The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Lombax Secret - Chapitre 2

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As Clank was knocked out, he dreamt of flying above an unknown city. Shortly afterwards, a mysterious robot appeared before him and approached him. It pointed towards a large, domed building. Robot: "His past is inside."

It flew towards the building, Clank followed after it.

Shortly afterwards, Clank woke up on a strange planet. He looked around for a bit before looking towards Ratchet. Ratchet: "Clank! CLANK! Are you OK?"

Clank got himself up. Clank: "What…happened?" Ratchet: "You were knocked out for a minute there." Clank: "I am…fine…" Kim: "Really? Are you sure?" Clank: "Yes, Miss Possible. I am positive. Where are we?" Ratchet: "Beats me." Kim: "The ship crashed on to this unknown planet while we were unconscious. It must have run out of fuel while it was on autopilot." Ratchet: "Well…this has been one interesting day." Kim: "So, how are we going to get off of this planet?" Ratchet: "Don't know. Hopefully, we should be able to find another ship. Come on, let's try to find one and get back to Kerwan."

And with that, they walked off.

They traveled further on to the planet. It was a swamp filled jungle brimming with many hostile creatures. Some were more lethal than others. The trek through was less than easy to say the least. Regardless, the 3 travelers were able to handle themselves quite well through the murky terrains.

Along the way, they could hear the sound of the Kimmunicator’s chime going off. Kim lifted up her right arm and tended to a small device on her wrist. Ratchet: “Hey, is that a new Kimmunicator?” Kim: “Yep, Wade built it several weeks back.” Ratchet: “It looks really cool; it’s also much more compact than that clunky handheld device you used to have.” Kim: “Uh…right…”

She switched on the device. Kim: “Hey, Wade, what’s the sitch?” Wade: “Kim! What happened to you? Everyone’s been worried about you, Ratchet and Clank ever since they heard about that attack on Metropolis!” Kim: “Uh…yeah…long story short, Metropolis was invaded by some emperor brat who wanted to kill Ratchet. We were able to escape on his ship and now we’re stranded on some other alien planet.” Wade: “Whoa…sounds as though you guys have had a rough day.” Ratchet: “That would be putting it lightly, Wade.” Wade: “Well…do you guys have any idea where you are?” Kim: “Don’t know; hopefully not too far from Kerwan.” Wade: “I’ll look into that. At least you guys are alright, for the most part.” Ratchet: “Yeah, for now, but knowing our luck, something else will come around and try to kill us.” Wade: “In other words, same old song and dance.” Ratchet: “Yeah…exactly.” Wade: “As always, I’m willing to help out any way I can.” Clank: “That would be most appreciative, Wade.” Kim: “Can you tell everyone back at home that we’re OK?” Wade: “Will do, Kim. Your parents will still worry about you guys, but they’ll be relieved to know that you’re not dead.” Kim: “Thanks.” Ratchet: “By the way, that is a really cool new Kimmunicator, Wade.” Wade: “Why, thanks, Ratchet. I’m glad you like it. The other Kimmunicator was…kind of dying. Fixing it wouldn’t have been worth it anymore, so I decided to build a new one; I even made it to be much more compact than the previous one.” Ratchet: “Good on you to do that. I like that it is more compact.” Wade: “Thanks. I’ll inform Mr. and Mrs. Possible of what’s been happening to you guys. I’ll talk to you again soon.”

Kim turned off the Kimmunicator and proceeded on with Ratchet and Clank.

As they continued on, they ran through more dangers and more vicious creatures. This really was nothing new to them. They braved a lot of the dangers of the swamps and persisted on without any hesitation. It took a lot of their special skills to get through all of it and they have yet to fail these tenacious travelers.

At one point during their journey, they caught a break from all the dangers of the foreboding and treacherous swamps. Through that opportune and temporary respite, they had their chance to talk amongst each other. Kim: “So…any ideas on what this Tachyon guy has against you?” Ratchet: “Beats me. He just met us and already he’s claiming to be my enemy.” Kim: “Hm…he seems to have some kind of grudge against Lombaxes. I wonder what they did that caused him to hate them so much.” Ratchet: “I have no clue about that at all; all I know is I’ve been the only Lombax nearly my whole life.” Kim: “Hm…you know something? You…have been like the only Lombax around; aside from that other one we met a few years back. What could have happened to the other members of your race?” Clank: “Hmm…Is there a chance that we may find out?” Ratchet: “Right now, all I care about is finding a way off of this planet.” Kim: “Same here. We’ll figure out the other stuff afterwards.”

