Sujet : Rate Sigmund From 1 to 10

This is like Tipsy's 'Rate Ace Starlight From 1 to 10' but it's about Sigmund instead the reason I made this topic is because one time on DA I was told that there are many sigmund haters then there are sigmund fans just wanted to know if it's true or not.

My rating for Sigmund is 10 out of 10 and here are my reasons why I give him this rating

He's adorable, childish, very smart, loves cartoons (like me), plays video games (also like me emoji ), love his design as it is awesome emoji, he may talk to much as some sigmund haters say but I love his voice even if he is a chatter box, I love his laugh/giggles emoji

so tell me guys what rating do you give sigmund and why emoji

Let see….

I really enjoy Sigmund's personality. He's funny, helpful, not annoying and despite the fact that he said that he's not a fighter, I give him credit for trying to distract Alister while you reach the Orves Chamber.

I really enjoy Sigmund and I'll give hima 10/10.

He okay, I guess.


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Thanks for taking my idea CuteSigma, you Big Stealer emoji KIDDING!

But anywho, if I wanted to rank Sigmund from 1 to 10, I would place him at 9.

There are quite a lot of things that I like about this character, such as…

- Sigmund's design and appearance is pretty charming
- He is voiced by Nolan North, the same actor who voiced Nathan Drake from the Uncharted games.
- Sigmund is a fan of watching cartoons, such as myself.
- His dialogue was enjoyable to hear in A Crack in Time.
- Compared to all of supporting casts in ACIT, I thought Sigmund's personality was probably one of the best. Nerdy, fun, helpful and not that defendant (even though he did his best to stop Alister from reaching the Great Clock). He's a very lovable character indeed.
- Sigmund's back story might of been slightly underplayed, but at least we knew a bit of what he was doing before ACIT was released.

I think that's all I can think of for the pros about Sigmund. I would of given him a perfect 10, but with his back story specifically not explained too clearly in ACIT and certain moments where he can be slightly annoying sometimes, he would stay at a 9 instead.

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Sigmund is good-natured man (robot)
He always try to help (to good side)
He get worry about Orvus, when he goes to Zanifar.
He is funny

As a character, I'd have to give him a 10/10. He's charming, funny, goofy, and even has his own piece of character development squeezed into ACiT's story. His vague backstory doesn't really bug me, and other than being slightly creepy at the beginning (Those eyes…just…just STARING at me…! emoji ) I find him very likable. So there ya' go. emoji

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See, I told you lots of people like Sigmund (here at least) emoji so no need to worry, lol

But yeah, I think I give him a 8/10 though, which is still good coming from me emoji since I like his character too and he amuses me sometimes, and has a unique design as well.

@ratchetwrench it's ok about small reason why you like him but hey better little reasons then none emoji

@TipsyMcBee emoji oh noes I'm a thief just kidding if it wasn't for you I wouldn't think of this in the first place anyways I love all of the reasons why you like sigmund but I understand about the his backstory isn't much but hey it's better then having no backstory at all

@arachnina007 not to forget the mention that he's a sweetheart even though he dosn't see eye to eye with the great clock computer emoji

@Moviedude18point0 oh I love thoese eyes of his that's a part of what makes him so awesome :oui:

@Tara Cross sqweee! … *ahem* sorry got a little carried away been happy knowing sigmund is loved here emoji

Hmmm…I don't think I can give reasons because everyone,especially CuteSigma,stole my ideas.*laughs* emoji

But if I were to give him a rating,it would be a 9/10. :oui:

Hmmm…I don't think I can give reasons because everyone,especially CuteSigma,stole my ideas.*laughs* emoji

lol sorry about that Vox emoji

I rate Sigmund 9 out of 10, he's clever and has a touch screen thing that he can swing round, like he does in gameplay and in the cutscene "the obsidian eye" he lost 1 point because I don't like saying something is PERFECT, as it just seems slightly narrow minded, or some such thing. But yeah, Sigmund was one of my favourite characters in ACIT. emoji

oh yeah you gotta love that touchscreen not to mention his cute little plant emoji

I loved Sigmund, thought he was a really fun character and played off Clank very well. 9-9.5/10

On second thoughts, Sigmund is awesome! whenever I see or hear him in the game, I just can't help grinning like this:


Only problem is: For some reason he's not an unlockable skin in ACIT emoji WHYYYYY? emoji