The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Polaris Epidemic - Chapitre 2

Chapter 2-Rematch With Drakken and Shego

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They were flying through space. Ratchet: "OK, let's use this time to discuss what we know about Drakken and Shego." Clank: "Hm…well, we have encountered them years ago, so we have some idea of who these 2 unruly individuals are." Ratchet: "Yeah, that much I'm aware of, other than the obvious, there really isn't much that we know about them. Kimberly, you've faced off against them many times in the past. Maybe you can tell us what you know." Kim: "Well, Dr. Drakken is a self-proclaimed evil genius." Ratchet: "Yeah, I'm already aware of that." Kim: "Of course, but here's something you haven't even heard. Dr. Drakken had once attended the same college as my dad; he was even a former classmate of his."

Ratchet was shocked to hear this. Ratchet: "Wait! Your dad went to the same college with Drakken?" Kim: "Yep, he was even teased by him and his other colleagues when Drakken was trying to build a few female robots, which he really wasn't good at." Ratchet: "Huh, I guess that's what fueled him into becoming evil. But he did turn out to create some deadly androids, despite him not being as much of an evil genius as he claims he is." Clank: "And then, there is the matter of Shego. She is indeed a very dangerous woman, not to mention that glowing, green energy that she is able to produce from her hands. Is that from a special equipment of sorts?" Kim: "Actually, that's a special ability of hers." Ratchet: "You mean it's like some kind of super power, not from any equipment that was built by Drakken?" Kim: "Yes, believe it or not, she used to have been part of a team of sibling crime fighters with her brothers Hego, Mego and the Wego twins known as Team Go."

Both Ratchet and Clank were very surprised to hear this. Ratchet: "Shego used to have been a crime fighter?" Kim: "Yeah, she was, but then she got bored with it as well as becoming fed up with putting up with her brothers." Ratchet: "So then she pretty much ditched all of that and took on the messed up lifestyle of committing crimes." Kim: "Yep, that just about sums her up." Clank: "Hm, I have to wonder if the extensive amount of time she has spent tolerating her brothers and their rowdiness have repelled her from fighting evil and attracted her to the aspect of becoming evil." Ratchet: "Well, if that's the case, that must be one very dysfunctional family if it made her love evil so much." Kim: "I hate to admit, but that does make sense. The team pretty much fell apart after she left since she was the only one who held them together." Ratchet: "Huh, guess they weren't such a great team, after all." Clank: "But I wonder, why would she compel herself to work for Drakken? She is very easily exasperated by his nonsensical irrationality." Ratchet: "I know, right? He's nothing more than just another annoyance to someone like her." Kim: "Hm, in all the years that I have known her, I still don't know the answer to that."

Clank was also pondering this. Clank: "Hm…a conundrum so perplex that it has yet to be comprehensible throughout these many years." Kim: "That's pretty much Drakken and Shego in a nutshell." Ratchet: "And to think, in all the times that you've fought against them, you would have at least been able to figure out something by now."

Kim sighed as she held her hands out and shrugged her shoulders. Kim: "I know, and yet, it's still mind boggling."

Soon enough, they arrived at Praxis XII. Aphelion: "Now arriving on Praxis XII."

They were just landing near a large, mechanical base. Aphelion: "I am picking up on a lot of hostile readings within the nearby area. Please proceed with caution." Kim: "Will do. Thanks, Aphelion."

They got out of the ship. Kim: "Talwyn, come in. This is Kim, Ratchet and Clank. We just arrived on Praxis XII." Talwyn: "Copy that. What do you guys see there?" Ratchet: "There is a massive fortress directly in front of us at a great distance. You think that could be Drakken's base?" Talwyn: "Well, Wade did provide us with a lot of intel regarding Earth and the humans. The base itself does consist of some technology and ingenuity very similar to humans." Kim: "Then Drakken must be there." Ratchet: "Come on, guys, let's go."

Just then, they heard the chime of the Kimmunicator. Kim answered it. Kim: "Yeah, Wade?" Wade: "Kim, there's something your father wanted me to send to you."