They kept on going until they were able to find a spaceport. Ratchet: “Whoa…guys, check this out. It’s a spaceport!”

They looked outward towards it in amazement. Kim: “Well…how about that…an actual spaceport on this murky, swamp-infested jungle planet.” Clank: “Yes, ask and you shall receive. We may be in luck.” Ratchet: Come on, let’s go see if we can find ourselves another spaceship and finally leave this planet.”

They rushed towards the spaceport at great speed. They were then stopped as soon as they heard an announcement of sorts. Announcer: “Attention, citizens of Cobalia. The Imperial Defense Force reports that a Lombax has infiltrated the star sector. The empire expects your full cooperation in neutralizing this threat to our security.” Kim: “Whoa, this place also seems to have a thing against Lombaxes.” Ratchet: “Huh, you don’t say.” Clank: “Hm…correct me if I am mistaken, but I have just heard “empire” to be mentioned by that announcer.” Ratchet: “I heard it, too, Clank. And our new enemy just called himself “emperor”. I’m starting to suspect that neither of these are a coincidence.” Kim: “Yeah, hardly. I’m guessing that we may have fallen into that emperor brat’s territory.” Ratchet: “I think so, too, Kim. Hm…something tells me that we’re very, very far away from Kerwan.” Kim: “I was afraid of that…”

They made their way further into the spaceport. Along the way, they ran into a shady man arguing with a small, round parrot with tiny wings and a massively loud voice. Clank: “Is everything alright, sir?” Man: “Oh, well, don’t mind us, we’re just a couple of humble smugglers, unfairly hunted and persecuted wherever we go.” Kim: “Uh-huh…yeah, where I come from, “humble smugglers” is sort of an oxymoron, so I find that hard to believe, but what do I know about smugglers from other worlds?” Smuggler: “Well, aren’t you a snarky lil’ lady? And yet for some reason, I like you already.” Kim: “I’m charmed. So, what seems to be the trouble with you?” Smuggler: “Oh, nothin’, it’s just the Imperials have shut down the planet’s Gelatonium Plant, it’s seems they could be…lookin’ for someone.” Kim: “We, uh…wouldn’t know anything about that.” Ratchet: “Well…I don’t know anything about this plant or the Imperials for that matter, but we’re kind of stranded here. Our ship crashed all the way back and uh…” Parrot: “Bawrk! Kill em! Sell their kidneys! Bawrk!”

Kim made a disturbed grimace. Smuggler: “Stranded, hm? I’ll tell ya what, I’ll make a deal with all of you. You get the pumps in that there plant workin’ again and we’ll uh…procure a vessel for ya.” Ratchet: “Well, it’s not like we have anything better to do at the moment, so…I suppose we can help you out.” Smuggler: “Terrific! Here.”

He tossed a large device towards them. Smuggler: “Take this Gelanator; you’ll need it.”

With the Gelanator in hand, they made their way into the plant. Kim: “You know, I really don’t like that guy’s tone, but if this empire that’s being run by that brat who tried to kill us shut down this plant, then I’m so itching to seriously get on his nerves.” Ratchet: “Me, too, Kim. This should be fun.”

They made their way into the plant, almost immediately, the announcer could be heard. Announcer: “Attention, citizens. This plant has been shut down by order of Emperor Tachyon. You are trespassing on Imperial property.” Kim: “Like we care about the Imperial’s dumb rules.” Ratchet: “Come on, guys, let’s go break some more rules.” Kim: “Heh! Gladly.”

They rushed through the place, fighting through hazard after hazard that attempted to derail their advances multiple times. They managed to reach the first of the main machinery. They toggled with it for a bit, turning on one of the Gelatonium Pumps. Announcer: “Gelatonium Pump restored. Plant operating at 50%. We must remind you that you are defying an Imperial Direct Degree. Desist at once.” Ratchet: “You hear that, Kim? We’re violating one of their rules.” Kim: “Hm, that we are; we must be doing something right. Let’s keep at it.” Ratchet: “Thought you’d never ask.”

