The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles: The Polaris Epidemic - Chapitre 20

Chapter 20-Adrena Lynn's Devastating Stunt

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They were flying through space yet again. Clank looked over towards his friends. Clank: "So, let us talk about this…Adrena Lynn. Oh! That is indeed clever."

Clank let out another giggle. Ratchet: "Well, from what I've heard, Adrena Lynn was a very famous stunt woman who performed a lot of death-defying stunts; she even had her own TV show, which was very popular among the younger humans, such as Kimberly's twin brothers." Clank: "So, your brothers used to have watched this show of hers, Miss Possible?" Kim: "Yeah, you could say that they're…into that kind of extreme stuff." Clank: "Ah, yes, they are indeed quite a rambunctious pair; so it is no surprise that they would be fanatics of her show." Ratchet: "Yeah, but it didn't last; turned out she was actually faking all of her stunts."

Clank was a little surprised and somewhat disappointed to hear this. Clank: "Oh, so she was fraudulent." Ratchet: "Yep, pretty much." Kim: "The first time Ron and I got involved with her, I made an attempt to save her life when a bungee stunt she was doing went horribly wrong. Turned out she never made that stunt and was using a dummy in her place." Clank: "Oh, how terrible." Kim: "It was then and there we found out that she had been faking all of her stunts." Ratchet: "Hm…I take it Ron was also a fan of her show, too, right?" Kim: "Oh, yeah, he was…and I'm sure you guys are well aware of just how disappointed he was when he found out." Ratchet: "Oh, of course; he did write that article that exposed her as a fraud." Clank: "And that was around the time that he became part of the Middleton High newspaper." Ratchet: "In which he managed to get himself into after he lied about Kimberly being in a relationship with the High School quarterback Brick Flack." Kim: "Yeah, that. The article on Adrena Lynn was posted on the Middleton Post since it was such huge news, which resulted in her show being cancelled." Ratchet: "Heh, serves her right." Clank: "But it did not end there for her, correct?" Kim: "No, it didn't. After her show was cancelled, she hijacked the TV satellite receivers, disrupting it so that she would display a live broadcast of whatever she wanted on every channel. From there, she carried out her revenge plot against me and Ron by kidnapping Brick Flack and used him to lure me out, then made every stride to humiliate me." Ratchet: "But her little revenge scheme didn't work and you ended up humiliating her." Kim: "Oh, yes I did; I exposed her as a coward by enforcing her to experience real danger."

Ratchet and Clank seemed surprised as they both looked at Kim at the same time. Ratchet: "Whoa! Kimberly! I had no idea that you could be so wicked! You didn't try to kill her, did you?" Kim: "Oh, no, of course not. I just flew her all over the place, like really high in the sky. Very, very high up, just to give her a taste of real danger and…quite frankly, she didn't like it at all." Ratchet: "Eh, no, I wouldn't think so and I'm pretty sure that she didn't like being exposed as a spineless coward." Kim: "Oh, that is so true, but it was very gratifying to humiliate her like that." Ratchet: "Oh, I bet it was with the way that she annoyed you during that whole stunt. Way to go, Kimberly!" Kim: "Yeah, thanks."

Her smiled then dissipated to a dejected frown as she pulled her legs up and huddled her knees. Kim: "I thought that would be the last that I'd have to deal with her, but now…"

She paused as her eye lids dropped a bit as she became even more saddened. Clank seemed very concerned for her. Clank: "Now…she is currently on Yerek doing who knows what." Kim: Right…"

She let out a dejected sigh. Kim: "I know I'm not going to like what she's planning to do, but…we have to get to her and stop her before she does anything horrible…"

Ratchet looked at Kim with a sad look on his face; he also seemed very concerned for her. Ratchet: "Yeah…let's get to it."

Still concerned for her, he placed his hand on her shoulder. Ratchet: "Don't worry, matter what happens, I will help you through this. I promise..."

She looked back towards him. She still looked sad, but was touched by his words.

After the long flight, they arrived on the planet Yerek. They landed on a large cliff with consisted of an abandoned settlement, then they got out. Just then, Ratchet looked up and spotted something. Ratchet: "Guys, look!"

