The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Solonian Revolution - Chapitre 5

Chapter 5-The Return of Captain Qwark

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As the group made their way back the Phoenix, Wade appeared on the screen on the dashboard. Wade: "Hey, guys." Ratchet: "Hey, Wade. What's up?" Wade: "Uh…well, Kim's parents wanted to check up on you guys."

At that moment, both of Kim's parents showed up on the screen beside Wade. Dr. P.: "Hey, Ratchet!" Ratchet: "Oh! Dr. Possible!" Dr. P.: "I trust that you are keeping my daughter safe just like I believe you would." Ratchet: "Well…that's not so hard."

Kim and Ron peered out from behind the front seats and looked at the screen. Kim: "Mom? Dad?" Dr. P.: "Hey, Kimmicub! How's it going? Are you doing OK?" Kim: "Yeah, fine as always." Mrs. P.: "I hear that you have quite a terrible situation on your hands." Kim: "Yeah, there is a maniacal super villain by the name of Dr. Nefarious wrecking havoc on this entire galaxy." Ron: "He seems to be some sort of crazy robot that hates all organic life forms and thinks that all robots should be free from them." Mrs. P.: "Yes, we know. We saw that broadcast from that horrible villain. It's just awful. I really feel for the people of this galaxy." Ratchet: "And guess who these people have nominated to fend off this threat? Captain Qwark."

Dr. Possible seemed greatly surprised. Dr. P.: "What? That Qwark guy; the one who unleashed that nightmarish pet project on that other galaxy?" Ratchet: "The very same." Mrs. P.: "That's ridiculous! Why would anyone want to rely on someone so problematic and obviously dim-witted?" Clank: "Well, from what we were told, he was the only one who has faced off against Dr. Nefarious and lived." Dr. P.: "Even if that is true, they should not overlook that Drek incident and what Qwark did at that time." Mrs. P.: "Not to mention that you boys were the ones who saved this galaxy from that horrible catastrophe." Clank: "No, we have not forgotten, Mrs. Possible." Ratchet: "Heh! Apparently, none of that means anything to anyone around here. They really feel that he is our only hope." Dr. P.: "Well, I think that's all complete nonsense! If there is anyone who is capable and even competent enough of stopping that mechanical menace, it would be you, Ratchet." Ratchet: "Aw, you really believe that?" Dr. P.: "Of course, we have absolute faith in you." Mrs. P.: "We know you can do it. You really are capable of so much, perhaps even a lot more than people even realize." Ratchet: "Thanks, guys. I'm so glad to have your support." Mrs. P.: "We will always support you, Ratchet, no matter what." Kim: "Don't forget you have us to help you out." Ron: "Yeah, totally. We've got your back." Dr. P.: "If you ever need anything from us, let us know." Wade: "Right, the same goes for me. You know that I also have your back just as much as Kim and Ron." Ratchet: "Yes, of course I know that." Kim: "Mom? Dad? Wade? Thanks."

Kim's parents smiled at her as did Wade. The transmission was shut off. Clank: "Well, that was indeed reassuring to hear such encouragement from Ms. Possible's parents." Ratchet: "Yeah…they…they really trust me. It does make this annoying assignment much more bearable. I'll see to it that I live up to their highest expectations."

Kim placed her hand on Ratchet's shoulder. Kim: "You already have."

Ratchet looked back towards her and smiled as she did the same to him.

They were able to arrive back at the Phoenix. As soon as they landed inside and got out of their ship, they rushed over to their quarters. Ratchet inserted the vid-comic into the VG-9000 and switched it on. They then sat down on the sofa next to each other as Ratchet held the game controller. Ratchet: "Watch and learn, guys. This is how a real hero gets it done."

Qwark and his monkey watched from behind the bars. The vid-comic started playing, it started with a humorous narration that was hardly anything to be taken seriously, then got right on to the interactive part, which was a miniature gameplay and more humorous narration.

