Sujet : Paranormal experiences.

Ever had an encounter whith paranormal activity? tell your story.

Yep. This isn't really 'ghostly' sort of experience but it's spooky. My great grandmother owned a lot of birds and would always feed these particular type of parrots in her garden. The next day after she passed away those same type of parrots came into my garden. Coincidence? Or was she giving me her final goodbyes?

My sister thinks she sees ghosts…

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I don't think I hadn't encounter any paranormal activities in my life, but my closest friend believes she had due to her father's passing. Going to her house would sort of creep me out when she told me stories about what she had seen in her house, like the porcelain doll she got from her mom's ex. But then again, porcelain dolls are scary to begin with.

But she wasn't the only one in my neighbourhood that dealt with paranormal activities, for another old neighbour had spotted a green lady ghost (as he describes it) one night in his basement.

In theory, I know others who had dealt with these beings, but not myself… unless if you count the CD playing going off by itself is a sign of paranormal activity.

Yeah iv'e had a couple of paranormal experiences with ghosts! One time i was going to my dads house which he had just moved into, so me my brother and my sister all went upstairs and there was like this extremely dark shadow hovering over my dads bed, talk about scaring the bejesus out of everyone!

I no beileve in ghosteys! Maybe a few years ago I did? I always searched for a reason for there being strange things, often I would find out why, and I eventually learnt that I didn't need to look for reasons that they don't exist, because it was either my imagination, a light bulb not properly skrewed in, or even something silly like my sleve getting caught on something…

Everytime i visit my father's resting place, i get the feeling im pushed towards the trees where we spread the ash. also, all the trees around those 2 trees were cut except those two, coincidence? i think not.

A few months ago, I went for an afternoon walk, and, after about half a mile, I stopped, daydreamed a bit, went into fairly deep thought, and then, when I started to try to walk home, I couldn't move my legs, I managed to keep my balance. After a while of standing there, I realised that I could move my LEGS, but what I couldn't move were my feet, to reiterate, I could do things like crouch or sit down, but I couldn't walk or run. I really began to panic, and there was no one around to ask for help. In said panic, I phoned someone whom I knew lived around the corner from where I was stuck, (who, by an awkward coincidence, happened to be the girl I "fancied" at the time emoji ) I could have phoned home and asked for someone to pick me up in the car, but given that I was panicking, I wanted help as soon as possible, and as she was literally right around the corner, it seemed logical to call her…

After an awkward few minuted, I finally made it home, at this point, I took a more logical decision and decided to phone the National Health Service helpline, having explained about my feet getting stuck and all the symptoms, the NHS decided that there was no logical explanation as to why this happened.
Since then, I have avoided that particular sidewalk, for paranoia that it was the place that caused it rather than me.
It was probably just some psychological thing, probably to do with the fact I was around the corner from the house of the girl I liked, but I don't want to take chances, it was otherwise completely inexplicable, and was quite scary…

My mothers had a few paranormal experiences-shortly her fathers death (I say that because he died before I was born-a few months before hand).

One of the weirdest included me. I was a baby that did not like to be bothered. Ever. I didn't want to be held by anyone. All I wanted to do was sit in my swing all day. Well, I was napping, and my swing had stopped. My mom came in to check on me, saw that the swing wasn't moving, and walked toward me to start it again. Before she gets to me, however, the swing starts moving on it's own, and the indent of two footprints appears in front of me.
Another one included my sister. We had just moved into a new house (I was still a baby, my sister was 2) and she was playing with her toys in her room. Now, the house we had moved into needed a LOT of fix it up work done, so we got it really cheap-My parents wanted to fix it up anyway. But my sister is playing with her toys and my mom walks out of the room and downstairs. She hears a whisper in her ear-"Go check on your daughter." I was left in my swing, sleeping contently, so my mother goes back upstairs and picks my sister up. Just as she leaves the room, the window my sister was sitting next to, falls inside right on top where she had been sitting.

My mom likes to thin that it was her father spending time with his grandkids after death.

i have experianced so many its unreal like when i was playing outside somthing was about to grab my neck until someone opened the dooremoji

WOW… this threat really creeps me out… Dead space is nothing against this emoji

Gosh, and my computer is in the attic…emoji

I didnt have that many paranormal experiences, but it happens alot that me and my good friends say the same thing the same time… its really weird, even if its something completely random like saying "ima firin mah lazoor".. emoji

Once, when i was in primary school, we were going for a school trip, and i told my friend: "imagine if my friend would now look backwards and…" my friend started to giggle, and i looked to my other friend, seeing that he is looking backwards emoji

Or once when me and Dave (wyttfiffyasim - PSN name, has LBP2 too emoji) were at Joels home, he had something like a board game, wich you could actually paint your figures the way you want. And there was a colour called "Vomit brown" emoji a second later me and Dave did the exact same move and the exact same puking sound, and we laughed our pants off..

Joel had another cool experience, he could see in FUTURREEemoji

Yes, he told me that in a school camps, as we were talking about creepy stuff we were dreaming about sometimes, so we managed to get to the "paranormal" topic.

He told me he dreamed quite alot about the future, but he realized it after it happened, but once he could use that "future dreaming".

He dreamed that he and her sister were playing a card game, and he could find out what card his sister had.

The next day, he and here sister actually played this game, and she had the exact same cards as in the dream, and he used this knowledge to win emoji

My father had a dream about the future too, he dreamed about the exact same persons he saw in the city the next day… emoji

I had the situations with a ghost in my house twice:
1. When my parents said something bad about my uncle(he's dead after…5 years), then the ghost rolled my mother's present I made to her.
2. While me, my Dad and 4 years younger than me pal were watching the movie on DVD…the ghost appeeared again and bruised the crystal vase.

I don't know why, but I think that our dead friends/family members just are watching us.
Very weird, huh?