Sujet : Insomniac FAQ for All 4 One

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Chad answers YOUR questions about Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

So if you have a big question you've wanted to ask about A4O, then go to the following link.
Or if you want to see an answer for a major question then… take a peek here!

Thought this would be good to post for people wanting to know more about the game emoji

Why has no one commented? that page is very useful for those n00b fans who keep asking obvious questions and the like. It even answered a few questions I was unsure of and I am glad Nefarious is still evil too, or else his character would get wrecked! lol

Thanks a lot ^____^ this answered a lot of things I was curious about for the game, and I am glad we can play it with people in the room and online at the same time, w00tage!

an epic galactic adventure that has mystery, suspense, adventure, heart, and some borderline inappropriate dialogue from Captain Qwark involving a platypus

I don't want to know…!
(Ok, who am i kidding, i'm dying to know!)