They continued further into the plant, fighting through more hazards that tried getting in their way. As always, they were able to handle them without any issues. They eventually reached the second and final pump. They toggled with it and turned it back on. Announcer: “Gelatonium Plant restored to 100%. Emperor Tachyon will be most displeased.” Clank: “Ratchet, Miss Possible, we should see that smuggler about that ride he promised us.” Ratchet: “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

They rushed out of the plant as fast as they could and made their way back to the smuggler. Smuggler: “Well, you’ve done a fantastic job with restorin’ this here plant. So, how’s about I give you 3 that ride. But…I’ll only take ya as far as Stratus City.” Kim: “Stratus City? Where is that exactly?” Smuggler: “You mean you don’t know where the city is?” Ratchet: “We’ve never even heard of it before.” Smuggler: “Hm…you’re not from around here, are ya?” Clank: “No, we are not.” Smuggler: “Well then, hop in and I’ll tell ya whatever ya need to know.”

They got into the Smuggler’s ship along with the Smuggler himself. They then took off and left the planet

They took on a long flight through space, which seemed to have them going at light speed. They were eventually able to reach a planet named Kortog. There, they flew through the skies above Stratus City. Kim, Ratchet and Clank sat in the cargo hold directly behind the Smuggler as he drove his ship. Kim: "So, let me get this straight: we're in the Polaris Galaxy?" Smuggler: "That's right, lil lady." Ratchet: "And Tachyon owns everything in it?" Smuggler: "Pretty much. Ironic, ain't it, the one Cragmite they didn't vaporize comes back to oppress the galaxy." Kim: "They?" Clank: "Pardon me, but who are "they"?" Smuggler: "Huh, you really aren't from around here. The Lombaxes!" Kim: "The…Lombaxes?" Smuggler: "Yes! They vaporized a whole lot of the Cragmites years ago and left their home planet nothin' but an empty hunk of dirt." Parrot: "AWK! All hail the Lombaxes! Saviors of the Universe! AWK!" Kim: "Hm, so that's why Tachyon hates Lombaxes so much. That heinous twerp invaded the galaxy we were in and tried to kill our friend over he…"

Ratchet immediately used his hand to cover her mouth before she could even finish her sentence and shushed her. Computer Voice: "Attention, transport vessel: a bioscan has revealed that a Lombax is aboard your ship. Standby for immediate disintegration." Parrot: "AWK! Ditch the Lombax! Nothin' but trouble! Nothin' but trouble!" Kim: "Perhaps you should just drop us off here." Smuggler: "Why, certainly, lil lady."

He pulled a lever that was directly near him, causing a latch below the group to open. They fell right through and plummeted towards the city below.

Despite being very high above the city, they were able to land safely. However, it wasn't all good news. Voice: "He's touching down in Sector 1. Send in all available drop-in units." Kim: "Well, that's just great. They've managed to follow us here." Ratchet: "Uh, well, we are in their territory, so of course they were able to follow us." Kim: "Yes, of course, that does make sense."

Just then, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim answered it. Kim: "Yeah, Wade?" Wade: "Guys, I've been looking into your current location and…I hate to tell you this, but everything that smuggler just told you was true; you're in another galaxy and it is named Polaris." Kim: "Whoa, we're a lot more than far from Kerwan; we're not even in the same galaxy as it." Wade: "I know, that cruiser you guys hitched a ride on must have set a course for back to where it came from." Ratchet: "Well, that goes without saying." Wade: "That's not even the half of it." Ratchet: "Let me guess, it has something to do with that Tachyon guy, right?" Wade: "That would be an understatement. He is a self-proclaimed emperor of the entire galaxy. He controls the entire sector that you guys are in now. I managed to hack into the computer of the cruiser that you guys just stole and found out a heck of a lot about him. He is a member of an alien race known as the Cragmites; the entire race was said to be wiped out by the Lombaxes; the same race as you, Ratchet."

All eyes looked directly towards Ratchet, who was obviously concerned. Ratchet: "Was…was this because the Cragmites wanted to dominate the entire Universe?" Wade: "Yes and from what I was able to find out, the Cragmites were power hungry and very ruthless. They tried to take over the galaxy and eventually go as far as ruling the entire Universe, but the Lombaxes stopped them and perhaps even vaporized them. Apparently, Tachyon is the only surviving member of the race." Kim: "But why is that? How did he survive? And what of the Lombaxes; do you know where they are?" Wade: "I'm afraid I haven't found the answers to any of those questions. What I just told you guys is all I know. The nature of all of this is a complete mystery; how the Lombaxes eradicated all of the Cragmites, how Tachyon survived, all of it. I can't even pick up on any bio-readings of them." Ratchet: "Guess we'll just have to find out all of this for ourselves." Wade: "I'll keep looking into this and see if I can find anything else. Oh and one other thing: Kim, I told your parents about the situation that you, Ratchet and Clank are in. They're relieved to hear you guys are OK, but they are worried for you." Kim: "Well, that's to be expected." Wade: "And…also?"

