Sujet : Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando review!

Hey guys, I think this is only the second or third time I've posted around here, but the first on this account. If anybody hangs on the official Insomniac Forums, I'm Divine Paladin! (Also haven't been there lately because work and school...)

Anyway, I checked with the mods to make sure this was okay, but I just uploaded a review of Going Commando over on my YouTube channel, The Golden Bolt. The channel's rating system is derived from Ratchet, as an homage to my all-time favorite series.

If you're interested, check the video out here!. It's a longer video, because there's just so much to discuss compared to Ratchet 1, but I go veeery in-depth on everything and even discuss some relatively-unknown history behind both Ratchet 1 and Going Commando!

I hope you guys enjoy it, this one took me a while to get done because of how meaty it is! I'm more than willing to discuss Going Commando or anything I mentioned in the review here, via PM, anywhere. Hell, I'll discuss anything Ratchet in general anytime - I'm always looking for more friends to talk to that are interested in the Ratchet franchise, after all!