With a few clicks of the keyboard, Wade's vendor appeared before them. Transported from it was a female robot that they haven't seen in a while. Kim: "Say, isn't that Clank's admirer?" Wade: "That's right. She's been wanting to help you guys out for quite some time, so Dr. Possible and I had her remodified. We've worked almost endlessly to have her revamped so she can be just as compatible as Clank."

The female bot went over towards Kim and morphed into a backpack as she attached herself to Kim's back. Wade: "I've placed a lot of the nifty features that are similar to the modifications that I've made to the Centurion Armor. I hope you like it." Kim: "Hm, better let me give her a test run so that I may see for myself."

Kim got a chance to utilize the special modifications of the infobot. She seemed very thrilled by them. Kim: "Wade. This is amazing! You rock!" Ratchet: "Yeah, you've really outdone yourself again, Wade." Kim: "Shall we get going?" Ratchet: "Uh, yeah. Let's go stop Drakken and Shego."

Clank attached himself to Ratchet' harness like he always does. Then he and Kim headed towards the base. Within very little time, they were fighting through many of the obstacle along the way. There were enemy robots everywhere as they were making their way towards the base. Thankfully, they were able to fight through them. They have been managing through just fine with the use of their special skills, weapons and equipment, including their companions.

Meanwhile, within the base, Drakken and Shego were watching them. Drakken: "Ah, they have arrived at last. Shego, care to greet our old foes the same way that you always do?" Shego: "With pleasure, doc."

Shego made her way out. Drakken: "Computer, how much further along are the other bases that we're building on the other Praxis planets?" Computer voice: "All bases are 95% complete." Drakken: "Excellent, soon, I will be able to have absolute control of these planets and their resources and then, the Earth shall be mine! (laugh)" Computer voice: "Um…why do you want domination over just one planet when you would have so many of these under your control?" Drakken: "Quiet, computer! I'm the evil genius, I make the plans and my plan is to rule over the Earth! Nothing more! (laugh)"

He walked off. There was a brief moment of silence. Computer voice: "Why didn't I get blown up with that space station?"

While Kim and Ratchet continued fighting through the area, their friends back on Igliak contacted them. Cronk: "Ah, the Praxis planets. I remember when we were assigned to deal with them massive modflies of Praxis XI while protecting the base that was set up there." Zephyr: "No, ya durn fool! That was Praxis VIII! Praxix XI never had a base! Or…was it Praxis III the one that didn't have a base? Dang nabbit! All these durn planets be jumblin' up my memory banks!" Talwyn: "Guys, we just received intel on Drakken building bases on each of the planets of the Praxis system. They are dangerously close to finishing them. Once they're completed, he will have full control of all of those planets." Kim: "Is there any way to stop that from happening?" Talwyn: "Well, Wade did manage to pick up on these bases receiving signals for the one that you're heading to now. He must be using it as a control hub for the others." Ratchet: "So, if we take out this base, then that will stop Drakken from gaining control of those planets." Talwyn: "Wade seems to believe that, so I would think that's reasonable." Kim: "Sounds like it to me. This shouldn't be too hard." Ratchet: "Without a doubt." Talwyn: "Be careful you guys. I'm sure Drakken and Shego wouldn't allow you to foil their plans without a fight." Kim: "Oh, that's a given, Talwyn."

The fight through continued on. The amount of robots that they were fighting increased gradually as they got closer to the base. Along the way, they noticed something about the robots that amazed them. Ratchet: "Wow, these robots seem pretty advanced, almost like they were built by someone who's not from Earth." Kim: "Yes, but some of their designs bear Drakken's signature." Ratchet: "Yeah, that's true. For some absent-minded, self-proclaimed genius, he really does know his way around robotics." Kim: "I know, it surprises me, too." Clank: "Hm…I do detect some outside influence involved with Drakken's handiwork." Ratchet: "Wait, are you saying that someone else really has helped him out with building these robots?" Clank: "It is uncertain…but probable." Kim: "I wonder what that means." Ratchet: "Who knows?"

