The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Polaris Epidemic - Chapitre 17

Chapter 17-DNAmy's Lab of Horrors

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The spent another long flight to the next planet. They spent some time talking during the flight. Ratchet: "So…DNAmy, huh? Another…unique human that you've faced off against in the past?" Kim: "Yeah, to put it lightly. She's a geneticist." Clank: "A geneticist? One who specializes in the study of genetics?" Kim: "Exactly. Before then, she was a glorified and excessive fanatic of the Cuddle Buddies; she was even the president of the Cuddle Buddy fan club." Ratchet: "Ohhhh! Cuddle Buddies! I remember seeing and hearing about those things!" Clank: "Ah, yes, that exceedingly popular set of toys consisting of fusing 2 animals together based on their names." Ratchet: "Yeah, like Sea lion, Otterfly…" Kim: "Yeah, that." Ratchet: "You're still into those weird stuffed animals, aren't you, Kimberly? I remember seeing that Pandaroo you love so much sitting on your bed." Kim: "Ratchet." Clank: "Hm, yes, you are indeed still fond of those toys. One of them even played a key role in the start of your Earth-trotting, crime fighting career." Ratchet: "Right! That was your first mission! That was when that billionaire dude accidentally got himself tangled in that wired laser beam system is his own home." Clank: "Yes, the very laser system that he had installed to guard over his prized Flamingoat." Kim: "Guys." Ratchet: "Heh! Yeah, the Cuddle Buddy that is so exceedingly rare since they only made 10 of those." Clank: "That was indeed a major highlight in your life, Miss Possible." Ratchet: "Oh, for sure. Although…I can't tell if it's because it was your first mission or it was because you had the chance to see an extremely rare Flamingoat up close and personal."

As Ratchet glanced over towards Kim, he noticed her staring down at him with a very discontent look on his face. Ratchet: "Eh, sorry. Now then, back to the subject on DNAmy." Kim: "Right. So, as the huge Cuddle Buddy fanatic that she is, she dedicated herself to collecting every single one ever made. But…even after she did, she still wasn't satisfied, so went into the field of genetics to create life-sized "Cuddle Buddies" from real animals."

Ratchet became greatly startled to hear that. Ratchet: "Are you serious!? I mean I know it was obvious, but geez! That's just…well…uh…" Kim: "Sickening? Go ahead; I know you want to say it." Ratchet: "Well…yeah, but…it may be a little too mild to describe how messed up that is." Kim: "Doesn't matter. She was given the nickname that she has now and was thrown out of her career for her sick experimentation. The first time I faced off against her, Ron and Mr. Barken were looking for a mysterious snow creature during a ski trip. That "snow creature" turned out to be one of her creations. She then fused Mr. Barken with Rufus to create a massive and furious naked mole rat creature." Clank: "Oh, no! Poor Rufus." Ratchet: "Yeah, poor Rufus indeed. Getting infused with Barken must have been the worst thing ever! But…they were eventually changed back from what I can tell." Kim: "There's something else about her that you guys should know. Remember when I told you about Monkey Fist having his hands and feet genetically modified into monkey hands and feet?"

Both Ratchet and Clank exchanged glances across Kim from both sides, they then looked back towards her and nodded. Clank: "But of course." Ratchet: "Kind of hard to forget." Kim: "Well…she was the one that did it."

Both Ratchet and Clank were very startled to hear this. Ratchet: "No way! DNAmy had Monkey Fist's hands and feet genetically modified!?" Kim: "Yep, that started a…very…unusual relationship between them. In fact, last I saw them together; he was running from her screaming." Ratchet: "Yeesh! This woman must really be terrifying if even Monkey Fist is afraid of her!" Clank: "Oh, dear, what a most unsettling human." Ratchet: "Hm, something tells me that where she is now must have become one heck of a nightmarish landscape."

Kim's face took on another serious look.

They were eventually able to arrive at the Planet Bercota. They landed their ship and got out. Kim had the infobot transported to her. Both the infobot and Clank attached themselves to Kim and Ratchet respectfully. They duo then rushed off.

The entire planet consisted of a massive forest; tree everywhere. Despite its lovely and natural serene appearance, it was anything but peaceful. There had been many of the native wildlife attacking them from everywhere. They fought through everything that came at them with ease. This kept on going throughout the entire trek within the dense forest. Thankfully, the trek through didn't take too long.

Soon enough, they came across a vast, wide open area. There, they looked down towards a large valley. There was a massive facility that looked as though it had not been used for a long time. Nearby, there were lots of bizarre looking animals that were very similar to those from Earth. They were no doubt animals that were fused together. Ratchet: "Hm, I'm guessing that they're…DNAmy's creations." Kim: "Yep, looks like em." Ratchet: "This is disgusting. I can't believe she would want to do this!" Kim: "I know. It's awful."

Just then, Clank looked towards the building and spotted something that startled him. Clank: "Ratchet. Miss Possible. Look."

They looked over and spotted something that also startled them. The massive building contained an insignia that they have seen before; a symbol of something that is of great importance to Ratchet. Kim: "No way…is that…?" Ratchet: "That's the…that's the symbol of the Lombax Institute of Research and Technology!" Kim: "Unbelievable! This is another abandoned Lombax research facility!"

Ratchet clenched his fists as he continued to stare out at the facility. He was indeed very angry. Ratchet: "I won't let her get away with this!"

He jumped down towards the valley. Kim: "Ratchet!"

