Sujet : Clank gets his own back

just a small thread to ask: has anyone else noticed how Clank gets his own back on Ratchet in this game?

If anyone remembers in the first game, Clank thought the robo-Qwark in Metropolis was the real Captain Qwark; the conversation went like this:
Clank : Excuse me Captain, we have more pressing issues, we urgently need your assistance
Ratchet :Clank?
Clank : Yes?
Ratchet : Do you notice anything unusual about Captain Qwark?
Clank :I find that he has a spring where his legs should be to be quite puzzling.
Ratchet :And why do think that is?
Clank : Perhaps an injury occurred while battling evil?
Ratchet :This isn't the real Captain Qwark you numskull! It's a robot!

Then in Size matters:

Ratchet: There she is! (referring to Luna) Let's get her!
Clank: Ratchet, do notice anything unusual about Luna?
Ratchet: well, she does seem to have an unusually large door in the back of her head!
Clank: and why do you suppose that is?
Ratchet: uhhhh, sheeeee's… a robot?
Clank: Correct!
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Hah! yeah, you're right about that XD how could I have not noticed that earlier? lol. But yeah, I always thought it was funny how Clank thought the robot-qwark was actually him during the first time in the first game =P

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I think that was probably one of the best scenes in Size Matters, just because it brought a moment quite recognizable from one of the earlier Ratchet games. Plus, I laughed pretty hard when that scene appeared in the game… or more like on the internet since I don't have Size Matters on the PSP or PS2.