Sujet : Building a Life-size OmniWrench Replica – Millennium 12

Hey, I see you're with the 501st Legion! I assume the Scout and Vader are you?

I'm currently working on my own costume for my application to the Dutch Garrison (Iden Versio from Battlefront II). If the weather allows it, I'm paiting the armor pieces black tomorrow. filename.png

Hey there! You're bang on with your guess there. Vader was my first costume and then I built a Scout so that I had something more mobile.

And that's awesome to hear! I've been doing troops with the 501st for 5 years now and absolutely love it. It's amazing to be able to take our love of Star Wars and do charity work with it emoji 

 That sounds amazing! 5 years, wow. And you voice it exactly right. 501st allows our passion to turn into something meaningful. Hence my wish to join. I'm hoping to continue my Versio kit next week. Almost there!