The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: Another Sitch in Time - Chapitre 13

Chapter 13-Setbacks and Realizations

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As soon as the elevator doors opened, Dr. Nefarious was seen standing before them along with several of his robot troops. Kim: "Oh, no!" Dr. Nefarious: "Well, what do we have here? All of my old foes standing right here before me."

Rufus growled at him. Rufus: "Nefarious!"

Kim and Ratchet walked up closer towards Nefarious. Kim: "Dr. Nefarious, I was so hoping we wouldn't run into you again." Dr. Nefarious: "Well, you're out of luck there, missy! And the both you had the gall to set foot on to my base after you did THIS to me!"

He pointed towards the damage on his face. Kim: "Hm, I have to admit, Ratchet really did leave a nice mark on that face of yours; it suits you quite well."

Both she and Ratchet laughed as they did a fist bump with one another, which aggravated Nefarious. Ratchet: "But enough about that. Nefarious, you can't use the clock. You don't know what you could be doing." Kim: "That's right. Nothing that you could ever want is worth risking the entire Universe." Dr. Nefarious: "Oh, but there is and I have all of you to thank for it, especially that blonde kid who clearly isn't here right now, eh…what's his name? Uh…oh, forget it!"

Rufus groaned. Kim: "What do you mean by that, Nefarious?" Dr. Nefarious: "Do I need to remind you? I would be glad to, Kim Possible. Initiate super-wavy flashback mode!" Kim: "Uh…what?"

And with that, a number of scenes appeared one after another during his narration that they are somehow able to see. Dr. Nefarious: "Let me start by saying that thanks to you, I found myself drifting through the cosmos. Do you know what it's like to float along on an asteroid for a long period of time? It is surprisingly boring! Nothing for a villain to do but dwell on his failure! Then one day, we arrived on Zanifar, which was called Tobolia at the time, but that's beside the point. The Fongoids managed to save us and we were free from that insufferable and seemingly endless ride through space! But, still, failure burned in my circuitry! How could I have been defeated by the likes of you? Why had the Universe been tipped in your…" Kim: "Hold on a moment!"

The flashback was interrupted. Kim: "You use crayons, too? What's with you guys and your uncanny love for crayons? Are you and Qwark both so childish?" Dr. Nefarious: "Don't interrupt me! I'm nowhere near finished with my story! Now where was I? Drifting, asteroid, failure, Fongoids, defeated, tipped in your…ah! Now I remember! So, then, I embarked on a crusade through the inner recesses of what you call "the soul"."

The flashback continued. Dr. Nefarious: "I studied Fongoid meditation, attended anger management, dabbled in yoga and attended more anger management." Kim: "Heh! A lot of good that anger management did for you." Dr. Nefarious: "I said don't interrupt me, girl! So then, one day, I went on a spirit walk on planet Quantos." Ratchet: "And how did you get to Quantos?" Dr. Nefarious: "Let's just say the story behind that is far too complicated to go into details." Kim: "Fine, let's go with that." Dr. Nefarious: "So then, it was there that I finally found what I had been missing: The Great Clock!" Kim: "Oh, no, you can't be serious!" Dr. Nefarious: "Oh, but I am, Miss Possible."

The flashback had ceased. Dr. Nefarious: "With the clock under my control, I'll be able to wrong all the rights in the Universe. Every villain who has ever stumbled will get a do-over, including the ones that you have faced. Dr. Drakken! Shego! Monkey Fist! Duff Killigan! Professor Dementor! That…that guy with the mullet that says "seriously" over and over again." Kim: "Motor Ed." Dr. Nefarious: "Yes! That one! They as well as every other villain will triumph while every protagonist's triumph will be reversed! Until finally, a new present is created in which the heroes always lose!"

He laughed maniacally as Kim and Ratchet stared back at him, greatly appalled by his plan. Kim: "That…that's terrible!" Ratchet: "That won't happen! We will stop you, Nefarious!" Dr. Nefarious: "Oh, we'll see about that. Guards!"

Kim took on a fighting stance. Just then, Qwark grabbed on to her, Ratchet and Clank and held them in his arm. Qwark: "Hang on, cadets!"

He tossed the smoke bomb, letting out a massive haze. When it cleared, nothing happened… Qwark: "Well that was 5 bolts wasted."

Much time later, Ratchet and Clank were attached to an asteroid, about to be flung by a massive slingshot. Kim and Qwark were to the side, in handcuffs near Dr. Nefarious. Dr. Nefarious: "How do you like my Asteroid Flinger 5000? I had it installed in the event I ever needed a super ironic death scenario." Kim: "Hm, it seems incredibly absurd and overemphasized, so it's most certainly your kind of thing."

Nefarious glared at her. Ratchet: "Nefarious, you're making a mistake!" Kim: "He's right! Don't do this! Stop while you're ahead before you destroy everything!" Dr. Nefarious: "Hmph! Your pleadings are useless. Bon Voyage, my old nemeses. Oh! And don't worry, Ratchet, I won't let the girl die horribly like you're going to."

