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thank you it's actually from a guide book but I never had the book sadly but luckly for me a good friend of mine let me have a copy of this picture as she knew I wanted that siggy picture so bad … what can I say? I'm a sigmund nut emoji

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Welcome to Ratchet-Galaxy emoji hope you enjoy your stay here at the forums, I see you've already posted a lot in short time too, heh.

So… Okey, I'm new and I guess, I'll have to say something 'bout myself.

Hiya, guys! My real name looks kinda complicated in English so just call me by my nickname, 'kay?) I'm 17 and I was born and live in Moscow, Russia (so I'm not from France as stated in the profile: there's just no 'Russia' option X)

Anyways, when I was five I got a PSOne with a 'Spyro the Dragon' game. I loved it so much that when the new Spyro games came out I was sure to buy it. I've been a classical Spyro trilogy ever since and Insomniac's become my fave game developer. Sadly, I couldn't have a PS2, so R&C games were out of question until I got PS3. Right now I own ToD and ACiT and I'm in love with those games and the whole series X)

Apart from R&C and Spyro, I also enjoy early Sonic games and Tekken. My interests (other than games) include drawing, writing stories, animals and anthro, animated films/series and music.

Hope to fit in your company and become another active member of your forum!

welcome to RG Dooms we hope you enjoy your stay here emoji

Welcome to RG Dooms andLombaxSoldier! emoji emoji

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Welcome along Dooms ^^ always happy to have more active members around, hope you like your stay around here emoji

HI there! Sorry for making the wrong thread type but I didn't see this here >emoji

My name is James; I'm from Singapore. I've got every single R&C game in existence, and gopt 100% in every one within a week of purchase (including the CiT platinum)

I'm a real hardcore fan!

Welcome to RG James emoji


I never really know how to start writing these things …

Hello, I'm Toby, 27 from the UK. I'm currently at college studying Forensic Science and when I'm not doing that I'm a wildlife photographer (with delusions of stacking shelves in a supermarket emoji) It's all very grown up … I'm not very grown up emoji

I first stumbled across Ratchet and Clank when Tools Of Destruction was released, I'd never really given the series much thought up to then, but I saw a preview of ToD on the TV and thought it looked quite good, so when it came out I bought it, thoroughly enjoyed it and have been a fan ever since. I have all the home console Ratchet games, though irritatingly Deadlocked (or Gladiator, whatever it's called) won't run, so I've not actually played that one. Also, I don't have a PSP so I've not played those ones either.

And that's my brief introduction emoji

welcome to RatchetGalaxy Toby we hope you enjoy your stay here emoji

Welcome to RG Toby! emoji

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Welcome to Ratchet-Galaxy Toby and any other newcomers emoji new people are always welcome!

And well, I may be in my 20's too but I still haven't really grown up as well emoji

Thanks for the welcomes emoji

And well, I may be in my 20's too but I still haven't really grown up as well emoji

Who wants to grow up emoji hehe