The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: Another Sitch in Time

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This is one of my favorites stories to the series. I love this one so much.

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More than an entire year has passed since the events that have brought Ratchet, Kim, Ron and Clank to the Polaris Galaxy. After they were able to defeat the tyrannical Cragmite Percival Tachyon and save the entire galaxy from his iron-fisted rule, Clank was taken away by mysterious creatures known as the Zoni. Since then, Ratchet had dedicated himself to finding his friend. Kim and Ron, although they wanted to help with finding Clank, could not go with Ratchet to do so as they still had lives back on their home planet, Earth. They did, however, provide him with some support from their home world whenever they could, as they had reasons of their own for wanting to help out with the search; Clank was very much their friend as he was Ratchet’s. Also, Ron’s pet naked mole rat, Rufus, seemed to have disappeared along with Clank, so Ron was without his beloved pet all this time.

The search for Clank persisted on with no changes until one fateful day…


  1. Date: Chapter 1-Clank's Awakening
  2. Date: Chapter 2-The Beginning of Another Adventure
  3. Date: Chapter 3-Orvus
  4. Date: Chapter 4-Alister Azimuth
  5. Date: Chapter 5-Chaos in Axiom City
  6. Date: Chapter 6-The Great Clock's True Purpose
  7. Date: Chapter 7-Azimuth's Remorseful Past
  8. Date: Chapter 8-Reconnecting with Old Friends
  9. Date: Chapter 9-The Time for Heroic Feats
  10. Date: Chapter 10-The Orvus Chamber
  11. Date: Chapter 11-A Long Awaited Reunion
  12. Date: Chapter 12-Storming Nefarious' Base
  13. Date: Chapter 13-Setbacks and Realizations
  14. Date: Chapter 14-The Final Confrontation Against Nefarious
  15. Date: Chapter 15-Clank's Choice
  16. Date: Chapter 16-A Young Lombax's True Feelings
  17. Date: Chapter 17-Mending

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