The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Lombax Secret - Chapitre 7

Chapter 7-The Fall of a Cragmite Tyrant

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Within little time, they were able to return to Fastoon. There, they flew above the ruins of the Lombax city. Almost instantly, they were being shot at by enemy forces that were already amongst the ruins. Aphelion: "Warning! Warning! Tachyon's fighters have locked on to our position." Kim: "They're here, just like Clank said." Ron: "You mean just like the Zoni said." Ratchet: "Yes…" Aphelion: "I'm not sure we can shake them." Clank: "Perhaps you should just eject us, them maybe you will be able to evade the enemy fighters much more easily." Ron: "Oh, no! Not that! Not aga-!"

They were then ejected again and fell towards the city with Ron screaming all the way down once again. Soon enough, Cronk and Zephyr were seen falling with them. Missiles from below were being shot at towards them. Kim: "Incoming missiles!" Ron: "OH, NO! NOT THIS!"

They were able to dodge all of the missile and land safely on the ground. Talwyn: "Guys, come in. I'm picking up 5 magna cannons throughout the entire area. I can't get a clear landing because of them." Kim: "Copy that, Talwyn. We'll have those cannons out of commission so that you'll be able to find a safe place to land." Talwyn: "Thanks, Kim. Be careful, you guys."

As they fought through the area, they advanced towards the cannons and made strides to destroy each and every single one of them. They weren't exactly easy to bring down, especially with the place looking the way it did. Ron: "Geez, this place is like a war zone." Kim: "Yeah, the city fell to ruins after the previous war." Ron: "Wait! It already looked like this?" Kim: "Yeah, courtesy of Tachyon, I presume." Ron: "That's just so messed up! How could he?" Ratchet: "That's something I'd like to know."

After an extensive amount of time, they were able to destroy all of the magna cannons. From there, Talwyn was able to land her ship. The group managed to meet up with her. Kim: "It good to see you again, Talwyn." Talwyn: "Same here, but I'm afraid I have some bad news: I just saw Tachyon's forces escorting his warship into the city. He must be getting ready to open more portals." Kim: "Then we need to get to him before he even gets the chance." Ratchet: "This is it, guys! The final confrontation! Let's go after that Cragmite jerk!" Ron: "Oh, yeah! Get ready, Tachyon, because we're coming to bring you down!" Ratchet: "Yes we are."

They rushed off as fast as they could. Talwyn joined in on the fight. Everywhere, drop ships were dispatching enemies left and right. The battle seemed to have persisted on. This was indeed their toughest fight yet.

At one point, Kim switched on the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, can you find where Tachyon intends on landing his ship?" Wade: "I'm picking up multiple Cragmite readings across a chasm on the other side of the city." Kim: "Then that's where we need to go." Ratchet: "Come on!"

They made their way towards the chasm. Upon reaching it, they were met with one major obstacle after another. The first being a bridge that was retracted, Talwyn was able to handle that by hacking into the bridge's controls, but Cragmite drop ships came at them, dropping off enemies in droves. The group had to fight them off alongside Cronk and Zephyr to give Talwyn some cover.

The Cragmites came at them almost indefinitely, but they kept on fighting them off while keeping them away from Talwyn. Even Ron didn't seem afraid and really gave it his all a lot more than before. They were eventually able to fight them off long enough for Talwyn to extend the bridge. From there, they ran across it.

On the other side, more and more enemies awaited them. They fought through barrage after barrage, all the way up towards electric fences. They needed to find a way to bring them down, but at that time, more enemies were emerging from behind the fences and came at them. It was a tough fight and they needed to get through. Thankfully, with the resourcefulness of Kim, Ron and Rufus, they were able to bring down the fences and progressed further.

They kept on going until they came face to face with Tachyon inside his warship. Tachyon: "(laugh) Welcome home, my furry friend. Last time I saw Lombaxes on Fastoon, they were running with their tails between their legs." Ron: "What's you deal, Tachyon!? The Lombaxes raised you! How could you turn against them!?" Tachyon: "Those filthy creatures had the gall to pity me and after what they did to my race! They disgust me; every single last one of them!" Kim: "No, Tachyon! You misunderstood! The Lombaxes wanted you to be better than your race; to stand above their heinous influences. They were hoping that you would become a decent person, but instead, you became the exact reason why the Lombaxes had to banish the Cragmites! Your people got exactly what they deserved!"

Tachyon let out a most furious and irksome screech that was excessively loud. Everyone covered their ears from this. Tachyon: "I've had just about enough of your insolence, girl! You and your friends shall be exterminated once and for all, including that filthy Lombax!" Ratchet: "Not gonna happen, Tachyon! You will never get away with betraying my race!" Tachyon: "Well then, if it's a fight you want, meet me at the Court of Azimuth. I'll be waiting."

