Ratchet and Clank: The galaxy travelers - Chapitre 6

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Ratchet and Clank left Kerwan disappointed, after discovering that weapons do no damage to the cannon and the alien group. The aliens shot the warhead to Metropolis. That doesn't necessarily mean they did damage though.

Ratchet and Clank arrived at the Phoenix.

Ratchet: I... I'm so sorry... We cannot do anything to stop these scumbags from destroying the planet.

Clank: We need a nuclear warhead of at least 2 megatons of TNT power.

Sasha: We've got some good news for you.

Ratchet: What? A new vid comic for the VG9000?

Sasha: No. Something even better. Look at that.

Sasha pointed to the computer screen, showing a video captured at the time of the bombing. It showed that the load failed to hit the city, because another spaceship prevented the warhead from being triggered.

Ratchet: What's that ship over there???

Al: Wait, I'll zoom in...

Ratchet: Wait. This ship looks very familiar. If I remember correctly, this ship belongs to...

Clank: ... Captain Qwark!!

Ratchet: That's... that's nice.

Sasha: According to the video, Qwark used an EMP pulse to deactivate the warhead's electronic system and prevent it from bursting. The aliens now seem very angry, because a real issue has emerged for them.

Ratchet: This gives us enough time to find equipment to blow those slimes up!

Clank: I am sure there is a bomb with enough power on planet Hoven. The problem is... how are we supposed to carry it? We do not have any large carrier ship available, so we must find external equipment from another planet.

Ratchet: Huh... I know a guy that has everything we need! It's someone who works in the black market!

Clank: Slim Cognito! There's still a problem. We cannot find his exact location. He does not have a permanent location, he is constantly moving.

Ratchet: We'll look for him then!

Ratchet and Clank visit the last place they found Slim Cognito on, planet Aquatos.

Ratchet: Here we are again, in the Deep sea hideout of Dr. Nefarious.

Clank: I can tell that Slim Cognito has left the planet.

Ratchet: We have to find someone in here to tell us if they saw anything that indicates a person left the planet, like an escape pod or something.

Clank: Let us go to the sewers. The plumber must still be there.

They went to the sewers using a small submarine available. The plumber was indeed in this place.

Ratchet: This looks familiar...

Plumber: Hey it's you two again. These pipes have been clogged because people were trying to flush themselves! Man, it's gonna be a looong week.

Ratchet: They were obviously trying to escape from the new species invasion.

Plumber: New species invasion?

Ratchet: Haven't you heard anything?

Plumber: I'm still waiting for someone to flush a radio to listen to the intergalactic hoverboard championship, but who would flush one anyway? You see without one, I can't listen to any news bulletin!

Clank: Some species from another galaxy have stolen every metal from planets and have now made powerful bombs, eradicating lifeforms from every planet!

Plumber: Much like what Dr Nefarious was trying to do, right?

Clank: Not exactly. We are talking about a whole nation of aliens.

Ratchet: We are trying to find Slim Cognito to buy equipment to carry a nuclear bomb to stop them. He was last seen here. Did you see or hear anything like a spaceship rumbling or an escape pod taking off?

Plumber: Luckily for you, these pipes have a nice sound amplification property. I listened to a spacecraft taking off, it was Slim Cognito for sure. I even heard him saying "Let's go to some place security will never find me". You see, intergalactic security found his traces and now he has left this area.

Ratchet: Some place security will not access anytime soon, right? We'll keep that in mind.

Ratchet: What are some planets security will not hassle looking for Slim?

Clank: Let's think... Security will not go to a planet which has zero criminality.

Ratchet: Every planet has high criminality rates right now, because everyone is stealing from each other in order to survive.

Clank: Then we will have to think of a planet that is not going to be invaded.

Ratchet: Every planet is going to be invaded some time, except...

Clank: Except planets that have already been invaded.

Ratchet: Clank, load up the coordinates to planet Marcadia. Let's hope we're not wrong and Slim is there.

Ratchet and Clank flew straight towards the already attacked from aliens planet Marcadia.

Ratchet: Well, we're here.

Clank:We are not going to search the entire city, are we?

Ratchet: Since we're here, let's look for Angela, if she's still alive. She might tell us if she had seen him.

Ratchet and Clank ran to the President's house, the last place they saw Angela Cross.

Ratchet: Angela? Are you here?

Angela: Hey! Over here!

Ratchet: Hey! You're alive!

Angela: Of course I am! This palace has a shelter in case of a nuclear war!

Ratchet: I'm glad you're safe! Now, I need you to tell me if you saw any spacecraft arriving here on this planet.

Angela: Yes I did. I saw an escape pod flying towards the other side of the city. Does he have to do with the attack of the aliens?

Ratchet: No, but he can help strike them back. We're looking for equipment to carry a nuclear warhead with our tiny ship.

Angela: A nuclear warhead???

Clank: It is the only way to take out the ship carrying the warhead cannon.

Angela: Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!

Ratchet: Ok, but just so you know, Qwark has been keeping them occupied with trying to shoot him down.

Angela: Why?

Clank: Because he can deactivate their bombs using EMP. Wait. I have an incoming call from the Phoenix.

Sasha: Ratchet, Clank and... Angela Cross! I'm surprised you survived the attack! Anyway, Qwark is in trouble. The aliens shot his fuel tank and now he is not going to keep them distracted for much longer so you'd better hurry up with what you're doing!

Ratchet: Ok, then let's go find Slim!

The three heroes ran and found Slim Cognito inside his escape pod.

Ratchet: Slim? Are you there?

Slim: The aliens took it!!! Oh wait, it's not the cops. It's my loyal customer Ratchet!

Ratchet: I guess you heard about the invasion.

Slim: Invas...

Ratchet: ANYWAY, we came here to ask you if you have anything to make a tiny ship carry a large nuke.

Slim: Of course I have. Here you are; the Electromagnetizer. It is a small, yet extremely powerful electromagnet, which can lift up to 1024 tons!

Ratchet: Ok. We'll take that.

Slim: Hey woah hold on! This device costs at least 1500000 bolts!

Ratchet: ARE YOU SERIOUS??? The whole galaxy is in danger and you're refusing to save it for free???

Slim: Intergalactic danger is not a reason to quit my business.

Clank: Sir, this is not about you. This is about people. Citizens are going to die because of your lust for money. How would you feel if children died in front of your eyes?

Slim: I would be depressed because less people means less customers... Okay, you're right. I am too selfish. I'll make you a 90% discount.

Ratchet: Hey! What's that?!

Slim: Where?

Slim looses attention and Ratchet quickly grabs the Electromagnetizer.

Slim: You're going to pay for this! The price is increased 10% from now!

Ratchet: How about sending the cops here instead of money?

Slim: Nah... I have a lot of money already... You can keep the device for free!

Ratchet: Thank you for your cooperation!

Ratchet attached the device on the ship. Ratchet, Clank and Angela got in the ship and flew to Hoven. Upon arriving, they activated the device and carried a 2 Mt nuclear bomb. They were now officially ready to face those alien species and stop them once and for all. Will they finally beat them and set the galaxy free? We'll find out on the next chapter!

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