Sujet : Nefarious, Friend or Foe?

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By the end of All 4 One, do you think Nefarious will become friends to Ratchet, Clank and Qwark or still continue being evil after the game is done?

It's obvious that everyone is going to say "No" for Nefarious becoming nice to his arch rivals, so I can see why they would say that in the first place. However, something big could happen to Nefarious once we start playing All 4 One. So we better keep a good eye on him. emoji

What do you guys think? Your thoughts.

i think hes going to turn on them right at the end of the game

I too think he'll turn back against them at the end. Who could blame him, really. Working with your enemies is non-conventional and uncomfortable. Just ask Cortex.

When did he become even the slightest bit good? I mean yea hes working ALONGSIDE his arch nemesis'! But he sure as hell doesnt like the situation! He knows he cant do it without them, and they know he knows that! Also Nefarious is very smart! He has got tricks up his sleve, and while Ratchet and Clank know that (Qwark doesnt) they also know it could be an advantage against the Creature Collecter! Yea they are working together, but that doesnt mean they like it, Nefarious is probably at his angriest point yet…

That or his latest plan sure is elaborate!

I am almost completely sure he won't become a good guy, he hates the others too much for that to happen. I would find it really ironic if Nefarious tries to do something to the other three at the end but ends up floating in space on an asteroid - that would also make him disappear from the series for a while, which would be welcome since Nefarious in the fourth game in a row would be a bit too much.

I'm picturing more of a relationship resembling that of Chell and GlaDOS by the end of Portal 2. emoji

Nope, can't fully see it. Or at least hard to see it unless All4One DOES make him a good guy in the end (most unlikely) that's believable at the same time. I mean, his name IS Dr. Nefarious, that name in itself pretty much should put off a red light.

And if he does turn the other cheek, he's still a villain/evil by heart. Seeing him fully go good would just seem out of character for him. If anything, I could see him growing a bit more of a liking for the three (or at least the main two being Qwark… Qwark is hard enough to get along with trololo), but he still is evil and likes doing evil things so back to the NefariousCave once this is over with…

I bet at the end he'll do something to try to kill the others and have it backfire on him, just like

in Crash Twinsanity where Cortex tries to send Crash to another dimension but ends up sending himself to Crash's mind!

I think at the final boss Dr. Neafrious will work with it, then the final boss will be defeated, and in the final cutscene the final boss will fall on Nefarious… emoji

Maybe Nefarious might become nice after all. If you pause at a certain place in the Gamescom trailer,

just after Qwark gets his Intergalactic Tool of Justice Award and just before the Plumber shows up:
User image
It looks like Nefarious is looking at him with compassion instead of his usual derision. It looks like Qwark is dying or something and Nefarious gave him the "award" so that he would have a happy last moment.


If anyone cares to add to or correct my theory, spoiler tags, please.

lol Smega

As you can tell by my avatar I found that moment to be rather amusing… Oh and in my signature as well emoji

I bet that face is a trick! That or he's going truly insane!
Whaddaya know, I was half right.

I don't know if old Neffy will turn to a Good Guy. He always will be evil jerk for me.
But true…When I saw The last cutscene of this game…I smiled at Neffyemoji.

I don't think Nefarious would ever be a good guy, just doesn't fit I mean his name's Nefarious can you see that working with a good guy?
I could see him becoming a character with a dubious morality i.e. he might do the right thing but then again he might not. You'd never know what he was going to do next, could be quite interesting. Kinda like inFamous