The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Lombax Secret - Chapitre 5

Chapter 5-Testing a Lombax's Patience

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After another long flight, they arrived at the Planet Viceron. There, they flew through the skies above Zordoom. Suddenly, Wade appeared on the screen that was on the dashboard. Wade: "Guys, are you there?" Kim: "Go, Wade, we're listening." Wade: "I just finished scanning Zordoom and what Clank just said to you guys was right; Talwyn is currently being held there." Ron: "See? What did I tell ya? I knew that Clank was right!" Ratchet: "What now? Are you going to say that Clank was right about the Zoni, too?" Wade: "Something like that. I've been picking up on some unusual readings a few times during your journey." Ratchet: "And are those "unusual readings" coming from Clank?" Wade: "No, but they are involved with Clank." Ron: "How long have you been noticing this, Wade?" Wade: "Since Stratus City. It happened around the same time that Clank mentioned noticing some unusual creatures."

Ratchet seemed very tense from listening to all of this. Kim: "But Ratchet and I didn't see anything like that at the time." Wade: "I know that it seemed that way, but believe me, there was something there. I have also been picking up these readings from the Raritanium Mines on Fastoon, the Apogee Space Station and back at the IRIS supercomputer." Ratchet: "You've got to be kidding me." Clank: "But what does all of this mean? What do the Zoni want with me?" Wade: "Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe they've been communicating with you since you seem to be the only one who can see them." Clank: "Hm…perhaps you are right about that, Wade. It seems that I am the only one who can see them." Kim: "But what are the Zoni trying to tell us? It would seem that they have something important that they want to say." Clank: "They are trying to tell us that something terrible is going to happen unless we eradicate the Dimensionator." Ratchet: "OK! That's it! I don't think you guys have any idea what you're talking about! Seriously!? Are you going to play on some assumption that these creatures that Clank claims to be seeing are real!?" Wade: "These aren't assumptions, Ratchet, I've been looking over this data very carefully; they fit together all too well to be fabrications. How else did you come across the Hall of Knowledge that led you to Fastoon? How did Clank receive those unusual upgrades? You should be able to realize that none of this is a coincidence." Ratchet: "I'll…I'll think about it."

He reached his hand out towards the console and turned the screen off. Ratchet: "You guys really don't believe any of this, do you?"

Kim, Ron and Clank exchanged concerned looks without saying anything. Ratchet took notice of their silence as a sign that they are holding back something they didn't want to tell him. Ratchet: "Oh, no, don't tell me you actually do." Kim: "OK, we won't."

Ratchet was clearly frustrated. Just then, the screen turned back on and displayed on it was Qwark. Qwark: "Ratchet? I hope I'm not interrupting anything important." Ratchet: "Oh, no, Qwark, just a bunch of trivial nonsense. Did you get the holographic schematics of Zordoom we asked for?" Kim: "Hold on a moment! I asked Wade to get those for us!" Ratchet: "Well, a lot of good that he did; spent too much time chasing after misguided data, so even Qwark would be able to beat him to the punch." Kim: "Ratchet!" Qwark: "No need for holograms, Ratchet. I happen to be a skilled schematic artist, trained at the prestigious Kerwan Learning Annex." Kim: "Let me guess, you drew out your "brilliant" schematics with crayons, right? Sounds real helpful." Ratchet: "Well, I, for one, am glad to see that we've been provided with something useful for a change." Kim: "What!?" Ron: "Ratchet!"

On the screen, Qwark showed his "ingenious" drawings of the entire layout of what is to be expected at Zordoom, done in crayons, no doubt. Kim was, unsurprisingly, less than pleased by the drawings. Kim: "As always, his drawings are terrible." Ron: "All of that looked really terrifying. Even the childishness of those pictures didn't take away any of the scare factor." Rufus: "Oh, no…" Ratchet: "I hope you guys are happy. We're risking life and limb at a dangerous prison over the assumption that Talwyn is being held here!" Kim: "But Wade just confirmed that Talwyn IS here!" Ratchet: "Well, don't you think that maybe Wade made a mistake?" Ron: "Impossible! Wade never makes a mistake!" Ratchet: "Well, there's a first time for everything."

Kim and Ron exchanged disheartened and concerned looks with each other.

They soon landed at the prison and got themselves out. Ratchet: "Come on, let's just get this over with."

