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You guys are sweet.

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Indeed. Just click on the gear icons in the 'my profile' section on the top left. The bottom option will let you delete your accound.

Okay, thanks. Now I can dumps this and move on to my more active account.

Good idea, mr Deleted Member, sir.

Finally, one less weight off my chest emoji

Did you forget your password back then?


I always forget my username or email. Except when its 'HeatherGrace' because I use that one most of the time. I now have a little document on my computer with all of my passwords and usernames. Helped me out a few times so far!

I hope you have that document well secured with a password and all, don't want anyone to hack it and get your list of usernames and passwords.

Its just for forums. Nothing fancy, so I don't worry about it.

lol, if you have Facebook, you better worry, there is this hacker getting into everyones pages and pretending to be their friends, for example, they pretended to be me and started sending messages with a false link that is connected to a virus, so watch yourselves carefully. I sent to messages to Facebook support, and like I told one of my friends, whether or not they will actually do anything about it or not remains to be seen. Everyone keeps saying to change your password, but I don't think it really matters because they will find a way around it regardless.

Or you can just go to any League of Legends page, look in any comment section and find a link to free RP / Skins. There, you have a virus.

True, but this whole deal with Facebook isn't just about the virus, it's a scam to get peoples information, just a bunch of identity thieves, and I believe that's what this virus does is help collect any information and/or data from peoples computers so they can use it for their own personal gain, and I think they may have set it up so it automatically sends these messages.

Why are you scaring me?emoji
Now I feel like I should delete the document… maybe make a hardcopy version.

Wouldn't be a bad idea, I just got done changing my password on there, so maybe it will at least slow them down. I had my email hacked once before and the only reason I knew this was because it came up telling me that I logged in from a location in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and I've never even been to Pennsylvania, so I ended up having to change my password.

You seem to have an awful lot of bad luck when it comes to hacking.
But what the hey, Il'll write my passwords on a piece of paper. Lost of people do that.