The fight through was rigorous, but soon enough, they were about to get up to the base. Before they would be able to enter it, Shego appeared directly in front of them. Shego: "Aw, well if it isn't Kimmie and Ratchet? You both look even more adorable together then the last I saw you." Ratchet: "Shego. I didn't think I would see you again." Shego: "I know, right? It's been a long time since we last met. Thanks to you, I received like the longest prison sentence that anyone has ever gotten." Ratchet: "Uh, that wasn't on us. You and Drakken stole Dr. Possible's space station and planned to use it to dominate the Earth, not to mention that it had a built-in death laser capable of wiping out all life on an entire planet. Of course you received a massive prison sentence of cosmic proportions." Shego: "(grunt) You're as snarky as I remembered you to be, Lombax!" Kim: "(giggle) That's Ratchet for ya." Ratchet: "And another thing, I still don't know why you work for Drakken. It's obvious that you don't like the guy; he's a massive headache for someone like you and he's clearly irrational." Shego: "I have a better idea: instead of answering your question, how about I fight both of you here and stop you from foiling another of Dr. D's plans." Kim: "And have you be defeated by us again? Oh, I am so all over that." Ratchet: "And whatever she likes to do, I'll gladly do it with her. Prepare for another serious beat down, Shego!"

Kim and Ratchet were getting ready to fight against Shego. Shego: "I can't even begin to tell you how long I've been wanting to face off against you lovely pair again!"

The fight against Shego was fierce. She utilized a lot of attacks with the use of the green energy producing from her hands. Sometimes, she would use them as projectiles, other times, she would use them as weapons. She also did a number of melee attacks as did Kim. Ratchet seemed to also know a few melee moves. The battle seemed to have continued on like this for a while. Shego was a fierce fighter but the duo was more than a match against her. As they were coming close to beating her, she became even more aggressive. She was going from spamming her special green energy attacks to just being all around vicious with her melee moves. The last few moments of the fight was brutal but they were eventually able to subdue her. Shego: "This isn't over, you 2! Expect another rematch from me!"

She went back into the base. Ratchet: "Relentless and vicious as always. Some things never change." Kim: "Oh, that's so much like Shego." Clank: "Ratchet, Miss Possible, we need to continue further. Drakken is at the brink of taking complete control of the Praxis planet system." Ratchet: "I know, Clank. Come on, Kimberly, let's hurry."

They ran into the base as fast as they could. As soon as they entered, they were already faced with the facility's robots. Kim: "Hm, I'm guessing this is the "welcoming committee"." Ratchet: "Heh, I'm already starting to feel right at home."

While they were fighting the facility's defenses, Shego returned to the main control room. Drakken: "Shego? You've been defeated by them again?" Shego: "Those 2 are a lot tougher than when I fought them all those years ago, especially that Lombax. He really knows how to put up a good fight." Drakken: "Bah! Curse that Kim Possible and cat alien boyfriend of hers. But no matter, soon, I will have absolute control of these planets and their resources and then the Earth shall be mine! (laugh)" Computer voice: "All of this just to dominate 1 measly, far-off planet? This life form's pattern of thinking is beyond comprehensible." Shego: "Tell me about it; I've been putting up with it for years."

Shego walked off. Computer voice: "If only I had blown up with that space station."

Kim and Ratchet continued fighting through. Kim then switched on the Kimmunicator. Kim: "Wade, can you pinpoint Drakken and Shego's location?" Wade: "I seem to be picking up a few reading very similar to them on the far end of the base directly in the center. Head southwest and then take the direct route from there." Kim: "OK, got it. Thanks, Wade. Let's go, Ratchet."

They kept going, then went on to do exactly what Wade told them. They continued in further, fighting through more of the robot forces. Just then, Talwyn contacted them again. Talwyn: "Guys, come in. Are you still there?" Ratchet: "Yeah, Talwyn, we're here. What's the sitch?" Talwyn: "We have a major problem on our hands. We just found out that Drakken has already gained control of most of the planets' resources. He's dangerously close to absolute control over all of them. Wade is doing everything he can to delay that but you guys need to hurry." Kim: "Got it, we're on our way now." Talwyn: "Please keep at it, you guys. If those bases are completed, than nothing will stop him from taking and maintaining absolute and permanent control, not to mention that the Earth will be in serious trouble." Kim: "I know, Talwyn."

