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I've realized that there were many places in Tools of Destruction that were visually pleasing and quite interesting to go through.

This is basically another what's your favorite thread, but this time it's for the worlds and planets.

What are your favorite worlds in Tools of Destruction?

My favorites places are…

Sargasso - Even if this place is pretty confusing to walk through, but it's just so large and fun to explore. Plus I like the epic music score in this planet too.

Apogee Space Station - I only liked the Asteroid exploring segment the most in this place. I also like the music score in this location too. It has this nostalgic vibe that I could of sworn I've heard it before. Although the interior looks nice in the space station, but fighting your way through those enemies and robots for the first time are a real pain in the rear for me.

Kerwan - Even if you cannot revisit this world, but heck, I just love Metropolis in this design. So lively and epic that's filled with so much excitement.

Cobalia - The Gel Factory is neat, the music scores in this world sounds awesome and seeing the outstanding view from the elevator of the Gel Factory just looks… outstanding. :P)

I think that's basically it for now. I didn't care too much for the other worlds. Either they were too short to explore to or they felt quite annoying for the first time you visit them. emoji

I'm actually replaying this game again to see which places I've enjoyed the most.

You can discuss anything about the worlds in TOD. Whether you like or dislike about the worlds.

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Like I already said in the other topic around here, I mentioned that I like Sargasso too emoji it's just so huge and full of life. And very fun to fly around and explore as well emoji with lots of things to collect.

The Apogee Space station was really neat as well, especially while exploring outside and doing those jumps that make Clanks "sprockets tingle" XD and collect all the stuff here too.

And yeah, I think there's more I like too but I have to play through again sometime when Im not busy ;P

Every world or planet in this game is appealing and beautiful,but there are some favorites:

Metropolis,Kerwan-This time,Kerwan is full of life,color,and explosions!?I still can't believe that Tachyon destroyed half of the city just to find Ratchet. emoji(

Stratus City,Kortog-This place is just as beautiful as Kerwan.Full of color,life,and explosions again!??What is wrong with Tachyon?

Imperial Fight Festival,Mukow-This rainy world is very colorful and not very full of life.The Ferris Wheel,the Trail of Turning Terror,this place is a deadly carnival.

Kerchu City,Jasindu-This so called 'city' is colorful and also has a great music score and is a great planet for people who like jungles.

Pirate Base,Ardolis-A green planet that is full of pirates deserves some love too.Great music score,great design,and a good boss to fight.

IRIS,Kreeli Comet-The only ice level in TOD.This comet holds IRIS,the largest and smartest supercomputer in Polaris. :oui:

Meridian City,Igliak-Where can you be in Polaris without Igliak.This huge city,probably as big as Metropolis,holds Grummelnet HQ.Also,great design and music score.

Zordoom Prison,Viceron-The planet from orbit looks like it got a tatoo.Dull color,but good design and soundtrack.Oh and Ace,hope you enjoy Zordoom. emoji

That's all I got.Whew,wasen't that some favorites or a lot? emoji

All the large cities - Metropolis, Stratus city, Meridian city. They all have beautiful designs. emoji
The first time I ever played Cobalia, I was like - wow. Because it just seems so… well done.
Ardolis - Whales and pirate ships flying around with the brilliant soundtrack and the faint sounds of seagulls and the waves of the water lapping on the structures; I feel almost as if I'm there!
Sargasso - Simply amazing.
Zordoom prison - I'm not too keen on this level, but I was dissapointed when Official Playstation magazine did not mention it in their top 8 video game prisons.
Verdigris black hole - stunning visuals, 'nuff said
Jasindu - somehow enchanting emoji

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Reepor- the gloomy effect gave it a perfect feel and it suited the species that inhabited it entirely.

Sargasso- I loved the jungle feel and the species that fit the environment

Metropolis- the futuristic design was mostly stunning to me in this specific level.

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I love Sargasso, but I always explore it on foot. <3 RPG

A lot of worlds are really really cool in TOD, actually all of them. But my favourites are:

Zordoom Prison, Viceron: The whole prison looked so well designed from the outside and the grind rails were really cool too.

Pirate battles (Voron Asteroid Belt, Rykan Cluster etc.): I know i know these arent really planets, but theyre levels allright. But WOW These levels were absolutely fantastic! There were really some jaw dropping moments when you saw the design of some of these levels. Great work insomniac!

Cobalia: This world was full of beautiful colors and it really gave me an exploration feeling. The gelatanium plant was really really cool too.

Stratus City, Kortog: A beautiful designed and colored level. I espacially liked the part were you could fly with the robo wings

Meridian City, Igliak: Now THIS was an awesome city. Beautiful colored design and amazing buildings. A perfect futurstic city. I really loved flying with the robo wings in that level.

But finally my favourite level tool of justice award (see what i did there) is going to:

Metropolis, Planet Kerwan: One word: Jawdropping. This level is so freaking beautiful. The explosions, the buildings, the grind rails.. But it also has something that makes me feel kinda home. From playing the originals it really does feel like an homecoming everytime i play it.
But wow what a level. What really stands out to me are the colors! Amazingly done by the Insomniac Games team.

Oh yeah just an advice: If you have the razor claws, and you know the glitch if not there are a bunch of tutorials on youtube, you can use the glitch technique to climb up those awesome buildings and kinda free roam around the level! Have fun emoji

Although a lot of you probably already know the glitch; here's a link

1. Kerchu City
2. Stratus City
3. Meridian City
4. Metropolis
5. Cobalia

Im not sure why i liked Cobalia :P all the rest are city areas, but there you go emoji

Kerchu City emojiemojiemoji

Kerchu City emojiemojiemoji

I was really glad seeing Metropolis on the PS3 looked amazing emoji