Wade seemed hesitant to finish what he was about to say. Kim: "Huh? What is it, Wade?" Wade: "It's about Ron." Ratchet: "Oh, no, what is it this time?" Wade: "After I informed everyone at home of what's been happening, he…well…he…hitched a ride on one of Dr. Possible's specially made spacecrafts and…he's heading for the Polaris Galaxy as we speak." Kim: "What!? He's heading here now!? You can't be serious!" Wade: "Believe me, I wish I wasn't." Ratchet: "That crazy lunatic! He's done some idiotic things before, but this is just…(grunt)" Clank: "Yes, this is indeed very worrisome." Kim: "Looks like we'll have to keep an eye out for him…or wherever he crashes…let's go."

Kim shut off the Kimmunicator and they rushed out towards the city at great speed.

As they made their way through, they fought off many of the Imperial Forces that have been attacking and pursuing them relentlessly. Despite there being a lot of them, the group was able to fight through them with very little issues. Throughout the city were jumbo screens containing Tachyon making speeches constantly. There was no doubt that Tachyon was in control of the entire city. These constant speeches greatly irritated the group. Kim has had an incredibly powerful urge to smash the jumbo screens, so she did, much to Ratchet's amusement. However, it was greatly frowned upon by the Imperials and they were being targeted even more because of it. Kim became just as much a prime target as Ratchet.

As they reached a particular area, Clank began to notice something. Clank: "Ratchet? Miss Possible?" Kim: "What is it, Clank?" Clank: "Those creatures…"

He was able to see the strange robots much like the one he saw in his dream. They pointed directly towards a specific direction. Clank: "They are telling us to go towards that building."

Kim and Ratchet looked towards the same direction, but they couldn't see the robots at all. Ratchet: "Creatures? What creatures?"

The Kimmunicator made a strange noise; Kim went to check on it. Ratchet: "Did you get your wires crossed on that crash?"

He walked off. Kim was busy checking on the Kimmunicator. Suddenly, the strange robots surrounded Clank. They lifted him up. Kim stopped checking on the Kimmunicator, looked up and noticed this occurring. Ratchet turned back around and noticed Clank with a new set of wings. Clank attached himself back on to Ratchet's back. Ratchet: "Clank, have you been modifying yourself in private?" Clank: "Absolutely not and I do not care much for your tone."

Kim giggled a little. Ratchet seemed a bit annoyed. Ratchet: "Alright, you 2, let's just…get going already."

Ratchet lifted up and flew off, Kim followed after him on her jetpack. Kim: "Uh…where are we going?" Ratchet: "Don't know, why don't you ask Clank?" Clank: "Ratchet." Voice: "The Lombax is airborne. He's heading for the Hall of Knowledge." Kim: "Did you guys hear that?" Clank: "I did, apparently there is a specific location that we are being taken to." Ratchet: "By who? The imaginary creatures?" Kim: "Alright, that's enough out of you."

They kept on flying through the city until they were able to reach the Hall of Knowledge. Kim: "So, this must be the Hall of Knowledge." Voice: "The Lombax has penetrated our defenses and infiltrated the Hall of Knowledge." Ratchet: "Uh…I would say…that's a yes." Voice: "Lock it down and run him out before he accesses classified information." Kim: "Come on, let's hurry and seek out that "classified information" before we get blasted again." Ratchet: "Yeah…let's get to that…"

They rushed in as fast as they could. As they made their way through the entire place, they were faced with more enemies and other hazards that made the stroll through anything but simple. Along the way, they listened in on a computer voice. Computer Voice: "Attention, citizens, you have entered the Hall of Knowledge without authorization. Knowledge has been declared contraband by order of Emperor Tachyon. Any attempt to learn while on premises will result in permanent confinement in Zordoom prison." Kim: "Sounds like whatever is in here is something that Tachyon doesn't want anyone to know about." Ratchet: "Come on, let's find out what that is."

They went further in, but not without being interrupted again. Computer Voice: "Attention, citizens, the knowledge in this hall is protected by traps and puzzles so deviously complex they will fuse your neural pathways should you attempt them. For your own safety, turn back immediately." Kim: "Oh, so not, I can handle a few challenging puzzles." Ratchet: "Well said, Kim."

They continued on through, they seemed to have handled a lot of the traps and puzzles quite well, solving and surpassing them with ease. Computer Voice: "Attention, citizens, you appear to be more clever than we anticipated, but the security measures of this level of the facility are far more devious than the last. Spare yourself the object humiliation of failure and turn back now." Kim: "OK, this computer voice is really getting on my nerves." Ratchet: "Just ignore it; we have to keep going."