He laughed maniacally as he flew off; the group stood by and watched this. Kim: "Oh, it is so on!" Ron: "Yeah! Let's do this, guys! No one betrays an entire race, threaten my friends and gets away while laughing maniacally like that! He is going down!" Ratchet: "Yes he is."

They rushed after him. 

They made their way to the Court of Azimuth. However, getting in wasn't going to be an easy task. Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr temporarily broke off from the group to find a way to unlock the citadel. The group rushed out to try and fought the Cragmite forces. Everywhere, there were screens left behind by Tachyon taunting the group, mainly Ratchet. Kim gladly took her aggression out on these screens, much to Ratchet's gratification.

The battle continued on as the Cragmite forces came after them almost ceaselessly. Within extensive amount of time, they were able to fight off the enemy forces just long enough for Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr to get the door to the Court of Azimuth open. They rushed into it as fast as they could.

As soon as they got in, they spotted Tachyon standing before them. He seemed very pleased to see them. Tachyon: "Ah, welcome. Come on in, I've been waiting for you." Kim: "End of the line, Tachyon. We're putting an end your reign of evil, permanently!" Tachyon: "Oh, I wouldn't count on that, dear girl." Ron: "You know something, Tachyon? You're unbelievable. The Lombaxes just wanted all creatures to live in piece, including the Cragmites and they were hoping to start with you. Was that really too much to ask?" Tachyon: "What? Me? Live alongside all of these inferior beings? Why should I subject myself to being a lowly civilian when I can stand above all of these worms as I was meant to do?" Kim: "You are just all around horrible! It's obvious that attempting to raise you was the worst mistake that the Lombaxes have ever made, although I don't blame them for doing so." Tachyon: "Ah, yes, it truly was a mistake and one that cost them everything. With their city decimated by my enforcers, they all took refuge behind these walls. They believe that if they left this dimension, I would leave Polaris unscathed. (Laugh)" Kim: "They escaped to another dimension?" Tachyon: "But of course. Dimensionator, find the Lombaxes."

A portal opened up in front of them, close to Ratchet. On the other side was a metropolis, no doubt one that was built by the Lombaxes, his race. He reached his hand out towards it for a brief moment. Tachyon: "Cowards! All of them! Only 2 stayed behind: the keeper of the Dimensionator and his infant son." Ron: "No…it couldn't be…" Tachyon: "I took great pleasure in destroying your father, Lombax. Pity he sent you to Solana before we could meet. I will offer you this one chance: go home, join you kind. Or stay…and suffer."

Ratchet looked back towards his friends, a little at a time. He looked towards Ron, Kim and Clank. He then looked towards Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr. Everyone remained wordless for those few moments. Ratchet: "If I leave you with the Dimensionator, no one will be safe."

He walked away from the portal and towards his friends. Ratchet: "Not the Lombaxes, not my friends…I'm not going anywhere until it's destroyed."

Everyone smiled at him, the portal then closed behind him. Tachyon: "Typical Lombax…so noble, so courageous…and so very dead!" Kim: "Not if I have anything to say about it!" Ron: "Some here!" Rufus: "Uh-huh!" Tachyon: "So all of you have chosen to die together? How touching." Kim: "Oh, so not!" Ratchet: "So not, indeed." Ron: "Bring it on, you heinous twerp!" Rufus: "Yeah!"

And so they began their epic battle against Tachyon. The battle took place within the citadel itself. It was an easy one and one that was surprisingly short. Soon enough, the Dimensionator began to shut down. Tachyon: "No! Nooooo! Work, you infernal machine!"

He yanked on the cord again; it opened up a dark portal and pulled him in. Ratchet: "Huh! You were right, Clank, wormhole devices ARE dangerous."

Clank glanced at him in a discontent manner. Ratchet: "What? Oh, come on, it's not like one of those holo-films where you think the guy's dead then suddenly…"

Suddenly, Ratchet was grabbed by his leg and pulled into the portal along with Clank. Kim: "RATCHET!"

Kim used her grappling hook and shot it directly into the portal. She then grabbed on to Ron and they were pulled into the portal before it closed.

On the other side, they stood on a large floating rock within a dark realm. Before them was Tachyon. He was still not done yet. Tachyon: "No! What have you done? You've ruined EVERYTHING!" Kim: "Serves you right." Ratchet: "This…isn't…good…" Ron: "KP! Ratchet! DO SOMETHING!"

