Sujet : Role Play topic?

I'd love to see a topic specifically for Ratchet and Clank themed Role Play. I haven't done any kind of RP myself in a long time-but I'd love to get back into it… it's a fantastic way to tone my rusty writing skills!
If you're interested or need any more ideas, I used to run a few Jak and Daxter related RP forums-I've got experience with it. I'd be more than happy to help.

This is a good idea considering im sure a few RG members are Rpers.Its been a while since i Rped but i do Nefarious whenever i play any R&C game,so i could do him easy-peasy

I would love to do a R&C rp!
I haven't rped much but I'm willing to learn emoji

I've never roleplayed either. I might like to try it, if someone will explain it in depth to me.

That's brilliant! I'm a little rusty for RP as well, but I would like to get back into it!emoji

In the market for R.&.C. R.P., huh? Well, today's your lucky day. Because I happen to run a Ratchet and Clank R.P. group. It hasn't been activated yet, but we do need admins for hire for when it does. This is my Facebook page. Message me if you are interested in joining.!/nicholas.kreutzer