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I was surprised not to find a topic to discuss this game. I know it's not really that canon but…

Anyways, has anyone played it? I'm actually getting through it now and well… it's kind of loveable for a mobile game) It has an interesting storyline, good jokes, fine sprites and nice gameplay. Overall I'd say it's worth playing)
By the way, if it is needed I might possibly make description and walkthrough texts for the site (at least, once I have time).

And just a random fun fact for anyone who's interested:
If I've not mistaken (I hope not) some of the levels have posters in the background which depict Ace Hardlight X) I found it kinda fun X)

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Oh yes this game… I actually don't have it because I can't even get it anyway emoji but I would get it on my phone if I could! But yeah, it doesnt look (or sound) bad for a mobile game though!

But yeah I did hear Ace had a cameo in this, which is funny to know emoji

I would get it if I could but I cant…..! it would be cool to have on my mobile!

what? Ace has a cameo in this game too? wow, I wonder why he has so many cameos after Deadlocked °.°

I never got to play this game though, I didnt even know it existed until a while ago actually

Oh my gosh! I have this game!

I loved it, and I heard they made a sequel that was never released emoji