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I thought this would be a useful topic for those who don't have the guide or didn't know of it so….

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(link to the fullsize here)

Here it is. I was pretty surprised with some of the info in here at first, especially since some of it is nowhere to be mentioned or scene in the game. It's funny since I owned this guide for years but never bothered to look into it until much later XD (Since I never really needed help with the game)

I was a bit suprised when I read these back at your website a while back, contains lots of info! Lol I laughed at the Eviscerator being an actual Chef and knowing a lot about fine wine emoji
the other characters have interesting info too, especially Ace, since almost none of that is mentioned in-game……

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I just noticed I forgot the part of the page where Ratchet and Clank's descriptions are XD but everyone knows about them anyway… but if people want I'll post that up too.

But yeah, the Eviscerator is funny and so are the other Exterminators (Except Ace, he's more serious than them) We already knew about Courtney and Reactor being together too but this gives more insight into how they actually met lol.

Hey are you able to send the whole guide by PM or will that take too much time? I'm interested in seeing what else there is in there!

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Sure, it's a pretty big file though but I already sent it to another guy XD

I was very shocked when I saw this info, because I never knew about it until this year actually! I thought that info about Ace Hardlight on the wikia was fanfiction, but it isnt! but I do wonder why his past is only mentioned in this gameguide. Why not in the actual game? No wonder no one knows much about him, it is sad what happened to his home planet but it makes me wonder how the hell him and his team could have accidentally done it, unless it was a set up or just real bad luck! I am guessing that Insomniac just rushed with that info and just added it at the last minute but Tara has made a very big (aka good) story from that little bit of info emoji

Eww, the Eviscerator hands people their own bladders!!! emoji

one thing i must say though lol. "They then blew up another planet" REALLLLLLYYYYYY??????? kind of typical if you ask me you know. Very interesting though wonder if Ace had and arsenal of super cool weps back then too cuz his DL gun looks lame he can do btr.