Sujet : Swim to the Electrolyser Glitch!

The king of all glitches! I havent yet seen or heard of anyone else discovering this glitch, so i must be the first!
I dont think i will ever be able to show pictures emoji but i can explain how you too can witness the greatness of hovering over a giant circut board in the middle of nowhere!

Items you will need:
Decoy Glove
Co-ordinates to planet Barlow
Knoledge of the glitch that gets you through walls! I'll explain…

When you go to Barlow find the elevator that gets you up into the room that you first use the Therminator in. You must make sure the water is frozen, then jump down onto the ice, go to the wall on the other side of the room, the left corner is where you wanna go. Press up against the wall & use the glitch with your Decoy Glove to go through it! (to go through you must press up against the wall an go into aim mode then look down and place one on your left and another on your right! Then a final one right in front of you. This is to push you through using massive force!). On the other side you must stay on the ice and dont jump outwards! (you will fall and die) Thaw the Ice and when in the water go and swim out into the air! When you are a reasonable distance away from the patch of water you left before go under. You are swimming under! But DO NOT GO BACK UP! (the purpose of you going under is to use Clank's Turbo Jets (R1) Now you are ready for your long journey. To find the Electrolyser! To find the Electrolyser go into your map and scroll to the top left corner! Swim in that direction until you see what looks like a bunch of black pannels appearing! No your eyes are not tricking you. As you get closer it will become more and more like i GIANT ELECTROLYSER!

If somethimg went wrong plese post and i will help. If this was unclear tell me where you got stuck and i will try to help you out.
Good luck emoji