Kim and Clank looked up and saw exactly what he did: there was an incredibly massive monitor high up and near where they stood. The screen displayed an image of Adrena Lynn, herself. She had a nasty sneer on her face. Adrena Lynn: "Well, if it isn't Kim Possible? And you must be Kim Possible's alien friends." Kim: "Alright, just what are you doing here, Adrena Lynn?"

Adrena Lynn chortled gleefully a little. Adrena Lynn: "If you guys really want to know, then come find me; I'll be waiting."

The screen shut itself off. Ratchet: "Come on, let's go after her."

Kim had the infobot transferred to her and attached to her back. Clank attached himself to Ratchet's harness, then the duo rushed off.

They made their way through the deserted area. Everywhere they went, they would come across one bizarre occurrence after another. There unusual earthquakes taking place, machinery everywhere that were inexplicably switched on and off, strange creatures materialized in front of them, which they were forced to fight, there were even lots of deactivated robots everywhere that were switched on mysteriously, as well as some that were in pieces and then reassembled, which they also had to fight off. It was indeed their most bizarre fight through yet. Ratchet: "Geez! There are a lot of freakish things going on around here! This must be one powerful witch running this sector!" Kim: "Yeah, assuming the rumors are true. But still, with all of this happening, it's no wonder why this place is deserted. Seems almost like a perfect place for someone like Adrena Lynn." Clank: "But Adrena Lynn is cowardly, is she not?" Ratchet: "Yeah, she actually is. I'm guessing this is another one of her attempts to make herself seem more fearless than she really is; most likely a pathetic attempt at that." Kim: "Oh, that sounds so much like her; she is pathetic, after all." Ratchet: "Yep." Adrena Lynn: "Hey! Who are you calling cowardly and pathetic?"

Soon enough, they spotted another screen near by. Appearing on it was Adrena Lynn's image. Ratchet: "Well, look who decided to show her face again? Or rather hide behind a monitor since hiding behind a fake image is what you do best." Adrena Lynn: "Oh, well, aren't you a funny one? Your compatibility with Kim Possible is so apparent, it's sickening!" Kim: "Alright, just what are you up to?" Adrena Lynn: "Hm! I was thinking of bringing forth something very dangerous and thrilling, and what better place to do it than on a planet that's rumored to have been completely taken over by an evil witch? It's so fr-EAKY!" Clank: "Uh, is that a catchphrase of hers?" Kim: "More or less." Ratchet: "That's so obnoxious. Your catchphrases are better, Kimberly." Kim: "Oh, it's nothing, really. Coming up with trendy catchphrases is so effortless; it's no big." Ratchet: "So not the drama?" Kim: "Yes, precisely."

Kim and Ratchet did a high-5 with each other. Adrena Lynn: "Hmph! Well, let's see how smug and overconfident you guys will be once you come across my challenge. It is without a doubt massive, dangerous, death-defying and so fr-EAKY!"

The screen shut off. Ratchet: "I would love to tear that arrogant sneer off of her face." Kim: "So do I. I may have faced off against her once, but that was more than I would ever want to deal with." Ratchet: "I can see why; she's really annoying." Kim: "Hm, the worst is still yet to come. I'm not looking forward to what she has in store for us, but we don't have a choice in the matter." Ratchet: "No, we don't. We need to find out what she's up to."

Kim looked at Ratchet and nodded once, then rushed out and continued on through the chaos.

They fought through more bizarre enemies and encountered even more bizarre occurrences, such as large objects, buildings, even landmasses all around them levitating. Kim: "Whoa! What's with this freaky place!?" Ratchet: "Huh, this witch must have some really strong powers to do this!" Clank: "Ratchet! Miss Possible! I am detecting a massive amount of an unknown force at work. I am not familiar with these energy readings." Kim: "Hm…could we really be dealing with a magical witch?" Clank: "It is possible, Miss, uh, Possible." Ratchet: "Yeah, I believe so, too. Heh! Several years back, I wouldn't have thought that such a thing would be real, that is until we encountered the Zoni." Kim: "I know, right? They were awfully mysterious." Clank: "Yes, there is much about them that even I do not comprehend fully." Ratchet: "Who does?" Kim: "Well, we can't let this get in the way of finding Adrena Lynn." Ratchet: "Yeah, I agree with you on that, Kimberly. Let's keep going."

