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I just wanna to know, what happened with Courtney Gears. Last heard of her in Ratchet Gladiator - Deadlocked (Thats why I put this topic here). I last saw her with ShellShock as "girlfriend". Is she still alive? What happened to her exactly.

as far as I heard she's alive and well she had recovered from the fight with ratchet and … well just moved on but I can't fully remember the rest

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She was actually Reactor's girlfriend XD (more like, gold-digger)

But yeah, I'm not entirely sure what happened to her neither but on the Ratchet Gladiator site (before it got taken offline) it said she was making another album called "Don't hurt me like that" but I don't know what she did after Reactor got destroyed. She probably got all his money and left XD

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Well if you ask me, that scene with Reactor and Courtney Gears felt like a cinematic trailer of "Reactor", coming to an arena near you! emoji

Therefore, perhaps the events between Reactor and Courtney didn't really happened and was all for show.

As to what happened to Courtney now, I guess she's continuing her job as a robot teen pop sensation. emoji

Who likes that robot witch????
Me not!!!!
Because she's stupid and bad girlemoji!
That's why!
Do you think the same, too or not exactly?

lol if I was Reactor I woulda shooed her away when she came crawlin back to me just because I was a rich and a " homocidal killing machine" but thats just me.

And I bet she was like all celebs that get caught doing stuff illegal she pushes on and ppl still love her even though shes a messed up lil wacko of evil'

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Ratchet beat her up in UYA and she soon recovered