After the vid-comic, Qwark regained his memory. Qwark: "Huh? What happened to me? How did I get like this? And…oh, no! My outfit! It's in shambles! How did it come to this?" Clank: "It appears Qwark has regained his memory." Kim: "Yeah, that would be the case…unfortunately…" Qwark: "Huh? Hey! I remember you 2, you're that guy and that girl from that…that far off planet I never even heard of! What are you doing here?" Ratchet: "Yeah, that's him alright." Ron: "Um…is this supposed to be a good thing? I was to believe that it is, but I really don't see that." Ratchet: "To a lot of people in the galaxy, it is a good thing, but I wouldn't think so." Kim: "Me, neither." Ron: "Ditto." Sasha: "Well, he may need some time to adjust…In the meantime, I've got another mission that's perfect for you guys." Kim: "OK, Sasha, so, what's the sitch?" Ratchet: "Oh, man, I can't tell you how much I've missed hearing you say that." Sasha: "We've just learned of a prototype holographic device that can disguise the user as a Tyhrranoid even enabling their words to be translated into Tyrranese." Ron: "Heh, never thought I would see the day when we would come across an alien race that would speak another language rather than otherwise." Kim: "Yeah, I always thought aliens never spoke our language." Sasha: "Anyway, the device happens to be the grand prize on this week's Annihilation Nation." Ron: "Ah…Annihi-what?"

Sasha pulled out a remote and held it up. Sasha: "Here, check it out."

She switched on a preview of the show, on it involved what was in store for participants, which included a massive death course. Ron: "That place contains so many terrifying things and yet that guy was vaporized after taking a few steps." Ratchet: "Another day, another death course." Kim: "Heh! So not the drama."

They were walking out of their quarters and towards their ship. Kim: "Oh, by the way, that vid-comic thing was absolutely terrible." Ron: "Oh, tell me about it, KP. The story itself was so bad, even the narrator was criticizing it." Kim: "Heh, I agree with you. The only decent anything about that comic was the part mentioning the magic 8 ball."

Ratchet began to smile. Ratchet: "Have I ever mentioned how amazingly awesome you guys are?"

Kim and Ron looked at each other then back at Ratchet. Kim: "Uh…you…probably have." Ron: "About Kim more than anything." Ratchet: "Oh! Well, I would have to say the fact that you guys share the same strong resentment towards Qwark that I have makes me feel so lucky to have both of you as such great friends. I couldn't even ask for better ones." Kim: "Awww, why thank you, Ratchet. We're also glad to have you as our friend." Ron: "Oh, yeah, we've never made friends with space aliens, not to mention one that's as awesome as you. You're the man…uh…Lombax…person…" Ratchet: "Thanks, guys."

Clank giggled.

They soon got to their ship, entered it and left for the Annihilation Nation.

It was a long flight, but they were able to arrive at the Annihilation Nation. As soon as they landed and got out, Ron's trembling was noticed by the group at the time. Kim: "Uh…Ron? Are you OK?" Ron: "Th-th-th-this place…this place is…is…IT'S A DEATHTRAP BROADCASTED LIVE!!!!"

Kim and Ratchet looked at each other, they both seemed concerned, if not somewhat annoyed. Ratchet: "Perhaps we should let him sit this one out." Kim: "Agreed."

They looked back at Ron. Kim: "Hey, Ron. How about you stay here and…uh…look after the ship." Ron: "Copy that, KP. Just…don't get killed in there." Kim: "Oh, please, you should know better than to think otherwise. I mean, seriously, no big." Ratchet: "We'll see you soon, Ron."

They both walked into the games together.

Immediately after entering, they were greeted by an announcer who didn't know either of them and insulted them, much to their dismay. They were soon able to run in and start the games. They were both indeed primed.

They rushed through the death course without any problems. There were a few close calls here and there but nothing they weren't able to handle.

As soon as they reached the very end, they were thrown into a battle arena where they fought a many variety of vicious enemies, both creatures and robots alike. They both worked together as a team to fight off all of them. The battles were indeed very tough, but Kim and Ratchet both enjoyed the thrill of the challenge very much.

After all of the battles were won, Ron came rushing in. Ron: "KP! Ratchet! You guys did it!" Kim: "Heh! What did I tell you? So not the drama."