She jumped down after him. As they got down, Ratchet fought viciously against a lot of the bizarre animals as he made his way through the surrounding area. Kim could barely keep up with him; she was trying the best that she possibly could. Kim: "Ratchet! Wait! Slow down!" Ratchet: "Sorry, Kimberly! I can't! Not after what she's done with the place! That psychotic hag is going down!" Kim: "Ratchet…"

They continued through, making their way towards the actual facility and entered it. There, they encountered more of DNAmy's genetically infused creations. Ratchet: "Oh, great, there are more of these creatures!" Kim: "Figures." Ratchet: "Let's get through this and get to DNAmy!"

They rushed through the facility, fighting off more of these creatures. It was a massive facility, so the fight through was a very, very long trek, but they didn't stop, not even for a second.

They kept at this, fighting through one creature after another, regardless of how difficult it had been, until they arrived at what was pretty much the main room of the entire facility. There, they spotted DNAmy immediately. She turned around and noticed them immediately. DNAmy: "Oh, my…GOODNESS!"

When she ran over towards them, she grabbed on to Ratchet and squeezed him in her arms. DNAmy: "Oh! You are just the cutest little thing I have ever seen!"

Ratchet pushed himself away from her almost instantly. Ratchet: "Get your hands off of me, you psycho! How dare you contaminate a reminiscent place of my race with you genetically messed-up abominations!" Clank: "Quite right, you do not understand how much places like this means to Ratchet. To defile it the way you have is seen as a form of vandalism." Kim: "We're here to put a stop to your plans of turning this entire place into a breeding ground for your sick-twisted experiments." DNAmy: "Hmph! Must you always ruin my fun? I was given this secluded planet so that I can have a place to continue creating more of my life-sized Cuddle Buddies; a secluded, far-off planet that I can have all to myself!" Kim: "You don't get it. It's not something that you can just own; it's not yours to claim; nothing on this planet is." Ratchet: "She's right! No one can just come here and call dibs on it, even if it is empty. There are people that live in this galaxy; they're the ones that have rights to these planets! Further more, you can't pollute this or any other with creatures from Earth, especially messed-up ones like your abominable creations. It's just not right." Clank: "Indeed. How would you like it if some unknown alien personnel arrived on your planet and did whatever they wanted without consent from any human?" Kim: "I know I wouldn't like it, so we don't have the right to claim a planet. Only people from this galaxy have the authority to decide if doing something like that is allowed." DNAmy: "Well, if you think you can just come here and tell me to leave, then you have another thing coming. I'm not going anywhere and you can't make me!"

She then made a loud whistling noise. DNAmy: "Fluffy! Come out here and deal with these intruders for mommy!"

There were loud stomping noises being heard. They looked over towards another direction and spotted something that greatly shocked them. There was a massive, 4-legged beast with pin needle-like fur, adorable paws and a cute kitten-like face, which can turn really terrifying as it made a roar/meow noise. The noise it made shook the entire place. It was indeed a creature that was a bizarre mixture of cute and scary. Kim and Ratchet still looked up at the monster with shocked and terrified looks on their faces. Ratchet: "I'm…guessing that's…Fluffy…" Clank: "What a terrifying creature." Kim: "You said it, Clank."

They began to fight against the massive beast called Fluffy. It attacked them with the use of its pin needle fur, using them as projectiles. Other times, it would try to stomp on them. Whenever it stomped, it would make squeaking noises. Sometimes, it would attack them with the use of sound waves coming from its roar/meow. It was a very tough fight against DNAmy's massive "pet" that lasted for a very long time. They would need to avoid a lot of the pin needle projectiles that it shot at them. Thankfully, that wasn't too hard for them to do.

It was a long battle and they were real close to bringing down Fluffy. At that time, DNAmy received a transmission via an unnoticeable earpiece she was wearing in her ear. DNAmy: "Hello?"

She listened in for a bit. She seemed startled by what she was hearing. DNAmy: "What? Do I have to? But I…"

She listened in for a bit more. DNAmy: "Oh! No fair! I was just getting myself and my lovely pets settled in!"

She listened in again. DNAmy: "Oh…alright. If you say that I can come back to reclaim this planet, then I'll leave here…for now."

She then walked off.

Soon enough, Kim and Ratchet were able to subdue Fluffy. They got in front of the beast and stood before it. Ratchet: "Well…that did it." Kim: "Thank goodness." Ratchet: "I couldn't believe that we were able to bring down that monster."

He then looked around for a bit. Ratchet: "Say…where's DNAmy?"

They then heard a strange noise coming from outside. They rushed out immediately.

As soon as they got outside, they noticed DNAmy was inside a shuttle. She blasted off and left the planet. Kim: "And there she goes." Ratchet: "Good riddance! That psychotic hag was just horrible!"

He then grabbed both of his upper arms as he trembled in fear. Ratchet: "Not to mention really terrifying! I've never felt so uneasy towards a female that thinks I'm cute!"

He trembled for a bit. Kim seemed concerned for him. She went over and placed her hand on his back. He looked up at her and calmed down a bit has he smiled at her. They then looked towards another direction and became startled after spotting something. Sure enough, there was another of the mysterious towers. Kim: "Of course; another one of those towers are here." Ratchet: "Which means that she'll be back to reclaim this planet. Let's make sure that never happens."

Kim nodded, they made their way back to their ship. Kim returned the infobot to Wade. They got back into the ship and left the planet.

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