim: "Yes, that's right. Although, I've never been to another galaxy before. In fact, going all the way out here isn't seen as something that's possible, yet." Clank: "Possible? You mean your kind is not capable interstellar travel?" Kim: "No, not yet, but we may be someday."

Ratchet seemed to be intrigued by Kim's story. Ratchet: "So, Kim, as a crime fighter, you must attract all kinds of danger. Sounds like my kind of lifestyle. You must be some kind of hero on your home planet." Kim: "Yes, that's exactly right." Ratchet: "Me, too! I've been seen as a hero throughout the entire galaxy. I have also done a lot of traveling, but to more than just one planet in actuality." Kim: "So, you've traveled to multiple planets? Hm, we haven't even started traveling to neighboring planets in our star system." Clank: "Traveling from one planet to another is a way of life here. This must seem like something that is new to you, Ms. Possible." Kim: "Yes…it is…very new." Ratchet: "Sounds kind of…primitive, but that doesn't mean you aren't fascinating or anything like that." Kim: "Thanks…" Ratchet: "So, anyway…back to the subject involving you. I'd like to know more about this double life of yours. How long have you been doing this?" Kim: "Oh, I would say a few years now; a little after I started high school." Ratchet: "So, how did all of this start?" Kim: "Well, it was right after my cheerleading tryouts, I was called out to…"

Kim went on to tell them about the story of her first mission. As she continued on, Ratchet became more and more fascinated by her. Clank took notice of his fixation towards her, which sort of concerned him. Kim: "So, after that one mission, my double life as an international crime fighter took flight and my reputation skyrocketed into fame." Ratchet: "Wow, that…is amazing. You're really something special, aren't you?" Clank: "Hm…the nature of your lifestyle sounds very complex. How are you with balancing these 2 separate lifestyles of yours?" Kim: "Well, dealing with high school is no easy feat; I manage the best I can, but crime fighting? That's easy. So not the drama." Ratchet: "So, you think high school is difficult but crime fighting is easy? You really are something else." Kim: "Please, it really is no big. Really. I can do anything." Ratchet: "Yes you can."

Ron walked back over. Ron: "Um, by the way, Ratchet, I've been wanting to ask you this. What species are you? I can't seem to figure out if you're some kind of strange…pointy… eared…tiger or cat person with a lion's tail or if you're some just other type of animal that we have never seen before. So what are you anyway?" Ratchet: "I'm a Lombax."

Ron stared at him with a blank look on his face. Ratchet: "An alien species?"

Ron continued staring at him. Ratchet: "One you've obviously never heard of before?" Ron: "Yeah…I'm trying to determine if you're a part lion, part tiger or some other cat thing or perhaps some other kind of other cat creature…person or something like that. Kim, can you help me out here?" Kim: "Let's just file him under "undocumented alien species" and leave it at that." Ron: "Works for me." Ratchet: "(groan) Fair enough."

Shortly afterwards, Kim did some more talking with Ratchet and Clank. She talked about her and Ron being friends since preschool, Ron's misadventures at Camp Wannaweep, Ron getting his pet naked mole rat Rufus. She eventually went on to talk about Wade, the 10 year old super genius who helps out Kim and Ron on their missions as well as brief them on their missions. Ratchet: "So, Kim, how did you and Ron meet Wade?" Kim: "Oh, well, that's an interesting story, it all started when…" Wade: "Kim, come in, are you there?" Kim: "Oh!"

She got up and walked over to the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Hey, Wade, did you finish up with analyzing all of the alien technology?" Wade: "Absolutely! I have also been looking into integrating all of this into your dad's space shuttle. While I was able to do that, I came across a very startling discovery." Kim: "What kind of discovery?" Wade: "It's something unbelievable! Your dad's space shuttle is partially made from alien technology." Kim: "What? Really? Do you know exactly from where?" Wade: "This is where it gets interesting. I'm picking up multiple traces of technology that originates from the galaxy that you're in now as well as a few others. And it's not just the space shuttle that I'm picking up these traces from, but also the space station." Kim: "No way! The Impossible Space Station of the Future? Did dad know about this?" Wade: "I don't know, I didn't share these findings with him, yet, but judging by how surprised he was by the speed of both of them, I would think he didn't." Kim: "Hm…very odd…" Wade: "But thankfully, from these findings, it should be a cinch to integrate a lot of the equipment that Ratchet planned on having installed." Ratchet: "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get started on suiting up this space shuttle with even more non-Earthly equipment." Kim: "Yes, let's do it. Drakken and Shego won't know what hit them."

Eventually, Kim and Ron worked with Ratchet and Clank on the modifications to the space shuttle. Ratchet: "OK, we should have everything we need to suit up this Earth vessel." Kim: "Yeah, I would think so, too. At least…hm…" Ron: "Well, yeah, sure. We have this thingy, do-hicky for that front part, then there's this thinga-ma-bob for the…that thing, and there's the what-chu-ma-call-it for the uh…what-chu-ma-call-it and then there's this strange thingy…for…the…thingy…I think…"

Ron looked towards Ratchet with a nervous grin on his face, Ratchet stared back at Ron in an annoyed manner. Ratchet: "Why don't you just leave the technical stuff to me, Clank and Wade? You just deal with…screwing in all of the loose ends." Ron: "Um…OK…"

Ron walked off. Clank: "An unusual young man, isn't he?" Ratchet: "Does this guy go on all of your missions with you, Kim?" Kim: "Um…almost…" Ron: "Hey, KP, check this out, I think I found something cool! Oh, no…oh, no! AAAAHHHH! KP! THIS THING IS TRYING TO KILL ME!"