He laughed maniacally as he was about to push the big, red button. But then, his system crashed again. He was picking up on the signal of the same soap opera that he always does. Everyone had awkward looks amongst one another. One of Nefarious' robots moved his hand and was about to make him push the button. Kim looked at Ratchet, devastated. Ratchet: "Kim-I…I…"

The asteroid was shot out, Ratchet and Clank were both screaming as they were hurtled out. Kim: "RATCHET!" Rufus: "Clank!"

Several hours later, Ratchet awoke on a far, distant planet known as Morklon. Beside him was the vessel that he had been using to collect the Zoni. He soon noticed that he was surrounded by a mysterious white light. Ratchet: "What the…? What is this?"

Clank stood nearby, also surrounded by the white light. A few Zoni floated near him. Clank: "It appears the Zoni have protected us during the crash." Zoni: "He must not reach the clock."

They then returned into the vessel as Ratchet held it out. Ratchet: "Thanks for the help, you guys."

He looked at Clank who looked back at him in a displeased manner. Ratchet: "What? I'll give them back."

Clank shrugged his shoulders. Clank: "Ratchet, we do not have a lot of time." Ratchet: "I know, we have to get off of this backwater planet. I have to get back to Kim! I need to tell her that I…I…"

He hesitated as he sulked. Clank placed his hand on Ratchet's shoulder. Clank: "I know what it is that you need to do. But let us focus on finding a way off of this planet." Ratchet: "Yes…"

And with that, they were on their way.

Meanwhile, back on Nefarious' space station, Kim was being escorted to a cell by Nefarious' robots. She was still devastated by what had happened to Ratchet. From the devastation, she recollected something that occurred several days ago.

It was back when she was within her and Ron's apartment. She sat down at a small, round table by herself. Suddenly, Ron walked up to her. Ron: "Hey, KP! Guess what?" Kim: "What is it, Ron?" Ron: "I just received a management position at the Upperton Smarty Mart." Kim: "Wow! That's great news! You're really moving up in the world." Ron: "Yep, but that means I'll need to move to Upperton for the job." Kim: "Of course, I knew that. So, when do we start leaving for Upperton?" Ron: "Uh…actually…I'm going to be moving, not you."

She was shocked to hear him say this. Kim: "What? But…but…we agreed to always stay together." Ron: "No, KP, you insisted on having me agree to that, I didn't make any promises to you."

She then became saddened. Kim: "You…you didn't…? No…we have to stay together. I need to be with you. I can't…I have to stay with you." Ron: "And why's that? So that you can continue to use me to avoid being with Ratchet?" Kim: "What? No! Don't be ridiculous! I told you, we talked about this; we both feel that we shouldn't be together." Ron: "And why not? Because you're a human and he's a Lombax? Big deal! You love him, KP! There really is no reason to turn away from that." Kim: "But he's millions of light years away…and you're a lot closer…" Ron: "Oh, so what? Millions of light years away! That's not far enough to keep you guys away from each other! You can just hop into one of your dad's specially made spacecrafts and you'll be right there with Ratchet in like a split second. You know that he's always happy to see you. Heck! You both reignited Dr. P.'s dream of building the ISSF and inspired him to do so much more just to bring you both closer together, regardless of light years!"

She became more and more distressed. Kim: "No…I can't…I shouldn't…he…and I…we're just…too different…species…" Ron: "So, you can't be together because of that!? You're only turning away from your feelings for him just to make a bunch of people who want you to be normal happy! They don't know you and Ratchet like the people who are part of your life do. Everyone else sees you has being in some bizarre relationship with an alien but the people who do know you, your friends and family; they see both of you as something more than that! They see you as 2 people that care about each other, a lot. I know you want to be with him, KP! I've seen it eat away at you just trying to avoid him! You have to go back to him! You have to accept your feelings for him like you were always supposed to! This is something that you have to do for yourself! Nevermind what everyone else thinks!"

Kim was greatly saddened by this. Kim: "Ron…I…we…" Ron: "No! I've had it! I can't let you continue to hurt yourself just because people think that you have to be with someone the same species as you! I won't stand in between you and Ratchet anymore! You have told me many times that I have to grow up! Well, I am and now you have to do the same! I'm done with this!"

He then went over to Kim and kissed her on the cheek. Ron: "Goodbye, KP. I'll…always care about you…"

He walked out on her. She was left by herself, lamenting on his words.

After the flashback, Kim's sadness slowly and gradually developed into rage. Kim: "I had…so many chances…to tell him…how I feel about him…and I…I blew every-single one of them…! And now…he is…and I…"

Sure enough, her rage greatly intensified. Her Centurion Armor reacted to this extreme emotion immediately. Kim: "NEFARIOUS!"

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