Soon enough, Ratchet was given the gadget that he and the group came for by a female bot named Courtney Gears. He put the gadget on his belt and attempted to turn it on, but nothing happened. Ratchet: "Huh?"

He pressed it repeatedly, but still, nothing was happening. Ratchet: "Hey! It's broken!"

At that moment, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim pulled it out. Wade: "Kim, I may be able to work with something on that device. I just need to have it transferred over to me."

Wade's vendor reappeared, Kim looked at Ratchet. Kim: "Ratchet?"

He pulled it off and tossed it into the vendor. Ratchet: "Here! Take it!"

The device was transported to Wade; he got to work on it immediately. Wade: "OK, now let me see…I should be able to access the motherboard, reconfigure the frequency, reconnect it from my circuit board and…"

Just then, an image of a Tyhrranoid appeared before them. Ron: "Whoa!" Wade: "There you have it; a very realistic holographic image of a Tyhrranoid. Comes complete with realistic movements and sounds to fool any Tyhrranoid." Ron: "That's looks awesome!" Kim: "You've done it again, Wade. Great work." Ratchet: "Do you ever stop rocking, Wade?" Wade: "Kim doesn't think so." Ratchet: "Neither do I."

Clank giggled once again.

Suddenly, Sasha's transmission appeared near them. She became startled as soon as she spotted the Tyhrranoid. Clank: "Do not be alarmed, Sasha. That is just a holographic replica." Kim: "Courtesy of Wade." Sasha: "Oh, I see…what happened to the device?" Ratchet: "It was broken, but Wade managed to chip in and use his tech-savvy know-how to create this image after we transferred the device over to him." Sasha: "Oh, well…thanks…again…for the help, Wade." Wade: "Glad I could do it." Sasha: "Anyway, there's something I need to let you know. Qwark has managed to be…uh…rehabilitated and, you're not going to believe this, the President has put him in charge of the fight against Nefarious." Ratchet: "You can't be serious!" Kim: "Like I said before: imbecile." Sasha: "Our new commander just called his first team meeting. You guys better get back to the Phoenix right away." Kim: "Great…looks like fun times are ahead of us now." Ron: "Well, this isn't good." Rufus: "Oh, no, not good." Wade: "Oh, boy, I wish all of you the best of luck." Ratchet: "Thanks, Wade. Something tells me we're going to need a lot of it during this fight." Kim: "Agreed." Ron: "Ditto."

They returned to the lobby. They then got back into their ship and left to return to the Phoenix.

The group returned to the Phoenix. Upon returning, they immediately attended the meeting on the bridge. They were joined by Sasha and Qwark's monkey. The monkey was dressed in clothes similar to Qwark from the waist up. There were also 3 other people with them, all of them wearing clothes with Qwark's logo on them. Both Kim and Ratchet had discontent looks on their faces. Ron glared suspiciously at the monkey. Qwark: "Ladies and gentlemen! Oh, and…Helga. Welcome to the Q-Force. You have all been assembled here because each of you is an expert in your particular field. From Al's mastery of electronics…"

Kim whispered to Ratchet. Kim: "Wade has that covered." Qwark: "To Skidd's nerves of steel."

Helga touched Skidd, which he didn't like. Ratchet whispered to Kim Ratchet: "You have that covered, Kim." Qwark: "To Helga's sensual powers of seduction. Rrowr!"

Kim and Ratchet continued whispering to each other. Kim: "Neither of us needs that." Ratchet: "Agreed." Qwark: "Each of you has shown that you are worthy to wear the Q." Kim: "I feel sorry for those people." Ratchet: "So do I." Qwark: "Ahem! Now then, if you 2 are done exchanging personal intel, we can get started on the matter at hand. As you all know, several years back, I…single-handedly defeated Dr. Nefarious. But like the rash on the galaxy's back side…" Kim: "Ew!" Qwark: "He has flared up again. And yes, Ms. Palpable, ew is right!" Kim: "It's Possible." Qwark: "Right again! I didn't think so at first, but his return apparently was that: possible!"

