Sujet : R.Y.N.O. Or Harbinger.

InsOmniac games ditched the R.Y.N.O. For Deadlocked and replaced it with the Harbinger. Witch do you think is better?

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I haven't even purchased the Harbinger yet. So just for now, I'm gonna say the RYNO beats Harbinger hands down. emoji

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The first drawback, the Harbinger cannot set a mobile target. The Harbinger has the same power the RYNO, but no the same amount ammo(The 1st RYNO,25. The Harbinger or Supernova, 13 in level 11). I think the Harbinger is better than Zodiac, but they have a long way to reach the RYNO

the ryno is better

I loved the upgraded version of the Ryno in Ratchet and Clank: UYA.

I have to say the R.Y.N.O. With out a second thought. First reason is the R.Y.N.O. Has a lot more ammo, the second reason is the R.Y.N.O. Is an auto lock on weapon with a great range instead of a few random shoots placed on the ground. So R.Y.N.O wins hands down

I would say the RYNO, even though i sort of enjoyed the way the Harbinger rained down hell on my enemies xD

also correct me if im wrong but did insomniac games try to replace the RYNO with the Zodiac in Going Commando? Because the Zodiac reminded me of the Fully Upgraded RYNO in Up Your Arsenal.

definetely R.Y.N.O the Harbinger has a moderate chance of completely missing and some enemies it actually takes 2 shots if not more!!! R.Y.N.O i knew each time i fired id later say ok maybe that was overpowered and not fun anymore. xD But that brings up a good point cuz the Harbinger isnt overpowered.

I personally think the R.Y.N.O is better because you can kill enemies and be able to see what you are going to be shot by while in the act of going medieval on the NPC, whereas with the Harbinger you can only see the beams of light and then you get shot from some unknown location. so the R.Y.N.O is better by far.


I really loved the Harbinger, i prefer it over all the PS2 R.Y.N.O's, not the PS3 ones though, the PS3 R.Y.N.O's are awesome (except A4O, i didnt like the protosuit at all)

I thought the RYNO was a lot more effective and did more damage.