He walked off, Kim and Ron stood by, still concerned. Ron: "Man, what's gotten into him?" Kim: "I don't know. He's never doubted Wade before, not to mention that he's been awfully rude to Clank and us." Ron: "I don't get it! Why doesn't he believe anything that Wade said about the Zoni? It just doesn't make any sense! Does he just not want to believe anything about them?" Kim: "That seems like an answer that would make any sense. I think…his wanting to find his race has…changed him…" Ron: "Yeah…I think so, too. I don't like it." Kim: "Me, neither."

They walked off after Ratchet. As soon as they caught up with him, Kim switched on the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, where do we go from here?" Wade: "I'm determining where you guys should go based on the viable path to get to Talwyn, however…"

Ratchet folded his arms and groaned as he made a displeased and irritated face. Ratchet: "What is it, this time?" Wade: "I'm…picking up on those unusual readings again." Kim: "Are those from the Zoni?" Wade: "I would say…yes." Ratchet: "Oh, give me a break." Wade: "It's strange, there's a trail leading towards where Talwyn is being held; it's almost as if…they're forming a direct path towards her." Kim: "Then that's where we need to go." Ratchet: "Oh, no, there's no way I'm risking my tail to follow some imaginary path!" Kim: "OK, then, got any better ideas, genius?"

He was about to say something but then hesitated. He folded his arms and looked away. Ratchet: "No…" Kim: "So, let's take the only route that was given to us. Oh, and mind your manners or keep you mouth shut. Let's go, guys."

Kim rushed off, everyone else followed. Ratchet hesitated. He was about to say something again but couldn't and growled out loud instead then followed after them.

And so, they made their way through the entire prison, following the "invisible trail" that Wade picked up on. Ratchet clearly wasn't happy about this and was taking all of his frustration out on the enemy forces. Kim and Ron had been taking notice of this and they were concerned for him, but they made strides to keep quiet about it.

They kept on going through the place until they were able to reach an area containing cells that were being carried through via cables. Kim switched on the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, which one of these cells contains Talwyn?" Wade: "The one that is just coming up should be it." Kim: "Check, we're on it. Let's break her out."

They rushed towards the cell in question and worked together on breaking it open. From there, Talwyn was able to exit from it. Talwyn: "Wow, good going, you guys, never thought you would have it in you." Ratchet: "Are you kidding me? Stuff like this is no big." Kim: "Uh, yeah, so not the drama." Talwyn: "But hold on for a second. How did you guys know I was here?"

They stood by, spellbound for a brief moment. Kim: "It's…complicated to explain. Where are Cronk and Zephyr?" Talwyn: "They were taken to the scrap compress. I'll go over there and free them. You guys need to get yourselves out of here."

She rushed out on her jetpack as fast as she could. The group stood by and watched her. Ron then looked over towards Ratchet. Ron: "In your face, Ratchet! Clank and Wade were right! Booyah!" Rufus: "Booyah!" Ratchet: "Alright, alright, I'll admit it, they were right about Talwyn being here. But that doesn't mean I believe either of them about the Zoni."

Ron was stunted by this. Ron: "But! But! Aw! Come on, man!"

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket and slumped over while moaning. Ratchet: "I still think the whole thing sounds way too far-fetched to be taking seriously, regardless of what Wade had told us." Kim: "Well, I think all of it makes perfect sense! I mean, how else was Clank able to know about Talwyn even being here?" Ratchet: "I don't know. Lucky guess, maybe?"

He walked off. Ron stood by shocked; he then placed his hands on his hips in frustration. Ron: "Lucky guess!? Seriously!? That sounds even more far-fetched than the Zoni thing, even if Clank is delusional!" Kim: "Yeah, seems as though Ratchet really doesn't want to believe that the Zoni are real, but the clues just fit together all too well. Why can't he see that? (sigh) He just…he really isn't himself…"

They walked off after him.

As they continued on, they fought through the prison as they made their stride to return to the ship. It was a tough battle and the enemy forces were really doing everything they could to keep them from escaping. A few times, they had to utilize Rufus and his special skills to help them deal with a few tight spots. Although, a few times, Rufus could sniff out something for some unknown reason; this was something that indeed puzzled the group.

Their escape was hardly easy, but after an extensive amount of time fighting, they were able to arrive back at the ship. There, Talwyn transmitted to them. Talwyn: "Hey, guys, can you hear me?" Kim: "Go, Talwyn, we're listening." Talwyn: "It looks like I was just in time. I found Cronk and Zephyr in the scrap compressor. We'll meet up with you once the coast is clear." Kim: "Copy that. We'll see you soon." Talwyn: "Good luck. Oh and guys? Thanks for coming to my aide." Kim: "Um…I think you have Clank to thank for all of this; he did inform us that you were here." Ratchet: "What!? But…what about me!? I risked my hide just trying to get us through!" Kim: "Uh-huh…tell you what: I'll give you some of the credit as soon as you start believing in what Clank and Wade have been telling us about the Zoni."

