Sujet : How would you feel if a ratchet game's weaponry were based o

I'm referring to something like the Spiderman PS4 skill tree, where you can customize your character. Keep the experience system, but replace it with a skill point system. Consider this scenario:

You get a shotgun weapon, similar to the executor, and you have three alternatives after you reach a certain point.

More barrels means faster reloading.

Electric stuns, scorching, and other status effects

To act like a machine gun, use full auto mode.

It would certainly allow for greater customization and strategy in terms of play style.

this is in ratchet and clank a crack in time , where you could find mods for your weapons and customize them.

For example , for the combustor you could choose to have normal shoot speed , fast or a charge shoot and much more.

you could also customize the color of the weapon !