The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Polaris Epidemic - Chapitre 14

Chapter 14-Unexpected Surprises

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They spent another long flight in space and managed to return to Meridian City. As they reunited with their friends, they were immediately startled as they spotted both Lilo and Stitch within the control room along with their friends. Ratchet: "No way!" Lilo: "Aloha again, you guys." Stitch: "Ih! Aloha!"

They rushed towards the duo. Kim: "Lilo! Stitch!" Ratchet: "Didn't expect to see you guys here." Lilo: "Thought we should stop by to see you again. How have you been since you left that other planet that we were on?" Kim: "Oh, things have been…interesting. We were able to find and thwart a few more of my old foes." Lilo: "Oh! Well, great work, you guys and keep thwarting more of those bad guys." Stitch: "Ih, make all bad people go away. Kaki mienna!" Kim: "Aw, well, thanks, guys. We appreciate the encouragement." Lilo: "Anytime, we're always happy to help out our friends however we can. Right, Stitch?" Stitch: "Of course, we always help out our friends."

Kim and Ratchet smiled at them. Clank: "By the way, Miss Lilo, how is the clean up back on Calcimum going?" Lilo: "It's going well, Clank. It's kind of slow, but our Ohana have really been working on it. We'll have that planet back to its old self in no time." Ratchet: "That's great, keep at it." Lilo: "Thanks! Um, you know, after we get done cleaning up that planet, we're thinking about making it our new home." Kim: "Really? You want to live on Calcimum?" Lilo: "Certainly. It could be like our second home; it even reminds us a lot of Hawaii, only no Myrtle and her evil posse." Kim: "Those girls are still bothering you?" Lilo: "Well…I hardly ever see them since Stitch and I have been traveling through space a lot, but whenever we run into them, even a few seconds with them like a total nightmare. They even hate you guys, probably you a lot more, Kim, since you guys are dating and they're even more horrible towards me for defending you guys." Ratchet: "Geez, don't those girls ever grow up?" Stitch: "Naga, they're bad girls. Naga bootifa." Lilo: "But, from what I've heard, things have been getting a lot worse for them." Stitch: "Ih!" Kim: "Heh, serves them right." Stitch: "Emba-chua."

Ratchet and Kim then turned towards Talwyn. Ratchet: "So, Talwyn, anything from Wade about that cryptic data that he's still looking into?" Talwyn: "Well, he did mention that he found something else really important, but he's looking into that at the moment. In the meantime, he was able to pick up on another reading that's confirmed to be human. The reading itself came from the planet Tourmalia. Wade had already uploaded the coordinates to your ship." Kim: "Got it, we'll head over there now."

They were about to leave. Talwyn: "Wait. Before you go…"

They stopped and faced Talwyn again. Ratchet: "What is it, Tal?" Talwyn: "There was something…strange about the reading itself. It was human but…there were indications of many different forms of all kinds of species…and other things."

A serious look grew on Kim's face. Ratchet: "Hm, that does strange…Kimberly, do you know any human that can take on other forms…or something like that?" Kim: "Yes! Camille Leon." Clank: "I beg your pardon?" Talwyn: "Wade did mention that he was familiar with this kind of reading and he had a few things implemented to deal with this particular individual." Kim: "Sounds good to me. Ratchet, Clank, let's go."

Ratchet and Clank nodded once then they along with Kim. They then stopped and looked back towards Lilo and Stitch. Ratchet: "Well, it was great seeing you guys again." Lilo: "Same here, good luck, you guys." Stitch: "Ih, bring down that bad person." Ratchet: "Oh, we will, don't you worry about that."

They turned back about and returned to the ship, took off and left the city.

As they were flying through space again, they chatted with Talwyn via the screen on the dashboard. Kim: "OK, Tal, let's get on with exchanging information. What can you tell us about the next planet Tourmalia?" Talwyn: "The planet itself consists of many thriving Metropolises; all of them are marvelous spectacles." Kim: "Hm, an entire planet with glorious cities. I'm guessing that they would have a lot of shopping malls." Talwyn: "Yep, some of the most popular and expensive brands that you can find all over the galaxy." Kim: "Hm, sounds a lot like Camille's kind of planet." Ratchet: "Now then, let's get to talking about this…eh…what was it you said her name was? Camille Leon?"