They rushed through some more. Along the way, things have gotten even tougher. Despite all of that, they were able to manage them and kept on going. Computer Voice: "Attention citizens, this is your final warning. The knowledge contained in this hall has been classified as a threat to the Empire. Any attempt to enter the Imperial Map Room will result in a very painful and irreversible death." Kim: "Whatever, we don't scare so easily." Ratchet: "Let's keep at it; we should be there soon."

They continued on fighting through and made their way into a ventilation shaft, they crawled through it without stopping. Voice: "He's in the ventilation shaft. We can not allow the Lombax access to the data-banks." Kim: "What could be in the map room that the Empire doesn't want us to know about?" Ratchet: "Guess we'll find out soon."

After they fought through more enemies, they arrived within the map room. Many enemies were waiting for them. They blasted away at the group but they were able fight off all of them with very little problems. After the fight, everything calmed down. Kim: "Glad that's over with."

Clank went over to a console and checked on the data-banks. Ratchet: "So, why are we here again?"

At that moment, they saw holographic images of a few planets. Clank immediately took notice of one of them. It was a sandy-colored planet. Clank: "Hm…Planet Fastoon…interesting…" Ratchet: "What's so special about that planet?" Clank: "According to the database, it is a Lombax planet."

Both Ratchet and Kim were startled from the news. Kim: "A…Lombax planet…?"

Just then, they heard sounds of more of the Imperial Forces trying to break into the map room. Ratchet and Kim made a run for it towards an escape pod directly outside. Ratchet: "Download the coordinates. We'll take the escape pod!" Clank: "But…Ratchet, the database also says…" Ratchet: "There's no time for that! Come on, we have to get out of here!"

Clank hesitated for a bit, but then rushed out. As soon as the Imperial Forces were able to break in, Kim, Ratchet and Clank boarded an escape pod and took off.

They flew through space in the pod. It was another long flight and the cramped pod made it seem even longer. Eventually, they were able to arrive at the Planet Fastoon. They flew towards a run down, empty city on the planet's surface. Computer Voice: "You are now entering Fastoon."

The pod prepared itself to land. Computer Voice: "Touching down in 5, 4…"

The pod then landed on the ground suddenly before it finished counting down. Computer Voice: "Oops! 3-2-1!"

They stepped out; they seemed a bit worn down. Kim: "(groan) The only thing worse than how cramped that pod is was the unforeseen rough landing."

She looked out towards the city, shocked and amazed. Kim: "Whoa…just look at this place…" Clank: "Yes…it appears that something terrible happened here." Ratchet: "So…this is the Lombax planet? Where are the Lombaxes? Where is everyone?" Clank: "As I have tried to mention earlier, the planet was deserted years ago." Kim: "What could have happened here?"

Ratchet hesitated for a bit as he tried to process the reality of everything he was seeing. Ratchet: "Come on, let's look around and figure that out for ourselves."

He rushed off, Kim and Clank exchanged concerned looks with one another then went off after him.

As they scurried through the city, the looked around at the devastation it underwent. Ratchet then stopped as soon as something grabbed his immediate attention. Ratchet: "Hey, guys, look!"

He rushed off, Kim and Clank went after him. Kim: "Ratchet!"

They soon found themselves in front of what appeared to be an inactive ship. Kim noticed as Ratchet was despondent from the sight of it. He went up to it and laid his hands on it. Kim and Clank were close by him. Kim: "Ratchet…?"

He remained wordless for a bit. Ratchet: "We have to fix her."

Kim was spellbound a little afterwards. Clank: "Ratchet, we must be practical. Tachyon will find the pod's flight path. He could be here any minute." Ratchet: "Clank, please. I need to fix her…"

Clank could not say another word. Kim: "Hm…actually, this could be of good use to us. We would be able to have our own ship instead of having to hitch a ride each place we go." Ratchet: "Well, there's that, but…also…she could be what's left of the Lombaxes; my own people…"

Kim stood by, she felt sympathetic towards him. Kim: "Yes, I…figured as much…" Clank: "Oh, very well, but I do not know how we will be able to fix it. It looks as though we can not with the way that it is."

