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Avatar - RatchetBlaster
RatchetBlaster 23 juin 2010 00:08:50

Good work with the Army of two drawing ! Those armors look really great emoji

Avatar - ratchet_45
ratchet_45 23 juin 2010 19:44:06

very good job revanac emoji

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Membre supprimé 25 juin 2010 09:57:08

so cool your lombax ! emoji
the grey lombax has full of scar, they look like of expert of battle ! emoji
what their forename ?
Very good job ! emoji

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Membre supprimé 26 juin 2010 18:38:33

emoji Impressive, I not would like to be their enemy !
My Lombax are not as violent as the your ! Only two of my lombax are a bit barbaric, it's my twins "Zeta and Zetana" who look like nice but they are an experiment called "Project Z" ! There is no anyone in the lab or they were born for testify because they have been all massacred and lab exploded !

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Membre supprimé 5 juil. 2010 14:08:17

Hey Revan emoji
I am surprised that you put only two pics in your RG's album, among so many others that you have make and put in your gallery on Deviantart, concerning Ratchet and Clank's theme.
Why did not you put them ? They are so great.

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Membre supprimé 22 juil. 2010 14:27:39

    "when I look at my new art and then look at my older art I think "wow, that looks kinda crap in comparison"."
HAHA XD, That often arrives at me this kind of thing!
I make a drawing, it looks good for me but as soon as I make a next one PAF!
I'm less proud of the previous one.
But to compare drawings between such year and such year impresses me even more! Sometimes that shocks me, I said myself " it can't be, my pics was really crapy, before -_-; "
However that also allows to see what's not good in our older drawings and to improve.

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Membre supprimé 26 août 2010 22:05:30

Nice to see a bit more of your work, Revan emoji it has been a while… maybe you could add a few more here? (I'm not on DA, but sometimes I go there for visits)
Anyway, good work with the latest one. I just approved it a while ago emoji and yeah, it's good. Nice work with their expression as well XD

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Membre supprimé 10 oct. 2012 18:57:45

Wow nice work im irish to xD

Avatar - ratchet_loulou
ratchet_loulou 18 juin 2013 19:43:30

really great emoji