Sujet : Your favourite video game genres

If you're on this site, you obviously have an appreciation for platform games such as those in the Ratchet & Clank series. But what other genres do you like? Perhaps you're an RPG sort of person, or like a bit of beat 'em up from time to time? Maybe you like horror games, adventure games, or simulation games?

There's a lot of genres to have a liking for, so let's discuss.

I apologise if there's already a topic like this.

My favourite genres are platformer, racing, and puzzle.

I love stealth games. The satisfaction of the sneaky is something I simply cannot do without. Sneaking by guys and them not knowing you're there has always made me giddy.

I've always enjoyed stealth, but I don't really have a specific "favorite genre." It doesn't really matter what genre it is, if I like it, I like it. Hollow Knight, MGSV, Vermintide 2 and Witcher 3 are my favorite games. All from different genres though.