The next battle against him was even tougher than before. In fact, it was very time-consuming. He was really going all out on them. He was even more aggressive than before and he came at them with everything that he's got. But the group was able to pull together and fight back against him. There were a lot of close calls with a few in which he came narrowly close to subduing them, but after much time, their teamwork and persistence really paid off as they were able to defeat Tachyon.

After his defeat, the Dimensionator was knocked off of his head. Tachyon: "You can't kill me, Lombax! Only I know your true purpose in this galaxy! Only I know your true name! The Cragmite return is inevitable! Your kind will never be safe! NEVER!"

And with that, he fell into the abyss. The large rock that they were on was about to collapse. Ratchet rushed over towards the Dimensionator along with the others. Ron: "We have to get out of here!" Ratchet: "No! It's broken! Looks like something snapped off the primary reflux coil." Ron: "Uh…where do we get one of those?" Clank: "Actually, I believe it is missing a 3¾ Centicubit Hexagonal Washer." Ron: "You mean that thing from the toilet!? Ew! No way!" Kim: "If that thing will save us from dying here, then we don't have a choice in the matter!"

Ratchet inserted the washer into the Dimensionator then placed it on his head. Ratchet: "Dimensionator! Find HOME!"

He pulled the cord and closed his eyes.

Much time later, Ratchet woke up. He found himself surrounded by his friends. Clank: "Ratchet. Are you alright?" Ratchet: "(groan) Where…where are we?" Clank: "We are home, Ratchet." Ratchet: "We…we did it…it's finally over…"

Later on that day, the group along with some of their friends and allies met back at the Apogee Space Station, celebrating their victory against Tachyon. Rusty Pete was giving Captain Qwark pirate lesson, which really wasn't working out well for Rusty Pete.

Cronk and Zephyr reenacted the epic battle of Ratchet against Tachyon, with Cronk wearing the now broken Dimensionator on his head, playing the role of Tachyon and Zephyr, holding Ratchet's Omniwrench, playing the role of Ratchet. Talwyn showed great concern for them like she always does.

Kim and Ron were chatting with Wade about how the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer was stolen, with the dangerous device itself returned to Wade and then safely returned to the Top Secret Laboratory from where it belonged.

Ratchet, however, sat by himself, sulking. Clank went up to him. Ratchet: "Do you think he was telling the truth, Clank? About my father? About my purpose?" Clank: "I detect no lies in his voice, but I believe that your purpose has been fulfilled. You vanquished Tachyon. Something even the Lombaxes could not do. Besides, there is much more than just your purpose or your race. Wouldn't you agree, Ratchet?"

Ratchet looked up, he had a chance to look all around him. He looked at Kim and Ron, he looked at Qwark, he looked at Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr. Each of them looked back towards him and smiled. Ratchet: "Yes…I agree. There IS a lot more than my purpose and my race…such as my friends."

He then looked towards Clank with a small grin on his face. Ratchet: "Thanks, Clank."

Clank smiled. Just then, a bright light appeared before them. From within the light, the Zoni appeared and surrounded Clank. This time, everyone can see them, not just Clank. Ron: "Whoa, what are those little guys?" Kim: "Hm…I'm guessing those are the Zoni." Ron: "The…Zoni…you mean…those little guys that only Clank could see?" Zoni: "We needed to make sure you survived." Ratchet: "Whoa, the Zoni ARE real." Zoni: "Now is the time for you to come home."

They lifted Clank off the ground and suspended him in mid-air. Zoni: "The time has come, sire, to learn who you are and who you will become." Ron: "Clank!"

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket and looked out towards the Zoni. He screeched then scampered out. Ratchet: "Let him go!"

He attempted to leap out towards them but was pushed back by a bright flash of light. Zoni: "It is time to understand you purpose. It is time to come with us." Clank: "(Dazed) Yes, time to come with you."

The Zoni were about to transport him out. Ratchet: "Clank!" Kim: "Clank!" Ron: "CLANK!"

And with that, they were gone. Ratchet stood by, despondent. Ratchet: "Clank…no…"

Kim stood by, also saddened. Kim: "Ratchet…"

Ron stood by for a bit, he then placed his hand on her shoulder. She looked at him. Ron: "KP…go to him…he needs you to be with him a lot more than I do…"

She stared at him for a bit, then walked over towards Ratchet as Ron stood by and watched her. She went up to Ratchet and comforted him. All of their other friends walked up to him and stood close by. Ron, still standing where he was, began to realize something. He looked around and even all over himself. He stood right back up with a confused look on his face. Ron: "Has anyone seen Rufus?"


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