Happy New Year on Ratchet Galaxy !

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A new year beginning on Ratchet Galaxy

The whole team wishes everyone a happy new year ! ;)
May 2010 shine for all of you, with new friendships, more happiness, and of course, a lot of love !
We are really happy to be able to share the Ratchet Galaxy experience with our neighbours living in England or America, and are proud of what the site has become, thanks to a passionate community of fans :)

It is a new year for everyone, so let 2010 rock our lives !

R&C ACIT receives new awards

Insomniac Games can be proud of their latest baby, and hopefully, they are given some consideration for their fantastic work.
Gamespot has awarded R&C ACIT with Best Plateformer and Best writing/dialogues in their "Best-of 2009". Two prizes amply deserved, aren't they ? :^^:

New improvements for the site

- The Music page for R&C ACIT has been reorganized, and is now lighter and more readable. The complete OST being quite extensive (232 tracks), we have decided to divide it in 3 parts.
- The site is now equipped with a new way of display for videos. Only a few of them are concerned for now, but in the coming days most of them will be playable in streaming, directly from the site.


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