They continued through without hesitating for even a second. After a long fight through, they were eventually able to reach Drakken and Shego within the control hub of the base. Kim: "End of the line, Drakken! We're here to shut you down!" Ratchet: "That's right. Don't think for a second that we'll allow you and Shego to endanger Earth or any of these planets." Drakken: "Ah! Kim Possible! And…cat alien boyfriend!" Ratchet: "Uh, Lombax. I thought I went over this the last time we met, and I have a name, you know." Drakken: "Grr! Whatever! Think you can foil my plans this time? Don't think it will be as easy as our last encounter. I have spent a lot of time studying alien technology and I now know how to use it so that I can carry out my plans to take over the Earth!" Kim: "Oh, so not, Drakken." Ratchet: "Heh, so not indeed." Shego: "You 2 are sounding more and more alike, it's almost frightening. No wonder why you're both so infatuated with each other."

Kim and Ratchet looked at each other and smiled then looked back towards Drakken and Shego with conceited grins. Ratchet: "Well, then, let's show you evil, conceited humans what Kimberly and I can do together."

Drakken was about to have more of his robots sent out. Drakken: "Get them!"

From there, the robots were brought out. Kim and Ratchet got on to fighting them. These robots were a lot tougher than the ones that they have faced earlier. They were really putting the duo through a very tough fight; it went on for an extensive amount of time. They were eventually able to destroy all of them. From there, Drakken became very annoyed, almost as though he was about to throw another fit. Drakken: "Shego!" Shego: "I'm on it, Dr. D."

Shego jumped down and began fighting them again. Shego: "Ready for round 2, Kimmie and Ratchet?" Kim: "Really, Shego? We just beat you like a while ago and you still want to fight?" Shego: "I just told you to expect another rematch." Ratchet: "We weren't expecting one so soon." Shego: "Well, I'm still itching for a fight, Lombax! Not to mention that I still have a reason to fight." Ratchet: "Geez, you're stubborn."

The fight against Shego took a while; she was really giving her all this time. She seemed much fiercer than the last time she fought them. Regardless, they could take her on. Just then, Talwyn contacted them again. Talwyn: "Ratchet. Kim. Come in." Ratchet: "What is it, Talwyn?" Talwyn: "Wade just figured out a way to disable the control hub and shut down the other bases. You guys need to keep Drakken and Shego busy while he's able to take care of that." Ratchet: "Got it, we'll give him all the time he needs."

The fight continued on. Drakken: "Yes! Keep at it, Shego! Really give it to them! Show that Kim Possible and her cat alien boyfriend what you're really made of!" Shego: "Uh, would you mind keeping it down, Dr. D.? Your shouting is really breaking my focus here!" Drakken: "Hmph! Fine, I'll just check on the…huh? What's this?"

Drakken went to check on one of the consoles. Drakken: "Hm! Wha-! Oh, no! Someone's interfering with the signals being sent to the other bases! Not on my watch! Prepare to be counter-hacked, you unwanted cyber intruder!" Ratchet: "Talwyn! Drakken's on to us! He's attempting to counteract Wade's attempt to hack the system!" Talwyn: "Don't worry, you guys. I'm already a step ahead of Drakken. I'll prevent him from interfering with Wade." Drakken: "What the? Another hacker!? Drat! Computer! Block out these annoying interlopers!" Computer voice: "Negative. Too much interference to process. Unable to comply." Drakken: "Too much to process!? But I thought…Grr! You alien computers are supposed to be advanced!" Computer voice: "We can only process so much. Obviously, you're still too much of an imbecile to fathom that concept." Drakken: "Grr! Lousy smart-mouthed alien computer!!" Ratchet: "Say, isn't that the same computer from the first model of Dr. Possible's space station?" Kim: "Yeah, it does sound like it. I thought it was destroyed with the space station. How did it survive?" Computer voice: "Your guess is as good as mine. If only I was eradicated with the ISSF." Ratchet: "Hah! When you work for someone like Drakken, it's no surprise you would think that way." Shego: "Yeah, I know the feeling." Ratchet: "Well, if he annoys you so much, then why do you still work for him, Shego?" Shego: "Less talking, more fighting, Lombax!"