After a long and painstaking search through the massive and eerily bizarre area, they were finally able to find Adrena Lynn. She had situated herself at an abandoned orphanage that was clearly falling apart. She stared down at them with a nasty sneer on her face. Ratchet: "Adrena Lynn! So, we finally meet face to face!" Adrena Lynn: "Well, hello there. You must be the alien thing that Kim Possible has taken a seriously gross liking to. That is just fr-EAKY! Never had I thought that you would be involved in a relationship with an alien! An alien! You've made yourself out to be the biggest fr-EAK of nature that anyone has ever come to know, Kim Possible. It's so disgusting and absolutely repulsive that it makes me sick to my stomach just looking at you!"

Ratchet stepped forward a bit. Ratchet: "At least she's not a spineless coward who fakes her own stunts just to make herself look more spectacle than she really is. Even if what you say about her is true, she still is and always will be a lot better than you!" Clank: "Quite right. Miss Adrena Lynn, you are a charlatan and a con artist, fabricating many dangerous feats while claiming to be that incredibly amazing stunt woman when you clearly are not. You have indeed failed to live up to your nickname." Ratchet: "Oh, for sure! And the only other thing that I find about you that could possibly be worse than all of that is that you encourage kids to mimic your stunts, regardless of their safety. You are just about one of the worst and most pathetic human beings ever!" Clank: "I concur!" Kim: "Well said, guys!"

Adrena Lynn growled very loudly. Adrena Lynn: "Well, aren't you 2 quite mouthy? Hmph! Let's see how confident you guys will be one you attempt my most spectacular and death-defying stunt imaginable!"

She then pulled out a remote and pressed 2 buttons on it. From there, 2 monitors were brought up. As the group looked at the screens, they became shocked with what they saw. Kim: "What…what is that!?"

On both of the screen were images of 2 buses; one on each screen. Adrena Lynn: "What you guys see here are buses carrying 2 sets of innocent civilians: one bus is full of orphaned alien children, the other contains regular humans; many of which I invited to be the first ever to take a lovely little tour into space. As you can see, they are both suspended high above a massive valley that sits below these cliffs. If I were to flip this switch on this remote, then I will have the power on both of these buses shut off, thereby sending all of these people to fall to their doom!"

Kim was greatly shocked by this. Kim: "No…! You…you can't be serious!" Ratchet: "There aren't really civilians on those buses, are there?" Adrena Lynn: "Are you willing to risk the lives of all those people to find out if I'm bluffing?"

Ratchet glared at Adrena Lynn without saying anything. Adrena Lynn: "Now then, here's my little challenge: both buses will be set to drop unless you are able to reach them in time. But here's the catch: they are both several minutes away from this spot at the same distance from here in different locations, so there is no way that you guys will be able to reach both of them in time. So, you can only save one of them. Oh, and one other thing: since the 2 of you are so lovey-dovey with one another, neither of you will ever be allowed to part from each other. That's right, no splitting up, otherwise I will cut off the power and have both buses fall to their doom." Ratchet: "You're sick!" Clank: "This is immoral and a blatant disregard towards humans and other life forms alike." Adrena Lynn: "Aw, what's the matter? Is this challenge too much for any of you to handle? This is merely a test to see if Kim Possible values humans or aliens. If she would choose to save the humans, then she would be hated by aliens everywhere and never be allowed to visit another alien world ever again, but if she were to save the aliens, then she would be deemed a traitor to humans and be hated amongst her own kind. Either way, it would be a tremendous loss on her part. Although, I would be certain that you aliens would encourage her to choose alien lives over humans." Ratchet: "I would never do that to her!" Adrena Lynn: "Oh, we'll see about that."

She flipped the switch on the remote. Ratchet: "NO!"

