Sujet : Are you a fan of Spyro the Dragon??

I'm surprised I didn't see a Spyro thread in the forums, so I guess it's the best opportunity for me to make a topic about the PS1 classic franchise that was developed by Insomniac Games.

So talk and discuss about Spyro the Dragon and their games, whether it's the classic trilogy for the PS1 or the quite/pretty mediocre titles when IG had nothing to do with the Spyro games for the PS2 or PS3.

I've said before that I didn't grew up playing the Spyro games, but I'm sure a lot of members had played the Spyro trilogy before playing Ratchet and Clank.

I love the Spyro games! Loved the Toys for Bob remake, can't wait for a new game announcement
Spyro is pretty good. Played them after having played the PS2 Ratchet games, and the Future trilogy. It was cool to see that classic Insomniac DNA developing from Spyro through to R&C.

I first played Spyro in one of my senior high school years when we went on exam leave near the end of the year. It was probably the biggest eye-opener of my life and my window into good retro games when my friend at school gave me his copy of Spyro 1, Doom 1 and 2, and some other pretty fun flash games. He knew I would have a lot of spare time, so I started going through this little collection of his more highly regarded games.

I could pretty much see how a lot of what was in Spyro would transition into R&C, i'm not sure how to explain it, but it just sort of has the feeling that would naturally become R&C. Kind of like how a few years back I played Halo 1, and more recently Half-Life 2 and... well Insomniac's Resistance probably owes a lot to these games as much as I hate to admit it.

Anyway, back to Spyro. Good games, not really anticipating any more though. I feel like I have played a small amount enough of the original trilogy that every few years I could go back to it and play a few more levels and enjoy my time with the games. If they were to announce a new game in the series like they did with Crash, I'm not sure what I would expect. The games were pretty limited with Spyro's move set, so they'd need to introduce new gameplay mechanics like they tried with the gimmicks in 3 I think.

Spyro was one of my first game's, crash bandicoot was the first, Oh how i loved the game's, but when spyro and crash bandicoot were sold too different company's it became a terrible turning point in the series, I don't enjoy the new spyro or crash game's as they have lost their feel and game style,they became old memory's after they weren't being made by their original creators

I like spyro , I played the reignited trilogy on nintendo switch and I liked a lot , I can see that was made by insomniac