Ratchet placed his hand on his forehead, greatly irritated, Kim was embarrassed. Ron: "AH! RATCHET! DO SOMETHING!"

At that time, they could hear the sound of something tearing. Ron: "Ah! Oh, no! Not the pants!" Kim: "Not again."

Ratchet went over to handle what was happening. Everything eventually quieted down. Ratchet then dragged Ron back alongside everyone else. He then let go of Ron and glared at him, Ron just chuckled nervously. Ratchet: "Don't touch anything! The last thing we need is something getting wrecked!"

Ratchet walked off as Ron watched him. Ratchet returned beside Kim and Clank. Ratchet: "Let's just get started on this before any other mishaps occur."

Everyone else agreed and walked off. Ron, noticing his pants, snatched them back, then was spooked by something and ran off screaming.

In much time, they worked on the modifications to the shuttle. During the work in progress, Kim and Ratchet would often trade glances with one another, with each time either smiling or timidly stare at each other before looking away; sometimes, it was both. Ron and Clank took notice of this occurring repeatedly and both became gradually concerned for their friends.

They eventually came close to finishing the last of the modifications. Ratchet: "Well, the modifications to this shuttle are almost complete but I have to admit, the work we have done really has been quite spectacular, so far. Even you were a big help, Ron. Tightening up those nuts and bolts really played a vital role in…holding things together." Ron: "Uh, no problem, Ratchet, I just still need to work on a few…WAH!"

Ron fell off of a large platform that he was on, but got his pants caught on a tether from the platform as he hung upside down. Kim, Ratchet and Clank looked up as Ron hung there. Ron: "Uh…don't mind me…just…a few screws loose…"

He was about to fall out of his pants, but grabbed them very quickly. Ratchet: "You've got that right with "a few screws loose"." Kim: "Will someone please help him?" Clank: "Do not worry, I will take care of this."

Clank hovered upward towards Ron. Ratchet: "OK, enough fooling around, everyone. There's still work that needs to be done." Kim: "Yes, we can't stop now, guys, not when we're so close to getting to Drakken and Shego and taking back my dad's space station, so let's keep at it."

Ratchet was about to walk off. Kim: "Oh, and Ratchet?"

He stopped to turn around and looked at Kim. Ratchet: "Yeah, Kim?" Kim: "I…I wanted to thank you for helping us out. You didn't really have a reason to get yourself involved in any of this, but I'm glad you did." Ratchet: "It was no problem. I'm always happy to help those in need, Kim…or rather…Ms. Possible?" Kim: "Please, call me Kim or better yet, you can address me by my real name: Kimberly." Ratchet: "Kimberly? That's a beautiful name."

Ron and Clank stood beside each other and watched as Kim and Ratchet were having their moment. Ron: "Uh…Clank? Are you seeing all of this?" Clank: "Hm…yes, I have observed this several times during the gradual progression of the modifications. This is quite odd, do you not agree?" Ron: "Hm, I would think so; Kim never lets anyone call her by her real name. Do you know what this could mean?" Clank: "Perhaps they have developed a strong, mutual fondness for one another." Ron: "You mean they like each other? Like…really like each other?" Clank: "Most likely yes." Ron: "Um…OK…this IS weird." Clank: "Well, I find this to be rather sweet, actually."

Rufus popped out of the pocket again. Rufus: "Aw, Kim and Ratchet." Ratchet: "OK, seriously, we need to get back to work. We still have so much more to do." Clank: "Yes, let us get on it." Kim: "Uh…Yes, we should…do that." Ron: "Alright, soon enough, we will be able to face off against Dra-AHH! KIM! LOOK!"

They looked up and noticed the shuttle being lifted off of the floor by a tractor beam. Ratchet: "What is going on!?"

They then heard maniacal laughing. They looked towards another direction, a serious look grew on Kim's face. Kim: "No! Drakken!"

Sure enough, there was Drakken and Shego standing on a floating platform, holding the shuttle in a tractor beam. Drakken: "Kim Possible! We meet again." Ratchet: "So, you're the ones who stole Kimberly's dad's project!" Shego: "Aww, how adorable; Kimmie and her dumb sidekick made friends with some space rat and a toy robot." Kim: "Their names are Ratchet and Clank!" Ratchet: "And don't either of you forget it! We're going to help Kimberly and Ron take back that space station you stole!" Drakken: "Oh, but not without this space shuttle, you're not." Clank: "And just what do you plan to do with that Earth shuttle?" Drakken: "Why, simple, robot man. I'm going to tear the ship into many pieces and then spread them all throughout…another galaxy! (laugh)" Ratchet: "You won't get away with this, Drakken!" Drakken: "Oh, I wouldn't count on that…eh…strange…cat-like…lion-tailed…creature. Shego, what kind of animal is that…uh…animal?" Shego: "Beats me, I just call him a space rat, assuming he is a he." Kim: "Yes HE is and he's a Lombax!" Ron: "An undocumented alien species." Shego: "Hmph! Whatever, space rat sounds much more familiar." Kim: "Shego!" Drakken: "Farewell, Kim Possible! The next time we meet, I will have already become ruler of the Earth!" Shego: "Buh-bye, Kimmie and same to you, Ratchet."

