Sujet : Exterminator Trading Cards

Does anyone have them all? I only have 4 of them so far and are there any pictures of them online anywhere? I find the info in them to be pretty funny and interesting, like how Reactor's element is 'Lollypop' emoji

I just cant be bothered getting all the skillpoints… it takes so long!

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I've only got 3 of them (yeah, useless I know XD I just dont have time to play the games much…emoji which are… Shellshock, Ace Hardlight and The Eviscerator.

There are pictures of them on this site too, actually. Right here (not with the descriptions though)

I only have a pic of Ace's card from the game though (someone sent it to me, I didnt take the screenshot myself or else I would have gotten the other cards. I'll try asking him for the other 5 though lol)
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but yeah, I do remember someone saying that Reactors element was Lollypop and I do wonder why the hell Ace's is Tire emoji

i have all except for vox

EDIT: now i have all including ninja ratchet emoji

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Now that I think about it, I would love for that card game to exist, and the exterminators card would be those ultra rare cards like the three beasts in Yu-Gi-Oh!

I thought those cards were kind of weird. They didn't make sense to me xD I just saw them as alt. trophies for the milestones of game. The pictures look cool though emoji

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It would be cool if those cards game in a set in real life,were you could trade the cards and collect them all emoji