Sujet : Alternative R&C:A4O titles...

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Apparently, these are some of the other ideas of All 4 One titles… as mentioned by Insomniac themselves…

Ratchet & Clank: Fiends with Benefits
Ratchet & Clank: Four Play
Ratchet & Clank: Multiple Organisms

I think they're pretty funny, but I think All 4 One may be best for the market though… those other titles may cause an uproar XD

"Multiple Organisms" can be misread SO badly…! XD

Apparently, another title that was mentioned at PAX was:

Ratchet & Clank: Bros b4 Foes

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I think Four Play could actually work, but it may not sell out well in the marketing department, plus like you said Tara, with a title like THAT might cause an uproar. So therefore, any titles like Four Play or Foursome in an E10 rated game will make parents quite unhappy. emoji

All 4 One may sound simple and quite kid friendly oriented, but it does make the game stand out for a title like that.

Or ya know, put the grammer right and just have "All For One"

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Heh, the Bros B4 Foes one isn't that bad, it would have worked pretty well with the game :p

yeah i like that one better than all 4 one

Bros b4 Foes isn't that bad as Tara said, but Insomniac took that from a phrase called "Bros Before Hoes"

The definition of Bros Before Hoes is: "Male friends are more importand than person's girlfriend."

And as an update, it isn't Four Play, it's 4play. If Insomniac actually put Four Play as the title, then, well x)

Apparently there is over hundred more names which Insomniac won't reveal. I wonder how bad they are xD

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Oops! yeah, sorry I forgot that it was 4Play, not Four Play emoji

And now I understand the Bros B4 Foes one, heh but it's still alright. Not obvious enough to cause a fuss XD

And I heard about the list of 100 titles… now that would be funny to take a peak at!

Yeah, although Bros B4 Foes doesn't sound that bad for a person with average launguage knowledge but native speakers surely won't like it. Well, their parents, at least X)

lol!!!! those titles are so funny XD I didnt even know about those! especially that Multiple Organisms one! so funny emoji