Kim slapped herself on the forehead. Ratchet: "Don't worry, Kim, we'll get through this if we stay together." Qwark: "Indeed we will! Our first mission will be to infiltrate the Dr.'s top secret base on Planet Aquatos." Kim: "Oh, so not the drama." Qwark: "Oh, but there will be drama, Ms. Pompadour; lots and lots of drama!" Kim: "Uh, it's Possible." Qwark: "My thoughts exactly, it is indeed possible." Kim: "No, I meant my last name is Possible!" Qwark: "Uh…OK? I'm confused." Kim: "(grunt) Forget it!" Ron: "Geez, this is much more annoying then what I usually go through." Ratchet: "You can write up some name cards and slip them to him later." Qwark: "Now then, behold, my brilliant plan!" Kim: "Oh, this is going to be good."

Qwark's plan was drawn out in childish doodles from crayons. The plan clearly illustrates Ratchet risking his life in an underwater base, something he is greatly appalled with. Clank, however, takes on a very surprising role of working with the monkey. The plan was clearly something that was not to be taken seriously.

After the footage, Ratchet and Ron briefly whispered to each other. Ron: "It's obvious he has it out for you, Ratchet." Ratchet: "Gee, you really think so, Ron?" Kim: "So, let me see if I got this straight, you're sending out Ratchet and Clank on this mission and you're not even going to bother tag along to provide any support?" Qwark: "Of course I'm going to provide support…just not on the field." Kim: "So, you're not going at all." Qwark: "Well…basically…on a dangerous mission such as this, I shouldn't risk my neck when I'm needed to face Dr. Nefarious." Ron: "So…that's a no?" Qwark: "Uh…no…I'm not going." Kim: "Well, then, I am." Qwark: "What? Are you really? You can't be serious! I mean, this is an extremely dangerous mission! This is not an assignment for rookies!" Kim: "If Ratchet is going to risk life and limb, then so am I." Ron: "And if KP is risking her life, then I'm also going to risk mine…even…if I don't want to, but I'm going to, anyway!" Qwark: "But, but…you can't…" Kim: "We're going with him! That is final!"

Qwark seemed staggered by their decisiveness; he was greatly spellbound from the astonishment for a brief moment. Qwark: "Oh…alright, fine. If that's how you feel, then so be it, but your unthinkable demise won't be on me." Kim: "That won't be a problem. Let's go, Ratchet."

The group was about to walk out, but Kim paused for a second. Kim: "Oh, and by the way, Qwark, isn't drawing out your "brilliant" plans with crayons seem kind of, oh, I don't know, childish? You really need to invest on some much more mature writing instruments, or a decent drawing tutor, for that matter."

Ratchet, Clank and Ron laughed; Ratchet gave Kim a high-5. Qwark gave out an unpleasant sneer as the group walked out. Al went after them.

While the group was making their way to the hanger, Al approached them. Al: "Hey, guys, do you have a minute?" Ratchet: "What is it, Al?" Al: "Listen, I urgently need to know how the Qwark vs Nefarious vid-comic series ends. Can you play all of the episodes for me, please?" Kim: "Gee, Al, we would love to endure another few minutes of Captain Bozo's idiotic stories, but we don't have any of the other vid-comic cartridges that contain said series." Al: "Not a problem, I happen to have found a copy of the second episode."

He pulled out the other cartridge and handed it over to Ratchet. Ratchet: "Uh…thanks, Al…" Al: "Don't mention it, now get to it. I really want to see the entire series at its fullest." Ron: "OK, OK, we'll go turn it on." Kim: "Well, this is bound to be a bushel of more fun."

They returned to their quarters where Ratchet switched on the vid-comic and started playing it. The vid-comic consisted of Qwark's first encounter with Dr. Nefarious along with more humorous narration. Although, Dr. Nefarious looked very different from how he appeared at the moment. Ratchet played it to the very end. Kim: "Captain Qwark used crayons back then, too? He seemed just as childish and idiotic way back when then he is now, with that being an understatement." Ron: "Hm…did Dr. Nefarious look kind of different or was I just seeing things?" Clank: "I have noticed it, too, Ron. From what I am able to tell, he was not a robot." Kim: "Yes, he did look as though he used to have been an organic being, so how did he get from that to what he is now?" Ratchet: "Eh, I'm sure we'll find out that when we get our hands on the next vid-comic. Come on, let's leave for Aquatos and get this mission over with."