Kim switched on the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, are you still there?" Wade: "Kim, where are you? My sensors have indicated that you guys are on another unfamiliar planet." Kim: "Yeah, long story short…again, we hitched a ride on a cramped and impulsive escape pod to this planet called Fastoon after we discovered it and…that it's a Lombax planet." Wade: "Whoa! You discovered a planet that could be the Lombax's home world? What's it like? Did you find other Lombaxes?" Kim: "Uh…no, just a deserted, rundown and totally wrecked city, but that's beside the point. Think you can help us with something?" Wade: "I…can try? What do you need?" Kim: "Well, Ratchet managed to find a very old Lombax ship and he seems to be very adamant with repairing it. Do you think it's doable?" Wade: "Let me take a look at it."

Kim gave Wade a chance to look into the ship. Wade: "Hm…the ship itself seems a bit broken down…and barely functional, but seems very well put together, for the most part." Kim: "But can it be fixed?" Wade: "It may no longer be functioning, but it is salvageable." Kim: "Really? That's great!" Ratchet: "Any ideas on how we should fix it, Wade?" Wade: "I'm picking up readings from a few pieces of Lombax technology. We could use them to repair it and return it to its old self; perhaps even better." Kim: "Can you find where they are?" Wade: "They're scattered throughout the entire area. I've managed to track all of them down." Ratchet: "Thank you, Wade. Come on, let's go retrieve those parts."

They rushed off and went searching the area. They spent a good chunk of time searching the place. They were able to find some of the parts needed to repair the ship. However, there was only one part that they couldn't retrieve, which was in the Raritanium Mine. There was no way in except for one crawl space, which was large enough for only Clank to crawl through. So he did just that.

As soon as he entered, he encountered the mysterious robots again. As he got near them, they reacted and responded to his presence by saying "Zoni", which was apparently what they were called. The Zoni followed him through the mine. Along the way, they helped him through with the use of their unusual abilities such as lifting things with telekinesis of sorts, including Clank himself.

As soon as he got close to the end of the mine, they surrounded him and shined a bright flash of light which was inserted into him. From this light, he saw an image of a dark world as well as many dark creatures shrouded in black that were very difficult to distinguish. Zoni: "They will return."

After the vision, the Zoni were gone and Clank was completely alone. He was able to spot one of the parts for fixing the ship and left the mines.

Directly outside, Kim and Ratchet waited for him. He was able to reunite with them and present them with the final part they needed. Ratchet: "You found it!"

Kim then took notice of the look on Clank's face that seemed unusual. Kim: "You OK, Clank?" Clank: "I am fine. Let us return to the ship."

He walked off, Kim and Ratchet followed after him. Kim: "I'm starting to worry about Clank. Something seems…a bit odd about him." Ratchet: "I see what you mean. He has been acting weird lately." Kim: "Yeah, there is something weird going on, but not with Clank; although it does involve him."

They made their way back to the ship. Ratchet: "OK, I think we have all the parts we need. Let's get to work."

Ratchet got started on fixing up the ship, Kim helped out. Clank helped out a little but then stepped out afterwards.

Almost an hour has gone by; Clank was standing by, nearly half asleep. Kim and Ratchet were just about finished up. Kim: "There, done. Hope this works."

They got on to trying to start it up. It made a dull noise, but then that noise got louder. Ratchet: "Yes…Yes? Yes! It's working!"

The ship was able to lift itself off of the ground. Kim and Ratchet embraced each other in excitement. Kim: "This is incredible! I can't believe we actually pulled it off!" Ratchet: "I know! We did it, Kimberly! Uh, I mean, uh, Kim. Heh, heh!" Ship: "Miserable little Drophyds! I can't believe they used seeker ammo. Oh, what a bunch of cheats! Oh! A Lombax…I thought I'd never see one again. Thanks for repairing me." Ratchet: "Uh, no problem." Kim: "Uh…this ship…it just talked…"

Ratchet looked at her in a concerned and irritated manner. Ratchet: "I'm guessing you don't see anything like this on you planet." Kim: "Actually…I haven't seen a talking vehicle since that one mission involving Dr. Freeman, that scientist that installed artificial intelligence into his car as well as all of his electronic appliances." Ratchet: "You met a scientist on Earth who installed AI into his appliances? That sounds like one really bizarre human being."

Just then, the Kimmunicator went off. Kim answered it. Wade: "Kim, Ratchet, Clank, I've just picked up on something. There's been a shuttle crash on a distant planet called Murow. You guys may need to check it out." Kim: "Of course, let's go." Ship: "Ah, yes, let us get going posthaste."

They got themselves into the ship. Clank sat on the other end of Ratchet, Kim sat directly in the middle. They took off and flew away.

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