They warped out with the shuttle while Drakken laughed maniacally.

For a few moments, they all stood around idly, in shock of what took place. Ron: "So…is that it? Is it all over?" Ratchet: "No, this isn't over. I'll fly my ship out towards them and then…" Kim: "No, Ratchet…it's no use, we won't stand a chance against them, not now, at least. We'll need to come up with another plan."

Kim pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, do you read me?" Wade: "Yeah, Kim, what's up?" Kim: "Uh, we have a problem. Drakken and Shego just stole my dad's shuttle, so now…our mission just got even more difficult." Wade: "Oh, no, that's not good." Ratchet: "We can still go after them! I'll just take my ship and…" Wade: "I don't think that's a good idea, Ratchet." Ratchet: "What? Why not?" Wade: "I just got finished with analyzing the ISSF and…the technology on it is far more advanced than even I would have expected. The weaponry and defense system are far beyond anything I could have imagined. Sorry, Ratchet, you wouldn't stand a chance against it." Clank: "There must be something we could do." Wade: "With the modifications you guys made on the shuttle, bringing down that space station would be doable." Kim: "But Drakken stole it from us and now he's planning on breaking it apart and spreading the pieces throughout another galaxy." Ratchet: "Do you think you could track down those pieces and find which galaxy they're being sent to?" Kim: "What he said." Wade: "I'm on it. By the way, Kim, your dad's been wanting to talk to you; he seems very concerned. Should I put him on the line for you?" Kim: "(sigh) Yes, Wade, put him on."

Wade was able to display Dr. Possible on the screen. Dr. P.: "Kimmicub! I'm so glad to see you. How's the mission going?" Ratchet: "Kimmicub?" Kim: "Um…well…how should I put this? We were attacked by the space station after we managed to find it and we were forced to stop at a nearby space cruiser. But then after all of what we have been doing here…Drakken and Shego…they stole your shuttle." Dr. P.: "What? Well…that's unfortunate. Can you at least still make it home?" Kim: "Dad, least of our worries. I can't stop Drakken and Shego without that shuttle, much less get back your space station." Dr. P.: "Yeah…that is a problem." Kim: "But there is some good news. Ron and I met a few aliens out here in space. Here, let me introduce you to them."

Kim held the Kimmunicator in front of Ratchet again. Kim: "Dad, this is Ratchet. He's been helping us since we arrived here." Ratchet: "Um…hello…Dr. Possible. It's…great to meet you. Your daughter is…uh…very…interesting."

She then held the Kimmunicator in front of Clank. Kim: "And this is his friend Clank." Clank: "Hello, good sir, it is very good to finally meet you."

Kim pulled the Kimmunicator back in front of her. Kim: "Ratchet saved me and Ron from another one of Dr. Drakken's deathtraps. He and Clank would like to continue helping us out." Ratchet: "We will get your space station back, Dr. Possible. You can count on that." Clank: "By the way, were you not informed by Wade about what he has discovered about your space station and space shuttle?" Dr. P.: "Don't worry about that, Clank. Wade has already told everything so…I know. Alien technology; I couldn't believe all of that was what I've been using to build my own designs. I wonder if…they knew about this." Kim: "They? Who are you talking about?" Dr. P.: "Uh, nothing, I'll have to look into this. Kimmicub, just focus on getting back my projects. And Ratchet?" Ratchet: "Yes, sir?" Dr. P.: "Look after my daughter and thank you for everything you have done for her so far. I expect you to keep at it." Ratchet: "Of course, Dr. Possible, I'll do what I can." Kim: "We'll stay in touch and brief you on our progress. It will be a very long mission, but we won't stop until it is done." Dr. P.: "Just don't stay out there any longer than you need to be and be sure to come home safely."

The Kimmunicator switched back to Wade. Wade: "Hey, Kim, I just received a signal on your dad's shuttle." Kim: "Did you find where Drakken has taken it?" Wade: "I have. He seems to have taken it to a far off galaxy that's just next to where you are. I just found out something else; I checked the flight path of that large cruiser you're on and it's heading towards that same galaxy." Ratchet: "What? Dr. Drakken's taken that shuttle to the Bogon Galaxy?"

Ratchet started cracking up. Kim: "It seems like the joke's on him. Ratchet will be taking care of a mission of his own in that galaxy. Looks as though we will be helping each other out with our missions." Wade: "Be careful out there, you guys. Drakken will find out about this and he'll make every attempt he possibly can to stop you." Kim: "I know that but we will stop him, no matter what."

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