Sujet : Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

I've seen a lot of posts on Reddit that you can play Ps3 games on the PS5 using PS Now. Is this true?

 Yes that should work, just like you can play PS3 games op PS4 en PC using PS Now

 The only Ratchet and Clank game I can't seem to find on PS now or the PS store is Tools of Destruction. Is this because TOD doesn't have trophies? The RaC Trilogy has trophies, and it's still not available either.

 As far as I know it has nothing to do with trophies. PS Now is a bit like Netflix. Sony decides what games are available on the platform. New games are added monthly, and sometimes games disappear. 

Why you can't find it in the PS Store, I have no idea...

I guess I'll just check every month to see if it's back or not. 

Got a new image of Ratchet's face in the stands of the fiesta bowl emoji

As a Ratchet and Clank fan, it was a good Christmas emoji

 Great! I'm glad you were able to hijack one. Love the Funko's too. filename11.png

I checked it out! I also got the funko pops and I love how they look.

Very cool!!

I had hoped to find them at one of my local stores, but with the COVID-19 situation I doubt they'll be able to pick them up. The import charges (which are frigging ridiculous btw) scare me away from getting them from Australia or the likes, as you have.

They are awesome. But not €60+ awesome. At least, not to me.filename1.gif

A new interview with Insomniac Games teases Lawrence's return, brand new weapons and gameplay elements, plus we've only scratched the tip of the iceberg with what Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart is capable of!

People have noticed that since this is the FIRST must-have PS5 game for 2021, they cannot release it anytime after March, which is when Returnal comes out. Since that is also when the launch window ends, many people speculate that Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart will, at best, have a late February release date!

Sounds about right! 

Returnal looks awesome too, by the way. Brienne. Of. Tarth! I barely have any idea what the game is or what it is about, but Captain Phasma there... I'd like to play it some day.

Still waiting for the PS5 to be officially released in Indonesia (Playstation delays really bring solidarity to ASEAN countries, except Singapore. I envy your early release). Hope Rift Apart's sale price won't be too expensive, maybe hopefully around the same price as the PS4 remake.
It also depends on what the Pre-Order bonus is going to be. I think locking an entire weapon (The Bouncer) behind a pre-order was a really terrible idea: pre-order bonuses should be cosmetics only, like armors or skins.

What do you think the pre-order bonus for Rift Apart will be? I'd love a classic Ratchet skin!

I prefer it when a pre-order bonus is something physical! Like a high quality poster, a keychain or a figure. I actually pre-order at the store with the coolest gift. With Uncharted 4 I got a flask, every Tomb Raider a steelbook and poster or shirt... With ToD I got a USB, Secret Agent Clank a figure, All4One a keychain and R&C'16 a baseball cap. It's becoming more and more rare, though. With them electing to gift something digital and 99% cost-friendly instead. I've never used a pre-order code  actually... But I agree they should be something small or cosmetic. Not, say, an entire level. (I'm looking at you, Alien: Isolation!)

Hopefully Insomniac will do what they did recently with the Spidey games where instead of the suits being exclusive to the pre-orders, it just gives you early access to them so everyone can use them eventually - I can totally see that working with a couple of skins!

Actually that reminds me, have there been any physical collector's editions for first party PS5 games yet? Might be wrong but I think Sackboy had a special edition with a plush but it was only on PS4, the PS5 version just had a digital deluxe edition like Demon's Souls etc. Maybe Sony don't want digital-only console owners to miss out? filename39.png