They rushed over to their ship as fast as they could, left the Phoenix and flew off.

As they were flying through space, they received a call from someone Clank knows very well: the Director of his show. Director: "Clank, buddy, you're killing me!" Kim: "Uh, who's this drama queen?" Ratchet: "(grunt) That's the director of Clank's show." Kim: "Huh! Somehow, I already don't like him." Director: "I'm trying to make a picture and Mr. Bigshot Star is nowhere to be found." Ron: "Is he serious?" Ratchet: "Unfortunately, he is." Clank: "I am sorry, sir, but I am currently occupied with my friends on a mission of a galactic security. I am afraid I cannot return at the moment." Director: "Right, right, I get it. You want a bigger trailer? Done! You want a daily oil massage? Done! I need my star on the set pronto, capeesh?" Ron: "Uh, is this guy pathetic or some kind of idiot?" Kim: "I'm thinking both." Ratchet: "Bingo!" Director: "And can you tell those juvenile delinquents over there in the back that I can hear every word they're saying?" Ron: "Juvenile!?" Kim: "Delinquents!?" Ratchet: "OK, enough! Sorry, but Clank is too busy right now. Try bothering us some other time!"

Ratchet reached over to the console to shut the transmission off. Director: "Hey! Don't you dare…!"

The screen was shut off. Kim: "Thanks, Ratchet, that guy was seriously getting on my nerves." Ratchet: "No problem; he's hardly worth putting up with." Ron: "You can say that again." Ratchet: "OK, we're almost there. As soon as we arrive, let's stay focused on the task at hand." Kim: "Of course." Ron: "Copy that, Ratchet!" Ratchet: "That's what I like to hear."

They eventually arrived at Planet Aquatos. The ship landed within an underwater base on the ocean floor of the ocean-covered planet. As soon as they got out of the ship, Kim and Ron walked up to a nearby window and looked out at the gorgeous ocean-filled world. Ron: "Whoa…just look at this place, it's amazing." Kim: "I know, we've been to underwater bases, but obviously never one on a planet completely covered in water." Ron: "Yeah, this is kind of cool, although not as impressive as that other planet with the floating platforms and no structures of any kind below its fog-covered surface." Kim: "Yeah, true."

Ratchet walked up to them and stood beside Kim. Ratchet: "Stuff like this still astounds you, doesn't it?" Kim: "Yep." Ron: "Without the doubt." Ratchet: "Hm, no surprise there. Come on, we better get moving before Qwark catches us sightseeing on the job."

Ratchet walked off, Kim and Ron followed after him. Kim: "I hardly care about what that idiot thinks." Ratchet: "I know."

They began their exploration of the underwater base. Shortly after they begin their travels, they ran into Skidd. Kim: "Hey, you're one of those guys we saw back on the Phoenix." Ratchet: "Skidd, what are you doing here?" Skidd: "My code-name is "Shadow-Dude." Remember it well, dudes and dudette." Kim: "Uh…OK?" Ron: "So, what's happenin'?" Skidd: "Well, black-ops are my es-speciality. I figured you guys could use my help." Kim: "Thanks, but no thanks, we can handle things ourselves." Skidd: "Alright, I'll just take my Hacker and go back to the ship. Ron: "Whoa, hold on a sec., another cool alien device? How does it work?" Kim: "Ron." Ron: "What? He has a really cool looking piece of alien tech. I'd like to see how that thing is used." Ratchet: "Ron, you may have a point but I don't think…" Ron: "Roger that, Shadow-Dude, you can stay if you would show off that cool device, right, guys?"

Kim and Ratchet exchanged looks of discontent with each other. Skidd waited in anticipation for their answer. Ratchet: "(sigh) Alright, you can come with us." Skidd: "Awesome! This is gonna be sick!"

He rushed off as the rest of the group stood by for a bit. Ron: "You know, that guy is awesome!" Ratchet: "Ron, you can be infuriating from just trying to understand you sometimes." Kim: "Well, so far, he seems a lot more helpful than Qwark, that's for sure. At least he was able to come all the way here to help us out." Ratchet: "Yeah, but…(sigh) you…have a good point there, Kim."

