Sujet : R&C fangame creation event

(09.06.2023) CANCELLED

Hello galactic rangers! Some random idiot here. Yep, you're not mistaken. The title says it all.

This is a fan game creating event. I decided to organize it in order to restore the activity of this forum, and at the same time correct one injustice. You see, I've turned half the internet upside down, but I haven't found ANY Ratchet & Clank fan games. Therefore, this event takes place.

This particular event is permissible with a minimum number of restrictions, since everything happens for the first time, and introducing any too strict rules is stupid. But the rules are still there, so you should read them before taking part in the event.


1. There are no best or worst here. There are no winners and losers. Here you just show each other your skills and imagination. This is not a competition. This is cooperation;

2. Your game must not violate the rules of this forum. That is, pornography and excessive violence are prohibited, as well as other bad actions prohibited by the rules of the forum;

3. You can show the game in two ways. The first one is the video, where you can demonstrate the gameplay features of your game, level design, effects, and so on as clearly as possible. The second is a directly finished build of your game, but then you have to follow the next rule;

4. The build must be on the x86_64 compatible PC, and the optimization must be good. If it is possible to build a game for Linux and for Windows at the same time, that will be even better;

5. It is allowed to make teams, but it is recommended to write about it during the publication of a finished game. Two people is already a team.

And here's some tips that might help you:

1. Quality is more important than quantity. Your game may be 10 minutes long, but if those 10 minutes are great, it's definitely better than half an hour without much sense;

2. Don't be afraid to experiment. Unleash your fantasy. Ratchet & Clank might be more than just a third-person platformer. It can be anything: 2D, 3D, isometric, third person game, first person game, side view game, horror, shooter, puzzle... The main thing is that it should be interesting;

3. There may or may not be a plot. As one famous game developer John Carmack said: "Story in games is as important as the story in a porn movie. It's kind of there, but it's kind of not important." We come to games to PLAY. Having a story is definitely good, but if it gets difficult, you can focus on the gameplay part, and that will be good too.

4. It is not necessary to focus only on the official characters of the Ratchet & Clank universe. You can come up with your own original character in this universe, and do something interesting with their participation. Same goes for the levels. You can recreate some hidden place that was never visited by the player in the official games. For example: how about to recreate a lombax dimension? Interesting, huh?

I do not hope that anyone will be interested in this, but if at least someone is ready to take part - write about it here! I am sure that there are many smart and talented people among Ratchet & Clank fans who can surprise each other with their skills. And if so, why not do it?

Okay... That means I will wait for few more days and will cancel it...