Ratchet hesitated for a bit as he gave Kim a nasty look. Ratchet: "Nice try."

Kim gave him a nasty look back. Kim: "Clank is the real hero of this rescue mission; we were just merely assisting him…as-did-Ratchet." Talwyn: "Uh…right…well, thanks again." Ratchet: "How long do plan to keep this up?" Kim: "As long as we need to. If you won't listen to reason, then we won't give you any gratification or credit until you do." Ratchet: "So, now you plan on going all out on me like this? That's just great!" Kim: "Sorry, this is just how it'll be. Oh, and don't think of trying anything funny; we'll go to the extremes if we have to." Ron: "This is for your own good, Ratchet."

Rufus popped up and folded his arms while nodding. Rufus: "Mm, hm!" Ratchet: "(grunt) Let's just get out of here!"

They got back into the ship and left the prison.

During their long flight through space, they flew really close to the Verdigris Black Hole. There, they received a transmission from Cap'n Slag. Cap'n Slag: "Ahoy there, Lombax." Ron: "What!? Aw, man! Not this guy again!" Cap'n Slag: "I hear you settin' course fer Kerchu City. You wouldn't happen to be searchin' for a certain secret, would ye?" Kim: "So what if we are? What of it?" Ratchet: "This dude is really starting to annoy me." Kim: "Ugh! Same here. I say we blast him to bits. Shall we?" Ratchet: "I thought you'd never ask, Kim."

They flew around the entire area, trying to fight off as many of the pirates as they could. As they continued fighting, they spotted the black hole. Ratchet: "Whoa! Hey, guys! Check out that black hole. I think we just found our escape route." Ron: "Oh, no! You really aren't planning on flying into that thing, are you?" Clank: "Oh, dear, why must we choose between certain death and probable death?"

They fought their way through the area and the enemy fleet for quite some time, blasting away at many of the pirates. Before they made their escape, they set course towards something that was very important to the pirates: an outpost stationed on a remote ice moon. Ratchet blasted away at it, completely wrecking it. It was something that he preferred to as a "little parting gift".

He then set course for the black hole and flew directly into it. Within the black hole, they received a transmission from Cap'n Slag that the pirates will be setting a course for Kerchu City. Kim: "Ratchet! Those dang pirates are heading for Kerchu City! We need to hurry!" Ratchet: "I hear ya, Kim. Hang on tight, guys! Here we go!"

They made their way to Kerchu City as fast as they could. After a long flight, they were able to arrive at the Planet Jasindu. There, they landed directly near Kerchu City and got out of their ship. As they just arrived, they immediately took notice of the city being under attack by the pirates. Ron: "Oh, no! Those pirates beat us here and they're already attacking the city!" Kim: "Come on, guys. We have to get to the Dimensionator before those thieving piles of rust beat us to that, too." Ratchet: "You don't have to tell me twice, Kim."

They rushed off as fast as they could. As they made their way through the city, they were faced with many enemies, be it the pirates or the race of furry, mole-like natives known as Kerchus. It was indeed a tough and an enduring run through. Their enemies came out them and bombarded them relentlessly. Regardless, they persisted on and never gave up.

They eventually arrived at a particular spot where everything quieted down. There, they had a chance to look around. Ratchet: "Keep your eyes peeled, guys, it's got to be around here somewhere…"

They looked around for just a bit. At that moment, a large Kerchu showed up on a massive machine. They almost immediately took notice of this. Ron: "AAAAAAHHHHH! SCARY MOLE THING ON A TERRIFYINGLY MASSIVE MACHINE!"

Rufus popped out and screeched after noticing the Kerchu. It shot missiles at them. Kim: "Heads up!"

They managed to dodge the missiles and jumped onto a nearby grind rail. The Kerchu chased after them as they were grinding along the rail. As it chased them, it shot missiles at them continuously. Ron: "KP! RATCHET! THAT THING'S SHOOTING MISSILES AT US!" Kim: "Yeah! We can see that, Ron!"

They proceeded on the rail until they got to a platform where they did battle with it. They seemed to be having a tough time against it at first as it was a very formidable enemy. It shot at them constantly and they made strides to dodge its oncoming attacks. Over time, they were able to persist against the Kerchu and fought back against it. They were eventually able to defeat the massive creature. Ron: "Booyah! Take that, you ugly mole thing!" Rufus: "Booyah!"