They continued on with the fight. After an extensive amount of time, there was a slightly unusual reaction occurring. Drakken: "Huh? What is…going on?" Computer voice: "Warning: All connections with the other bases have been severed. Why does this not surprise me?" Drakken: "What? No! My bases! My brilliant plan!" Ratchet: "Yes! Way to go, Wade!" Talwyn: "Guys, I just uploaded a program into Clank's receiver that will enable Wade to connect to all of the bases through him." Kim: "So what does this mean? Will he be able to get rid of them?" Talwyn: "Yes, he'll be able to destroy all of them." Kim: "So then I guess that it would be time for us to leave." Talwyn: "That's right. Get going so that I'll give Wade the go ahead once the coast is clear." Kim: "You heard her, Ratchet. Let's get going! Now." Ratchet: "I'll go anywhere with you, Kimberly."

They finished up with the fight and rushed out of the base as fast as they could.

Soon enough, they were directly outside; they were able to make it to a safe distance away from the base. Ratchet: "OK, we're clear." Kim: "Anytime, guys."

Back inside, Drakken and Shego could hear some explosions. Drakken: "Um…what's happening?" Computer voice: "Warning: Destruction of base imminent. All personnel evacuate immediately." Drakken: "Um…Uh-oh…" Shego: "Well, so much for Operation: Praxis Domination." Drakken: "Grr! Curse that Kim Possible and her cat alien boyfriend! Come on, Shego, let's get out of here and meet back with the others." Shego: "Fine by me. This operation may have been a bust but at least we were able to carry out our role in the master plan."

As the base exploded, Drakken and Shego hitched a ride on a shuttle and flew out. Ratchet and Kim watched as they flew off the planet. Ratchet: "Well, there goes Drakken and Shego." Kim: "Another evil plan foiled. I must admit that this has turned out to be a great start of the day."

Just then, Ratchet spotted something. Ratchet: "Uh…Kimberly? You…might want to take a look at this…"

Kim turned around and noticed exactly what Ratchet was seeing. From a distance, they could see an unusual tower. Kim: "What is that?" Ratchet: "It looks like…some sort of tower…" Kim: "Wade, Talwyn, anyone, come in." Talwyn: "What is it, Kim?" Kim: "Ratchet and I just spotted an unusual tower. Can you see it, too?" Talwyn: "Uh…yeah…I can." Kim: "Any ideas on what it could be?" Talwyn: "Hm…I've never seen anything like it. Doesn't look like it was anything built by Drakken…or by anyone that I know of for that matter." Ratchet: "Yeah, the designs of it does look very different from what Drakken built or could build. So…he didn't make that thing, right?" Kim: "No, I wouldn't think that he did. I'll have Wade look into it." Talwyn: "Good idea. You guys come back to Meridian City. There are some things that we need to talk about." Kim: "Check. We're on our way back. Let's go, Ratchet."

They made their way back towards where the ship was landed. As soon as they got back to it, Clank and the infobot detached themselves from Ratchet and Kim. Suddenly, the infobot seemed as though she was about to break down. Clank went over to her. He seemed very concerned. Clank: "Oh, dear. Are you…alright?" Kim: "Wade, there seems to be something wrong with the female robot. Is she OK?" Wade: "Don't worry, she's fine, her circuits are under a lot of stress. She's not use to being out on the field like this. She just needs to be refurbished, that's all. Dr. Possible and I will need you to have her transported back to us."

Wade's vendor appeared again. Kim looked at the infobot for a bit, she then looked at the guys. Soon enough, she picked up the bot and placed her into the vendor. Clank: "We will see you again once we arrive on the next planet."

The infobot waved goodbye as she was transported out. Ratchet: "Come on, let's get back to Meridian City and meet up with Talwyn and the others."

They got back into the ship, took off and left the planet.

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