From there, a timer appeared on both screen, then they started to count down. Adrena Lynn: "You guys have 10 minutes. Who shall fall to their doom, the humans or the aliens? Oh, and one more catch: no outside help from your friends, especially your computer whiz kid or both buses will fall."

Ratchet glared at Adrena Lynn once more. Kim, distraught, rushed off immediately. Ratchet took notice of this. Ratchet: "Kimberly!"

He ran off after her as Clank attached himself to Ratchet's harness.

He was able finally got close enough to her to get right in front of her. He grabbed her and held her by her shoulders as he looked directly her. Ratchet: "Kimberly, get a hold of yourself! I know this looks bad, but we can't just rush into this! We need to think our way through this!" Kim: "But…but I…we…we don't…have…a lot of…we have to…we have to…keep going…" Ratchet: "I know that! But we can't let this get to us! This is clearly Adrena Lynn's way of messing with you! Whatever happens is not your fault! Don't ever think otherwise! We will find a way around her twisted game. There is a way to save them both; we just have to figure out what that is, but you need to calm down. Don't forget that I'm here and I will never let you handle this alone! I made that promise to you, after all, didn't I?"

Kim stood by for a brief moment, taking in everything that Ratchet said to her. Kim: "Yeah…you did…" Ratchet: "That's right, you may be Kim Possible, the girl that can do anything, but that doesn't mean that you have to handle everything by yourself. I won't let you."

Kim smiled for a bit. Kim: "Of course…thank you…Ratchet."

He smiled as well. Clank: "Ratchet, Miss Possible, I just received an encrypted transmission. We must make our way due North." Ratchet: "What? But why?" Clank: "We do not have the time for that. We must hurry; Adrena Lynn could be on to us." Ratchet: "But what does that even…"

Suddenly, Kim grabbed Ratchet by the hand. Kim: "Let's go!"

She ran off as she kept a tight grip on his hand. Ratchet: "Hey! Kimberly! Wait!"

They rushed through the area at great speed. The phenomena everywhere became even worse as a lot of the floating objects and debris came at them continuously as well as the earthquakes becoming more frequent, but that didn't stop Kim. She kept going and never let go of Ratchet's hand, not even once. The stakes were really high, so she just kept on going. She seemed more serious than she had ever been.

They continued on through until they stopped and stared out at something that made them awestruck: they were able to reach one of the buses. Ratchet: "That…that's the bus that carries the humans!" Kim: "Come on! We have to rescue them!"

Just then, the bus took off and flew away. They were confused as they watched this happen. Ratchet: "Wha-? What the…?" Clank: "My sensors indicate that bus was never in any real danger." Kim: "What!?" Adrena Lynn: "Oh, sorry, that was the wrong answer."

Soon enough, they noticed a small monitor nearby, displayed on it was an image of Adrena Lynn. Adrena Lynn: "And now all of those orphaned aliens shall meet their doom. Say good bye."

She was about to flip a switch. Kim: "NOOOOO!"

And with that, they watched on another monitor as the other bus dropped like a rock. The group stood by, devastated by this. Just then, the Kimmunicator went off again, Kim answered it. Kim: "Wade! We have a problem! A bus carrying some young alien orphans is falling to the valley very far below us! None of them will be able to survive that fall!" Wade: "Not to worry, Kim; I'm already a step ahead. I've just sent Aphelion to your location right now."

Shortly afterwards, Aphelion arrived and opened its cockpit window. Aphelion: "Hop in! I'll take you to that bus right this second!"

They got into the ship, it closed its window and they flew off. Ratchet: "I get the feeling that it didn't matter which one we would go for; she would have made either decision seem like the wrong one." Kim: "Yeah…I think so, too…" Clank: "Hm…curious…my sensors were able to confirm readings of humans on that bus, but…the other readings that I have been trying to pick up on were scrambled. I could not ascertain anything else; even who those humans were." Ratchet: "Huh, that's strange. I wonder why that is. Could Adrena Lynn be hiding something about their identities?" Kim: "Hm…that is possible…what didn't she want us to find out?"

