The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Polaris Epidemic

Fiction écrite par KPRCFFWriter

This is the first story of the series that I am writing completely from scratch. Hope you enjoy.

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A few months have passed since the events involving the Great Clock. A lot has happened with Kim and Ratchet since their outrageous adventure. After they were able to reestablish and rekindle their feelings for each other, they have decided to pursue their relationship and promised to always remain together, never allowing anything or anyone to stand in between them ever again.

Since those events, Kim had not returned to space as she was working diligently to fix up her apartment within the ISSF. She does remain in contact with Ratchet, of course since they are very much in love and want to remain in touch. He has also visited her on Earth time and again and they have spent a lot of their time together. She, however, does not let him see the apartment or allow him to help her with it because she wanted to surprise him once she has finished with it.

Eventually, the apartment was completed and the ISSF was launched back into the Polaris Galaxy where Ratchet still lived with his best friend Clank. After receiving the news of the arrival of the ISSF, Ratchet decided to pay a visit to the space station.


  1. Date: Chapter 1-The Beginning of Another Pandemic
  2. Date: Chapter 2-Rematch With Drakken and Shego
  3. Date: Shopping in Meridian City
  4. Date: Chapter 4-The Bebes Strike Back
  5. Date: Chapter 5-The Unmanagable Boneheads
  6. Date: Chapter 6-The Terachnos Moonbase
  7. Date: Chapter 7-Mucking Around the Industrial Mess
  8. Date: Chapter 8-Dealing With The Next Conflict At Hand
  9. Date: Chapter 9-The Seniors' Tropical Paradise of Horror
  10. Date: Chapter 10-The First Findings
  11. Date: Chapter 11-Monkeys, Friends and Happy Reunions
  12. Date: Chapter 12-Established Connections
  13. Date: Chapter 13-A Long Road To A Massive Headache
  14. Date: Chapter 14-Unexpected Surprises
  15. Date: Chapter 15-Camille's Opal City Scandal
  16. Date: Chapter 16-True Friends and Coping
  17. Date: Chapter 17-DNAmy's Lab of Horrors
  18. Date: Chapter 18-The Fashionistas
  19. Date: Chapter 19-The Return of Gemini
  20. Date: Chapter 20-Adrena Lynn's Devastating Stunt

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