Hey guys, i have been thinking lately..... PS5 has been running out of stocks basically since its launch. Personally, I cant afford one because of this shortage incident. Now one of the things im worried the most is the release of ratchet and clank: rift apart in june 2021. Just think with me: its a ps5 exclusive which is very comprehensive with all the portal features and stuff. On other side, the game will be a flop on sales. I think SONY needs to be woke on this. Imagine if this happen and the chances of getting another one of this gems are unlikely due to bad marketing. Why is no one talking about this? How come no one is realizing that this stuff is very likely to happen if the game launches on June?? How come there is not a petition? Sony and Insomniac need to come to their senses asap.

I mean...I have a Ps5.

Like, the game is gonna sell no matter what: it's the only PS5 exclusive that's worth it, so once people have PS5s, they will most definitely buy. Now, the PS4 game will probably sell more anyways, but hey, at least the game is coming out soon emoji

I also think they're in a position of luxury. There are very few interesting games out there and it seems R&C is going to be pop up at every PS5 owner's radar.

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