Sujet : RELEASE DATE: APRIL 29TH, 2016

My reaction when I saw the release date:

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I suppose it's normal. I've waited 2 long years for this movie/game and now I've got to wait even moooore!
Oh, well… at least we know when to expect it.

here's the link to the article.

On the bright side, I saw in the comment section of the article that Ryan Schneider from Insomniac replied to a guy saying:"Wait til you see the in-game screenshots! Coming soon." I'm really looking forward to those. emoji

Well, I guess the Sly movie isn't coming till 2018

That feeling when you quote yourself emoji
Hey, regarding the comment section of the news post and that response on RG Facebook site, I guess there is time for the development of the Sly movie. Hope they do something with the animation just like they did to Ratchet regarding the differences between his design in the Teaser and E3 trailer.

Awesome to finally hear some news regarding both the movie and the game.

Initial thought of the "delay" was disappointing, but after giving it some more of a thought, it only seems reasonable. I wonder if they will do anything to the movie meanwhile, maybe not. I hope it gets proper marketing and all that fuss.
And it is good news to hear an actual date for it rather than wait in dark (and hey, it's coming in my birthday. In the US anyway emoji ).

Well, actually, it kinda is…emoji

But not to the point where you will sacrifice your soul for the continuity of the R&C series.

I can live with the new release date. Sure it's a bit of a let down, but that just means there will be more time for them to make the new game even more awesome! I know I should care about how well they market the movie for the sake of the future of the game series, but I don't. I am more concerned about real game development, which I think matters most.

I would care about the development of the movie, but we don't need to worry about that because the production phase is done. It's just great they've found a good solid release date for the film which isn't so busy, and gives them enough time to sort out a good distribution plan.