Within little time, they were able to reach the bus. Ratchet: "There it is! Let's get to it, you guys." Kim: "Right!" Clank: "Certainly."

They approached the bus at great speed. Often times, the strange phenomena, such as materialized flying creatures (the least annoying kind) and large pieces of floating landmasses would attack them constantly, but they fought through them with ease. Thankfully, they were very, very high up, so it would have taken a really, really long time for the bus to fall.

They finally got close to the bus. Ratchet: "Clank, activate the tracker beam. Kimberly, send a transmission to that bus, tell them…"

Just then, a tracker beam shot out of the bus and attached to their ship. They were very surprised to see this. Ratchet: "Whoa! Those must be some really smart orphans!" Wade: "Um…it's much more complicated than that. Just make sure that bus gets to safety. I'll tell you guys everything once you do."

They flew towards a cliff and gently landed the bus on to it. They landed their ship near the bus and got out. Wade: "Good thing I took action when I did, otherwise things could have gotten a lot worse." Kim: "I don't know what it is you did, but you really have saved all of those alien orphans." Wade: "Well…I wouldn't exactly call those aliens orphans. Actually, there's only 1 orphan in that bus, who you guys would surprisingly find, is not an alien." Kim: "There only 1 orphan that's not an alien in a bus full of aliens…? Wait, you don't mean…" Lilo: "Hi, guys."

They looked over and spotted Lilo and Stitch standing outside the bus, waving at them. Soon enough, some of Stitch's cousins stepped out and waved at the group with them. Stitch: "Hi!" Kim: "Lilo! Stitch!"

They ran towards them. Ratchet: "What are you guys doing here?" Lilo: "Wade asked us to help him out with something that he felt didn't seem right." Stitch: "Ih! And good thing we did!" Ratchet: "No way! Is this really true!?" Wade: "Yep, that's right, a while back, I picked up on some data that seemed very weird. There was a bus scheduled to send some orphans to that sector. Considering that it was a very dangerous and forbidden sector, I knew that it involved something bad, so I intercepted the data and had the orphans switched out for Lilo, Stitch and the other experiments. All of those orphans were kept safe." Kim: "Oh, thank goodness." Ratchet: "You've had this set up for quite some time, haven't you?" Wade: "You've got it. Sorry I didn't tell you guys about it. I couldn't risk my plan being found out and then have things get even worse." Ratchet: "That's OK, Wade. If anything, you were able to protect innocent civilians; that's worth keeping us in the dark." Kim: "And we've found out what Adrena Lynn was up to, so this is a successful mission as far as we're concerned."

Ratchet and Clank both nodded. Just then, there was a loud noise being heard. They looked up and saw a leaving the planet on a shuttle. Ratchet: "Huh, that must be Adrena Lynn leaving the planet." Kim: "Yep, there she goes." Clank: "I am guessing that she has fulfilled what she needed to have done."

Ratchet turned his head towards another direction and spotted something else. Ratchet: "Yeah, she did. Look."

Kim and Clank turned their heads as well and spotted exactly what he saw. Clank: "Oh."

There was another of the mysterious towers and no doubt the last one. Kim: "Well, surprise, surprise." Wade: "All of this was nothing more than just another distraction." Kim: "Yeah, we already knew that before we came here."

Ratchet folded his arms a little and sighed as he hung his head down a little. Ratchet: "It was a ruthless one at that."

Kim placed one hand below her elbow and the other on her face as she tilted her head down. Kim: "Yes…it was…at least no one was in any real danger." Clank: "Yes, that is true." Ratchet: "Hey, thanks for helping us out again, Lilo." Lilo: "Certainly, you know that we're always happy to help you guys out. Right, Stitch?" Stitch: "Ih, always happy to help." Lilo: "OK, we need to get going, but call us again if you need us." Stitch: "Bye."

Lilo, Stitch and Stitch's cousins got back into the bus, the bus then took off and flew away. Kim: "We should get going, too. I want off of this planet! Now!" Ratchet: "So do I." Clank: "Same here."

The infobot was returned to Wade, then the group got back into the ship, took off and left the planet.

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