Then at that moment, a platform rose within the middle of the scaffolding. On it was the Dimensionator. They looked towards it. Kim: "Is that…the Dimensionator?" Clank: "Hm…interesting, that Kerchu must have been protecting this device."

Ratchet walked over towards the device and marveled at it. Ratchet: "Just look at it, you guys…I've never seen anything like it…"

Ron then turned his head and noticed something that made him nervous. Ron: "Uh…guys?" Ratchet: "This is incredible…"

Kim walked up to it to take a closer look. Kim: "Yes, it does look…uh…fascinating…" Ron: "Guys? Guys?" Ratchet: "(grunt) What is it, Ron!?"

Ratchet turned the other way along with Kim and noticed Cap'n Slag and Rusty Pete to the side. Cap'n Slag: "Avast, ye young scallywags, I see ye have somethin' that belongs to me…Now be a good lad and hand it over." Kim: "OH, I so do NOT think so!" Ratchet: "Ya? Why don't you try to take from us, grog-breath?" Cap'n Slag: "You wouldn't begrudge an ol' pirate his booty, would ye? That'd make ol' Pete here a bit twitchy with the blade."

Pete held Clank in his hand while holding a sword to his throat. Rusty Pete: "Aye, Cap'n. Say the word and it's the locker fer our friend." Ron: "NO! NOT CLANK!"

Cap'n Slag walked over towards the Dimensionator and snagged it. Ratchet: "Hey!" Cap'n Slag: "Try to follow us and I'll gut ye bow to stern."

He walked off; Rusty Pete tossed Clank back towards his friends and walked off with Cap'n Slag. Kim: "Oh, they so won't get away with this!"

Ratchet became incredibly tense. Ratchet: "No…they…won't!"

They rushed back towards their ship as fast as they could. Along the way, Kim switched on the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, those pirate jerks just made off with the Dimensionator. We need you to track them down and find where they're heading." Wade: "Already on it. They're heading for a far off location known as the Ublik Passage. Sending the coordinates now." Ratchet: "Let's go!"

They got back to their ship, took off and flew after the pirates.

After a quick flight through space, they arrived at the Ublik passage. Immediately after landing and jumping out of the ship, they rushed out. Clank: "Ratchet, the situation is getting dire. I am sending a transmission to Cronk's com-unit, requesting assistance." Ron: "I think that sounds like a good idea." Ratchet: "Fine! But I'm not waiting around! We have to get the Dimensionator back before Slag causes any trouble!" Kim: "Hm…something tells me the worst of our problems won't end here." Ratchet: "What are you getting at, Kim!? If you're referring to Tachyon, then I'll see to it that he won't be an issue!" Ron: "Gee, all of a sudden, Tachyon's forces don't seem so frightening anymore." Kim: "I know; they're hardly anything compared to what our friend has become." Ron: "KP, I want the old Ratchet back; I don't like this one at all." Kim: "Me neither, Ron."

They fought through a lot of the pirates and there were a lot of them. Sometimes, they would fight through despite how tough it was and how many there were, other times, they would use Wade's holographic pirate to get through many of the restricted pirate-only areas. All and all, they were able to manage through and they were nearly towards where they needed to be. Clank: "Hm…Captain Slag should be around here somewhere." Kim: "Yeah, for sure, we have to keep going." Ratchet: "Maybe we should follow the smell of stale grog." Ron: "Heh, good one, Ratchet. It's good to see you're still in there, buddy." Ratchet: "What are you going on about, Ron?"

They kept going until a shuttle filled with a hoard of singing pirates came flying in. Kim: "I can hear a lot of bad singing coming from that shuttle. Captain Slag can't be too far off." Clank: "Incoming enemy fire."

That that moment, the shuttle fired at them. Ron: "AAAHHH! THEY'RE FIRING AT US!" Kim: "I can't tell what's worse, the cannons or the singing." Ratchet: "Hm, good thing they didn't convert their bad singing into weapons, otherwise we would be dead within seconds." Ron: "Heh, heh…good one…"

They managed to bring down the shuttle and progressed on. Along the way, they received another transmission from Talwyn. Talwyn: "Ratchet. Kim. Come in." Kim: "Talwyn?" Talwyn: "We got your transmission and we're heading your way now. We'll radio you on approach." Kim: "OK, got it. We'll see you soon." Ratchet: "Is this really necessary?" Kim: "Ratchet…"

As they continued on, they were eventually able to stop near the sounds of Cap'n Slag and Rusty Pete's singing. Kim: "Hm, more bad singing; we must be close."