They went off after him. As they continued on, they found that Skidd was, in fact, very helpful. The entire place was filled with gross-looking mucus-like creatures called Ameboids. The group saw those creatures in the latest vid-comic they received. Kim: "Ew, these things look even more gross than in that vid-comic." Ratchet: "Hm…it did mention that these things were manufactured by Dr. Nefarious. This would have to be his base." Clank: "Ron, you do not seem revolted or even frightened by these creatures in any way." Ratchet: "Don't tell me; it's because they aren't monkeys, right?" Ron: "Yep, that's exactly right." Ratchet: "(grunt) Ron! Seriously!?" Kim: "Good thing Qwark didn't pair up Ron with that one-eyed monkey; that's probably the only thing that he didn't do wrong." Ratchet: "Heh! You would be right about that, Kim."

They kept going until they reached the last chamber of the facility. Skidd was spooked very easily by the sound of an unknown voice. He ran towards a nearby warp pad and dove on to it, warping out of the room. The group recognized the mysterious voice as a shady person they encountered during their previous adventure. They made their way towards a submarine near them and drove it to another part of the underwater base.

As soon as they arrived, Clank spotted an air duct nearby. Clank: "There is the ventilation shaft." Kim: "So, this is where you need to part ways from us and get started on your part of this mission." Clank: "That is correct, Ms. Possible." Ratchet: "OK, while you do that, we'll work on getting through this place with the help of Wade's holographic Tyhrranoid."

Kim pulled out the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade?" Wade: "I'm on it, Kim."

With a few clicks of the keyboard, a holographic image of a Tyhrranoid appeared before them. Clank: "Best of luck, you guys."

Clank crawled through the ventilation shaft and got on working his part of the area. He managed to meet up with the monkey a little after arriving.

Elsewhere, Ratchet, Kim and Ron worked with Wade's Tyhrranoid hologram to navigate through their section of the facility. Clank did the same with his section; both sides were also able to work together at least once.

It took a while, but the group was able to reach the last chamber, which appeared to be Dr. Nefarious' office. Ratchet walked up to the office chair while holding out his wrench as it faced away from him. As he got close to it, it quickly turned around, revealing that Clank was sitting on it. Clank: "(giggle) What took you guys so long?" Kim: "Clank? What are you doing here?" Ratchet: "Weren't you supposed to meet us back at the ship like we had planned?" Clank: "I thought I would stay to lend a hand." Ron: "Did you manage to get rid of the monkey after getting here?" Clank: "Do not worry, Ron, the monkey has left the facility after I have finished working with it." Ron: "Oh, thank goodness." Kim: "Well, if you would like to help out, you could search through this entire office with us."

Ratchet looked to his side and noticed something. Ratchet: "Hey, what's this?"

He walked up to a shelf containing hundreds of CD cases of Clank's show. Ratchet: "Huh, guys, take a look at this."

He pulled one of the cases off the shelf. Ratchet: "It's the complete Secret Agent Clank holovid set."

Kim walked up to the shelf and looked at it. Kim: "Hm…it does look as though he has a lot of them." Ratchet: "Hey, Clank, this guy is your biggest fan." Clank: "That is rather disturbing." Ron: "Disturbing? The creep factor is at a major high level here." Rufus: "Whoa…creep factor!" Kim: "Did you manage to find anything on the computer, Clank?" Clank: "Yes, I have downloaded an encrypted star map. Perhaps we can have Al decode it." Ratchet: "Good idea." Kim: "Wade would also like to look into it." Ratchet: "Great! Let's get back to the Phoenix."

They make their way to a nearby sewage drop and jumped in.