Kim let out a mildly intense glare. Kim: "She is not exactly someone that I would say is one of my favorite people to come across. She is a spoiled, rich heiress who spends too much of her time shopping." Ratchet: "Oh, she's one of those brats! Yeah, actually, I remember hearing about her. I take it that's not all of what you have to say about her." Kim: "No, I'm afraid it gets much worse than that. When she was disinherited by her father, she took on a life of crime to continue feeding on her expensive hobby." Ratchet: "Oh, even better. She had taken on theft so that she can continue buying more expensive clothes that she obviously doesn't need. Yeah, it's just like you told me several years back." Clank: "Such a poor, misguided creature." Talwyn: "Wade did mention something about Camille having a special ability of sorts." Kim: "Oh, yeah…that. Well, she had herself genetically modified by a rouge plastic surgeon named Dr. Beaufox which gave her the ability to change her appearance at will. From that, she can make herself look like whoever she wants." Talwyn: "You can't be serious!" Kim: "Believe me, Tal, I wish I wasn't." Ratchet: "Yeah! A spoil, self-centered bratty diva with shape-shifting powers; that clearly isn't a disastrous combination, at all." Kim: "I have tangled against her a few times. The first time around, she has committed a number of thefts while taking on the appearances of a few celebrities. When I started the case, she had already framed Britina for her first theft and had her sent to jail." Ratchet: "Oh, yeah, I did hear about that. I felt bad for Britina." Clank: "As did I. I have always thought of Miss Britina as such a sweet girl." Kim: "Next, she stole a prize basket while taking on MC Honey's appearance live on television." Ratchet: "Hah, hah! That did not look good for MC Honey." Kim: "She was able to frame her successfully even though Ron and I were with her when the crime took place." Clank: "Your brothers helped you out with that case, did they not?" Kim: "Yeah, they were the ones who were able to figure out Camille's ability through some digging of their own and they helped me to expose her as the true perpetrator of the crimes as well as expose her ability." Ratchet: "And now she's running amok on this city planet doing whatever evil agenda that she has in mind." Talwyn: "With that kind of power, who knows what she's capable of." Kim: "Which is why we need to stop her before she does anything drastic." Ratchet: "But how are we going to be able to find her if she can take on any appearance at will?" Clank: "Hm…I do recall hearing that Wade has come up with a few means of handling this Camille Leon." Talwyn: "Oh, right! He was still working on those when I last spoke with him. Hang on, I'll see if I can get him on the line."

Within a few moments, the transmission was switched over to Wade. Wade: "Hey, guys. Going after Camille Leon next?" Kim: "Of course." Ratchet: "You mentioned to Talwyn that you had been preparing a few things for dealing with her." Wade: "Yes, I have. First off, I want to inform you of something important before you reach Tourmalia. When Camille was still in jail, she was given a lotion. Unbeknownst to her, the lotion contained a special chemical. It is odorless, colorless and tasteless, it is also completely undetectable except for some very sensitive tracking technology that can pick up on this chemical." Ratchet: "And who was the genius that we have to thank for coming up with that chemical?" Wade: "You're looking at him." Ratchet: "Oh! Uh, right. Did I even need to ask?" Wade: "I also invented the only tracking program capable of tracing this specific chemical. I'm currently installing the program into the infobot right now. Once I transfer her over to you guys, I'll have her upload the program into Clank's hard drive." Kim: "So that both robots will be able to track Camille wherever she is and whatever form she takes on." Ratchet: "Alright, so once we land on the next planet, we'll get to work on snuffing out that spoiled diva before she attempts to pull anything."

Kim slammed her fist into the palm of her other hand with an eager look on her face. Kim: "Oh, yeah, I am so looking forward to this."

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