Soon enough, Cap'n Slag and Rusty Pete appeared before them. Immediately after they were done singing, they noticed the group. Ratchet was greatly agitated. Ratchet: "Give it back, Slag!" Cap'n Slag: "Argh! Ye picked the wrong spot for a fight, ye bilge rats. Perhaps a floggin'll teach ye to meddle in the affairs of the corsairs." Ratchet: "Oh, so not." Kim: "Hey! I was going to say that!" Ratchet: "Sorry, beat you to the punch, Kim. Try to be a little quicker next time."

Kim glanced at him in a very irritated manner. Cap'n Slag: "Rusty Pete. Ready the bilge an' step aside…the rats dine on Lombax tonight."

Kim stepped up. Kim: "Not on my watch, Cap'n Slimeball!"

They fought against Slag in a tough and epic fight. He was shown to be a very formidable foe given his large size. He was most certainly a tremendous challenge to say the least. He bombarded them with a number of different attacks, but the group really gave it their all. They were eventually able to defeat the dreaded pirate.

After the battle, Cap'n Slag's body blew up, leaving just his head. It flew out and landed directly into Rusty Pete's hands. Cap'n Slag: "Aye, oh, the end be near. Oh. Tis beautiful, Pete. A bright light at the end of me dark tunnel. Oh! Wenches! As far as the eye can see…each with a pint of grog and a smile for Ol' Slag. Fare thee well, cruel galaxy, Fare thee well."

Cap'n Slag shut down. Rusty Pete was left sad and devastated. Rusty Pete: "Cap'n? Cap'n?! No! Why? WHYYYYYYYYYYY?" Ron: "Uh…sorry we had to…kill your boss…"

Rusty Pete then dropped the Cap'n's head. Rusty Pete: "Oh, well, what's done is done. I suppose now that you're our new cap'n, you'll be needin' one of them gimmicky names. Let's see now…" Kim: "Uh…what?" Ron: "Well…this is…unexpected…" Ratchet: "Whoa! What? I'm your new captain?" Rusty Pete: "Aye, tis the code." Ratchet: "Uh, thanks, but I just wanted the Dimensionator back, that's all."

He walked up to it and was about to grab on to it. Clank: "Ratchet, wait. We can not allow it to be used once. It is too dangerous." Ratchet: "Hm? Oh, I see, no way the Lombaxes could've invented something so useful." Clank: "It is not logical to use that device; knowing the threat it poses." Ron: Uh…threat?" Ratchet: "You know what, Clank? Ever since the rocket sled, you have been nothing but a pain in my…" Kim: "Ratchet!" Ratchet: "What!?"

Just then, the Kimmunicator went off. Ratchet: "Oh! What now!?"

Kim switched it on. Wade: "Guys! Something big is heading your way! You need to clear out of there now!"

At that moment, Qwark came crashing down in a pod. He got out immediately after landing. Everyone stood by, flabbergasted. Kim: "Um…I'm guessing that "something big" would be Qwark, right?" Wade: "Uh…yeah…sorry, false alarm, but can you really blame me? He is massive." Ron: "Hm, can't argue with that." Ratchet: "Qwark! What are you doing here!?" Qwark: "What else? Showing the Universe that I'm a superhero. I'm also fighting the mother of all wedgies, but mostly the superhero thing." Ron: "Uh…the "mother of all wedgies" thing doesn't sound like a lot of fun." Qwark: "No…it isn't…but that's beside the point. Now then, if you'll excuse me…"

Qwark went over towards the Dimensionator and grabbed it. Ratchet: "Qwark! Put it down now!" Qwark: "Sorry, Ratchet, but I shall now emblazon my name in the annals of galactic history by hurling this infernal contraption into a black hole."

He jumped back into the pod. Ratchet: "Qwark! Don't you dare!"

He then took off in the pod. Everyone stood by stunned once again. Wade: "Uh…guys? That pod isn't heading towards any black hole. In fact, its trajectory is directed towards the closest planet from where you are now." Kim: "And what planet would that be?" Wade: "Uh…unfortunately, that would be Reepor, the Cragmites' home world." Kim: "What!? Ratchet: "Wade! Plot a course for that planet. We have to get over there now!" Wade: "I'm way ahead of you, Ratchet."

With a few clicks of the keyboard, he sent over Aphelion. Wade: "I've set it up to have Aphelion send you guys over there immediately." Ratchet: "Let's go!"

They got into the ship and flew off.

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