After a very long fall, they wound up within the sewage system of the entire facility. After taking a dip through the nasty green sewer water, they soon ran into Lilo and Stitch again. Ratchet: "Lilo? Stitch? What are you guys doing here?" Lilo: "Oh, it's you guys. We're still on the lookout for that experiment we were searching for earlier. It eluded us on that jungle planet and we managed to track it here." Ron: "In here of all places?" Lilo: "Yeah…I was just as shocked and appalled as all of you." Stitch: "Iky! Blech!" Ratchet: "Heh, no surprise there. So, your elusive experiment ended up here, huh?" Kim: "By the way, you haven't told us what this experiment was. Can you tell us what it is?" Lilo: "Certainly. It's Experiment 597, it can generate high-quality gemstones effortlessly" Stitch: "Hm? Ita mitay!"

They looked over and noticed something within the tunnels. They rushed over immediately, they noticed right away that there were massive amounts of crystals which was nearly obstructing the tunnel. Ron: "Whoa, just look at these crystals!"

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket and noticed this too. Rufus: "Whoa…" Clank: "I would believe this is your experiment's doing, is it not, Miss Lilo?" Lilo: "I would think so, too, Clank. No! This is undoubtedly the work of Experiment 597! Stitch?"

Stitch sniffed around for a bit. Stitch: "Ih! Cousin!" Ratchet: "It's still here, isn't it?" Lilo: "I would think so. Stitch, can you find it?"

Stitch sniffed around a bit more. Stitch: "This way!"

Stitch rushed off as the other followed after him.

They kept on going until Stitch stopped and growled out at something. The others stopped to notice what it was. Lilo: "Aha! We finally found you! You won't get away this time, Experiment 597!"

The experiment tried producing more crystal to elude them but Ratchet managed to smash through them with the use of his wrench. They kept on the chase and with some strategic teamwork, they were able to apprehend and contain it. Lilo: "Alright! We finally got you, Experiment 597!" Stitch: "Yeah! Chika! Kaboonboon!" Ratchet: "Great, you finally caught your experiment, but now we have another problem."

They looked outward and noticed the tunnels were nearly covered in crystals. Ratchet: "This entire place is nearly coated in crystals." Stitch: "Crabba no pugy." Lilo: "Guess we have a huge mess to clean up. Let's get to it, Stitch." Stitch: "(sigh) OK, they could be worth a lot." Lilo: "I was thinking the same thing." Kim: "You guys wouldn't mind if we help out, would you?" Lilo: "Not at all. The more the merrier." Ratchet: "OK, let's do it."

And with that, they got started on clearing out the entire sewer. It was a lot of work and very time consuming at that, but they were able to clear out the sewer of all the crystals. Lilo: "Phew, that sure took a lot of time and effort, but we did it. Mahalo again for helping us out." Ron: "No problem. We're always happy to help you guys out." Clank: "(giggle) Well put, Ron." Ratchet: "So, any ideas on whether or not these crystals are worth anything?" Lilo: "Not a clue. Stitch?"

Stitch grabbed one of the crystals, tossed it into his mouth and started chomping on it. He then made a shocked grimace then spat it out afterwards. Stitch: "Yuck! Naga value!" Lilo: "What? They're completely worthless!?" Kim: "Well, that's anticlimactic." Clank: "Not necessarily."

He grabbed another one of the crystals and observed it very closely. Clank: "Although less than insufficient in monetary value, the molecular structure of these crystals are unfamiliar to me. Quite fascinating, indeed."

The Kimmunicator went off again. Kim pulled it out. Wade: "I also find them to be very interesting. If you wouldn't mind, I would also like to have you guys send me all of those crystals so that I can examine them more closely."

Wade's vendor reappeared. Kim: "Sure, Wade, you can have them. They're useless to the rest of us."

The entire group placed all of the crystals into the vendor, they were all transported to him immediately. Kim: "There, that should be all of them. Let us know if you need anything else from us." Wade: "Same to you."

Kim put the Kimmunicator away. Ratchet: "Come on, let's get out of this place, I don't want to stay here another minute." Kim: "Me neither, I need a shower after falling into that disgusting sewer water." Lilo: "We better get going. Jumba and Pleakley are probably worried sick about us. It was great seeing you again." Ratchet: "Yeah, same here. See you later." Lilo: "OK, bye." Stitch: "Bye."

The group separated from Lilo and Stitch as they left the sewer and made their way back to their ship. They exited the underwater base and flew back to the Phoenix.

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